Video games are a very important part of social entertainment. Despite the fact that from the outset we think that they are more linked to a child and adolescent population, the number of adults who play video games is also very relevant. For this reason, the industry does not stop growing over the years thanks to an extensive offer such as sports, role-playing, war and adventure games, among many others.

Virtual games are a way of entertainment and even interacting with other people from anywhere in the world. They promote a series of positive aspects in an individual’s personality, but they also contribute to developing other negative ones; like everything, they have their side that we can consider good and also the one that we can consider bad. To discover the advantages and disadvantages of video games , at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.

What are video games

Defining what a video game is implies taking into account all the parts that compose it. It is a virtual or electronic game through which a person interacts thanks to a remote control with a device in which video images are emitted.

This user can also interact with other people within the same game by connecting to the Internet. The electronic device can be in different forms: a computer, a console, an arcade machine and even portable devices, such as mobile phones.

Studies on how video games affect people are numerous because they are among the largest and most profitable industries in entertainment and art. They are capable of influencing the behavior of individuals according to the dimension they acquire.

Advantages of video games

The advantages and disadvantages of video games in adolescents and children are very similar to those that influence adults, but in the young population they have a greater power to shape characters and personalities. Some of the main benefits of virtual games are as follows.

Therapeutic uses

Video games are useful for people with mental and physical problems. Without going any further, they have a positive impact on users with reduced mobility in their arms or with difficulties in personal relationships, as is the case, for example, with autistic people.

Helps improve mental and physical abilities

Playing video games on a daily basis improves visual attention span, efficiency in changing and performing tasks, speed in tasks related to visual search or discrimination of objects and tools by colors and shapes.

In addition, it contributes to the implication for the achievement of multiple objectives and the execution of different tasks in the same temporary space.

Leisure and entertainment

It is one of the most obvious advantages of video games. One of its main objectives is to entertain, help counter daily stress and combat boredom. For this reason, they are a highly appreciated method of leisure and within the reach of all audiences.

Didactic utility

Learning with video games is possible. In fact, they present very diverse and generally more playful contexts, which is why they tend to increase the motivation of the youngest. They also help children with learning problems or who are at risk of social exclusion. In short, the little ones can learn while having fun through these virtual games.

Sense of empathy

Although video games originally encouraged individualism, they have constantly evolved so that they can be played in groups. Each player must make decisions that will have consequences for the rest of the users, both negative and positive. In this way, they help develop empathy. We recommend you read this other article about How to be an empath.


Virtual team games allow players to develop teamwork skills. Faced with the challenges presented by videogames, union and collective sense facilitate the achievement of objectives. Working under pressure and the quickness of mind to think and act when faced with setbacks are also skills that are acquired in video games.

Disadvantages of video games

Despite the numerous advantages that video games present, they also contain disadvantages that affect some players to limits that put their health at serious risk.

Aggression and violence

The disadvantages of violent games are obvious. Some video games with aggressive content contribute to the existence of physical aggression and the radicalization of ideologies in the real world. These effects can be short or long term depending on the age and social skills of each person.


The obsession with virtual games can create a feeling of addiction. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the number of hours a day for playing video games, especially in minors so that it does not pose an inconvenience in their social relationships. Here you can read about How to know if my son is addicted to video games.

Sexist images

Sex is a fundamental part of the stories of some video games. The illustration of disproportionate bodies and the presentation of women as a single sexual object causes, in some cases, the assimilation by the players of these factors as if they were real.

Socialization problems

Those children who play violent games can be affected in the medium and long term by negative effects that prevent them from developing a sense of social justice and belonging. The absence of dialogue in many video games also encourages violence as a way to resolve conflicts.

Impact on players

An excessive use of video games can negatively affect the lives of the players, influencing the family, school performance and day to day.

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