The video game industry has grown exponentially in the last decade. The entertainment of virtual games has not only continued to rise, but has taken a step forward with the appearance of the gamer world. That is to say, the professionalization of this practice consisting of playing video games receiving a series of economic income.

If a gamer is someone who earns money playing video games, can anyone be? Obviously not. Being a gamer entails a maximum involvement in the world of video games, including broadcasts and practices as training to improve these types of skills. To find out what a gamer is and what its characteristics are, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

What is a gamer?

It is important to mark the differences between a fan of video games and a gamer. The two play, but in completely different conditions. From the trade point of view, a professional gamer is the one who earns money from playing video games , while an amateur plays for fun.

Although fun and financial income are not mutually exclusive, receiving money for playing is what distinguishes a gamer from a user. What do gamers do to earn money playing video games? Participation in events, tournaments or tests with the clear objective of coming out winners and winning prizes and the broadcasting of their hours of play on different platforms and social networks (popularly known as streaming) are some of the fundamental factors to understand it.

The level, the way in which it is played (professional) and how this practice is carried out also help to distinguish between a professional gamer and a video game fan. For this reason, a very limited group of players consider themselves gamers despite the existence of a large number of users in virtual games.

Characteristics of a gamer

We help you narrow down what a professional gamer does with the following list of features:

  • Go to fairs and events with the sole objective of competing against other professionals.
  • Earn money constantly playing video games.
  • Share experiences with your followers and other users by recording videos and broadcasting them on platforms such as Gaming Youtube or These broadcasts are usually live, although they are also available on a delayed basis with the publication of the videos.
  • He has a broad grasp of gamer culture .
  • You can be part of some professional team like G2 Esports Psistorm, SK Gaming, Root, SK Telecom T1, Lyon Gaming and Team Liquid.
  • I like to play , although he does it professionally.
  • He spends many hours playing video games in front of a mobile or a screen.
  • Despite dedicating himself professionally to a certain class of video games, he also plays other titles.

There are also a series of characteristics of the gamer public. This profile can be determined in a person between the age of 11 and 44 who plays on different platforms and screens such as mobile devices, computers and consoles. The portrait of the gamer public includes both men and women.

Types of gamers

There are different types of gamers depending on their level and involvement in the virtual games sector:

Casual gamer

He is an occasional player. He is a user with a preference for simple video games of medium difficulty and without too many usability problems. He assumes the role of a player who enjoys what he does, that is, he stops playing if a video game bores him without thinking about it.


It is a novice player. This nomenclature includes all the people who have just started in the world of video games or who have just started playing a specific one. The term noob is often used among the most experienced gamers to disqualify or refer in a derogatory way to players who are unable to improve over time in a game or who have no respect for the most veteran.

Pro gamer

These players spend full time playing and are at a professional level. It is their trade, that is, they earn income by competing in tournaments and world events against other professional players.

Some pro-gamers get to earn a lot of money spending many hours a day playing: it is their great passion and they specialize in their profession.

Hardcore gamer

The literal translation would be hard player. He is a gamer who dedicates a lot of effort, interest and time to video games. He has a predilection for very difficult games that require a lot of time to master, which is why he spends many hours on it.

These types of players want to get great results and improve their gaming skills. He is especially involved in gamer culture, regularly participating in communities and competitions to gather more information regarding the games that interest him the most.

Core gamer

Also known as mid-core gamer, they are players with a slightly higher involvement than casual gamers. They like medium-level games with accessible and careful mechanics, with a certain depth and values.

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