You know, we Italians are known all over the world for being provolone, often many girls avoid us because of the fame that the Italian has made in recent decades, that of the wide-ranging suitor, the sex tourist who goes hunting of occasional beautiful girls in other states, because by now the Italians have become too difficult or have understood the lesson and act accordingly by becoming wooden and more reluctant towards our local amateurs.

But is it really true? Italian girls are so demanding that many men are forced to stay single for life, as they would never go out with an ugly woman. Well, for many, spending their whole life in their parents’ home has become a stark reality. Am I scaring you?

Do not worry guys, not only in Italy there are beautiful women, on the contrary, let’s try to see where the most beautiful in the world are, maybe you will be able to find an alternative way to that of the Italian peninsula and compensate for the lack of affection. Maybe the woman of your life is outside the Italian borders and if you need some advice on their character, see this ranking with the most beautiful women in the world. Browse the pages to find out the number 1, maybe your state is in the first position.

10. Italy 

Italian women are always splendid, their elegance and attention to detail distinguish them. The olive skin and their charm will always win you over. Their character often leaves something to be desired, those of southern Italy are more family-friendly and will want to marry you, while those of the north a little more materialistic and it will not be easy to understand their real intentions.

Countries With the Most Beautiful Women - here is Italy

9. Argentina

Argentine women know they are beautiful and express this fact, they are not afraid of comparisons. They pay a lot of attention to hair and skin care, they care a lot. They are very tall and usually have dark skin, they will win you over with their Latin charm.

Countries With the Most Beautiful Women - Argentina

 8. France

French girls convey a beautiful energy and manage to create the best atmosphere on any occasion. They are very romantic and are keen to be courted in the best way, they are very difficult for Italians to woo.

7. Ukraine 

Ukrainian girls are really very beautiful, fair complexion and clear eyes are the features that distinguish them. Very hot, sexy and cute at the same time. They are really bold and very similar to the Russians. Often they are the ones who would like an Italian guy to settle down, so you always have to be alert and check the type of girl you are on. In their homeland they tend to get married very quickly, more for convenience because with two salaries (the average salary is very low) you live better.

Countries With the Most Beautiful Women - The beauty of Ukrainians

6. India

India is a multicultural country with very elegant and exotic women at any age. They are known for their dark skin, and have a very feminine approach that makes them one of a kind. They have beautiful shiny black hair, a feature that makes them original all over the world.

Countries With the Most Beautiful Women - India

5. Sweden

Swedish women are known for a slim and curvy body in a skinny style, tall stature, blonde hair and blue eyes. Their friendly nature attracts most men from all over the world. Indeed, everything you have heard about them is true!

Top 10 countries with the most beautiful women - The Swedes

4. United States – California / Florida

You can find shy and at the same time uninhibited girls, compared to other places in the world here the Italian male still enjoys a good reputation. Don’t try it on the street, it will make you look like a loser to them. The right places to pick up are the beaches with the many parties but also the numerous clubs. If the girl seems friendly she will never invite you to go out with her, but rather she will tell you: look, tomorrow I’m going to this party, if you want to come I’d be happy. In Miami, however, you will find girls for all tastes.

countries with the most beautiful women

3. Venezuela

Venezuela has some of the most beautiful women in the world. They are warm and look fabulous. Venezuela has won various Miss World, Miss Universe and other awards that make us believe that the girls of this land have extraordinary beauty. Beauty classes are a fundamental part of their lifestyle and these girls are prepared for competitions with thoroughness.

Dayana Mendoza in Top 10 countries with the most beautiful women for Venezuela

2. Russia 

Russian girls have always been considered beauty queens. Their beautiful skin, blue eyes, a wonderful body with perfect measurements. Most of them are beautiful girls. They are very feminine and have a strong sense of elegance that distinguishes them. They care a lot about the presentation and you will hardly find them unkempt, even to go to the most common places. Their erotic nature is not comparable to homegrown women, who feel a lot of competition unlike these girls from the east.

Countries with the most beautiful women.  - The Fabulous Russians

1. Denmark – Copenhagen 

Girls symbolize uninhibited love. They are really beautiful and obviously with Nordic features, often their beauty leaves you speechless and blocks you when it’s time to act. Often they are the ones who seduce you and they know how to do it too. Compared to the Italians they are superior in everything, aesthetically and mentally. They feel free and often use this attitude even in courtship, they are more emancipated than males.

Top 10 countries with the most beautiful women.  In first place the Danes
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