Master Chef, Nightmare in the kitchen or similar, in addition to making our mouth water with truly incredible dishes, they also teach us how to cook delicious dishes, that’s why today we are going to talk about the best cooking games for Android. We are in full growth and development of signature cuisine, with television programs by great chefs laden with Michelin stars. They show us impossible recipes with liquid nitrogen, siphons, spherifications, etc.

But in addition to programs like Master Chef, Alessandro Borghese – 4 restaurants or similar, along with other applications of recipes and tasty dishes, we also like to play at cooking, and in our free time we try to learn how to cook with the best free games cooking. We will explore the extensive catalog of the Google Play Store and turn on the stoves of the funniest kitchens on the net.

The best cooking games for Android

1. Burger Shop

Burger Shop is a more complex version of Burger above. Orders are received and prepared as quickly as possible. The game offers 160 total levels, a challenge mode, a relax mode, 60 food items and eight restaurants. Relax mode is quite enjoyable if you want to relax and waste some time, while the 80 levels of expert story present a surprisingly good challenge for players. It won’t blow your mind, but the cooking game is still very enjoyable.

2. Japanese Cafeteria

Cafeteria Nipponica is a cooking simulator where you manage an entire coffee shop. Players run the entire restaurant, find ingredients, research recipes, and try to make as many customers happy as possible. This game is made by Kairosoft, a master of the mobile simulation genre. The graphics are a bit retro, but overall it is an excellent game. Kairosoft also produces The Ramen Sensei , another of the best free cooking games if you prefer to go that route. Both games are premium and have no in-app purchases or ads.

3. Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a simple but fun cooking game. NPCs come into your shop and order various things. You prepare those things and make some money. The goal of the players is to do it as fast as possible. It starts with a few thousand dollars and some foods to choose from. From there you play, unlock other foods and earn more money. The ultimate goal is to join an Iron Cook TV show to demonstrate your skills. The gameplay is simple, but the unlockable and secret content make it much deeper than it looks.

4. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

Cooking Mama is one of the best cooking games because it allows you to cook a little. For example, you can slice an onion and stir-fry it by moving your fingers. In addition, it is possible to grow some ingredients. There are some mini-games that are not about cooking, such as weekly challenges and various events. The game is free, with some in-app purchases, but nothing strong.

5. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a title that many recommend. The game plays like most restaurant sims. Customers come in and place an order for you. You prepare the order, cook it and send it. Players earn money as they go and also have to manage customer morale. The game features 100 unique customers with different orders, various items to upgrade, and a much less stressful general approach to mechanics than most cooking games. This is a free-to-play game with microtransactions, but they don’t affect the game at all.

6. Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast is one of the newest free cooking games on the list. The game is characterized by the presence of Gordon Ramsay, who tries to make you a great chef. The game is technically a match-three game. However, there is one component where you can cook with Ramsay. There are recipes you can try in real life, a ton of levels to play and there are social elements too. As for the time killers, it’s pretty decent. The game is free and the microtransactions are not bad.

7. Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve

Hunt Cook is a mixture of a hunting game and a cooking game. You start by hunting prey with your trusty dog ​​and various hunting tools. Afterwards, the players slaughter the animals and prepare them to make money. This is an interesting reinterpretation of the genre. Most cooking games offer a garden or something to get fresh vegetables, but none allow you to hunt animals for meat. The game is split equally between hunting and cooking, so it’s not the deepest game of either genre, but it’s a great combination.

8. Rising Super Chef – Kitchen

Rising Super Chef is a fairly typical cooking and restaurant simulation game. The game is also huge. There are over 1,000 levels, 200 ingredients, 700 foods and it is playable offline. On the other hand, you have to deal with some questionable translations and the game becomes a mess in the later levels. It is one of those cooking games that you can play passively for a long time because there is a lot to do. However, it is a free-to-play game that has some of these pitfalls, so beware.

9. SpongeBob: Krusty’s Challenge

SpongeBob: Krusty Challenge is one of the newest free cooking games on the list and one of the few good cooking games featuring famous characters. This is a fairly typical restaurant simulation, except that all the characters are from Bikini Bottom. You have to prepare various dishes, including the famous Krabby Patties, for all your guests and try to earn more and more. There are various decorations and upgrades to choose from and there are some customizations as well. It’s a fun game, especially for SpongeBob fans. The only downside is free-to-play, but most people don’t seem to care. There is also a Gordon Ramsay themed cooking game, but this one is more player friendly.

10. Star Chef: Cooking Game

Star Chef is a restaurant simulation similar to Cafeteria Nipponica. You run a large cafeteria-style restaurant and you have to bring it to success. The restaurant is updated and improved with a series of recipes, decorations and expansions. You have the option to grow your own food and even add things like a drive-thru. It is a free-to-play game and some players find it a little too aggressive. Otherwise, the game is pretty good.

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