Compiling a list with the best video game characters of all time is not an easy task, but we have got down to work.

If you keep reading, you will discover which video game characters we have included in the top ten of all time.

What are the best video game characters of all time? This is a difficult question to answer, as there are hundreds of candidates, including beasts and non-human heroes, as well as different types of games to choose from.

For example, there are the video game characters from major franchises, such as Super Mario and Sonic.

But there are also interesting characters in indie games, for example, in Shovel Knight.

Also, if we think about NPC (non-player character), the list of options is almost endless. Anyway, it seems difficult to choose the ten best characters, but it is just what we propose in this article.

Next, we begin the review of the list of the best game characters in history. Maybe you don’t agree with our decisions or maybe you do; In any case, don’t miss the ranking!

The ten best video game characters in history


We know that neither the white line from Pong nor the little green spaceship from Space Invaders are video game characters, but Pac-Man is. Pac-Man (or “Puck Man” as he’s known in Japan) first appeared on consoles in 1980, and is one of the most popular retro games around.

Since then, the Namco brainchild has become a phenomenon worth more than $14 billion , thanks to the franchise being used to produce everything from clothing to TV series.

Lara Croft

In the world of video games there are extraordinary female video game characters, but there is no doubt that Lara Croft is the best. Her reputation precedes her, as she has starred not only in video games, but also in movies.

Tony Gard and the Core Design team wanted Lara Croft to be the antithesis of female video game characters. That’s why Lara is a smart and attractive archaeologist who can also kick ass if she puts her mind to it. In the real world, she has broken all records.

Agent 47

It’s no surprise that the silent, methodical and ruthless Agent 47 originates from Denmark. Agent 47 —created by the Danish developer IO Interactive— is one of those video game characters that stands out precisely for not attracting attention.

Agent 47 is a cold-blooded hitman who lives in the shadows, and we see him depicted that way in both games and movies.

Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas Windrunner (also known as Dark Lady or Banshee Queen) is a warlord and one of the most remembered female characters in video game history. She first appeared in 2002, in World of Warcraft 3, and her impact was immediate.

As we know, there is nothing he wants more than revenge on those who took his soul.

But if we look behind that bloody mask, we will see that Sylvanas is much more than revenge and that her personality is full of nuances.

In any case, if you like war games, you will know that it is better to have her on your side.


Before, people divided into Mario fans and Sonic fans. It is true that they have appeared together in several video games, but Sonic has always been the banner of Sega that has competed with other video game characters, including Nintendo’s best known: Mario.

Sonic, besides being cooler, has always had a certain advantage from a technical point of view, since he runs much faster than the brave plumber.

Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite)

Action games are all about controlling a character and taking on any challenge that comes your way. However, sometimes the NPCs are just as important as the protagonists. This is what happens in the game BioShock Infinite.

Elizabeth is a character that cannot be controlled, but that must be protected. In any case, Elizabeth’s peculiarity is that she is autonomous, that is, you don’t have to take her by the hand, something that is of great help in BioShock, a game in which threats lurk everywhere.

Ezio Auditore from Florence

The best video game characters evolve over time and have some depth (well, one of the exceptions might be Pac-Man).

However, in today’s gaming world, characters have to be interesting. And Firenze is.

This Florentine nobleman featured in Assassin’s Creed has fantastic looks, an engaging personality, and he knows how to fight to boot. Also, his story has been told over the course of four games, which gives the character more depth.


Since 1981, when he first appeared in Donkey Kong, this super plumber has gone from being a 2D hit to a legendary 3D character who has found his way into virtually every gamer room in the world.

Mario—created by Shigeru Miyamoto with the help of artists Yoichi Kotabe and Shigehisa Nakaue—is one of the greatest video game characters of all time.

This plumber, in addition to jumping like a kangaroo, achieved success by being a normal guy. If Mario can be a hero, so can we.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot, created exclusively for PlayStation by Naughty Dog, was and still is one of the most popular video game characters in history. It is true that he is not as interesting as Firenze nor does he have the skills of Lara Croft, but if you need a human-looking animal that is funny and a little crazy, Crash is the marsupial you are looking for.

It should be noted that Crash Bandicoot appeared for the first time back in 1996 and has managed to maintain its high level of popularity until today.


The Legend of Zelda wouldn’t be as epic without Link. This character, developed by Shigeru Miyamoto, has become one of Nintendo’s most important game characters. Link has appeared in 19 games, including the 1986 original, perhaps the most famous game in the world: The Legend of Zelda.

We love him because he’s small but brave and wants to save another famous female video game character, Princess Zelda.

Such is Link’s charm that he is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the second best video game character of all time after Mario, and the most critically acclaimed.

And also… other fantastic video game characters

Here are more extraordinary video game characters that have been left out of the top ten list. It’s not that we don’t like them, it’s that there are so many unforgettable characters to choose from.

Without further ado, here are more video game characters that have stood the test of time:

  • Rayman
  • Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 (Halo)
  • Kratos (God of War)
  • Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
  • Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
  • Donkey Kong
  • Fox McCloud (Star Fox)
  • Mona Sax (Max Payne)
  • Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)
  • Princesa Peach Toadstool (Super Mario)

The most legendary characters in the world of video games

That’s it, we come to the end after going through the list of the top ten video game characters of all time and making some honorable mentions.

We know that the list can generate debate and surely you would add or remove some names.

It’s the magic of video games: everyone can choose their own heroes. In any case, our list is packed with iconic characters that are already part of popular culture and video game history.

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