Soccer and metaverse. Two words that fit well together because of  the money that both worlds move  separately. What can a sport like soccer do in the metaverse? Will we play soccer  virtually when VR is implemented on a large scale? Will we see soccer matches  in virtual recreations of our favorite soccer stadium or from spaces that recreate the sofa at home or the corner bar?

Brands like  Gucci, Coca Cola, Louis Vuitton, Nike  or  Hyundai  are already in the metaverse. And big companies like  Google, Meta  (formerly Facebook),  Microsoft  or  Apple  work directly or indirectly in the metaverse. It is inevitable that the companies that live in the soccer ecosystem have seen in the metaverse a space in which to expand their business. In different ways.

The month of May, the  Italian Serie A  broadcast for the first time a football match live through the metaverse. To see it you needed a ticket, an NFT, which this time was free. Of course, in North Africa and the Middle East, since the broadcasting rights of the parties in Europe and America are in the hands of the media that broadcast via satellite, cable and/or the Internet. But we cannot rule out that in a few years you could  be virtually at the Camp Nou or the Santiago Bernabeu  watching your favorite players. Sitting on your sofa with a virtual reality headset.

A space to conquer

The metaverse is seen by many as  a practically infinite space  to conquer, a virtual place in which to create and build spaces for  brands, products and potential customers to coexist . Without physical limitations and with the advantages offered by online promotion, digital purchases and the exchange of NFTs or virtual collectibles.

The  Spanish League, for example, announced its own company dedicated to the metaverse. Announced at the end of May under the name of  Triverse, it remains to be seen what projects it will offer to the general public. At the moment, on his page he promises  free to play games , collectible NFTs and the possibility of creating virtual communities with other fans.

Soccer clubs are also creating their own divisions. Futbol Club  Barcelona, for example, through  Barca Studios, is working on launching products related to blockchain, NFT and Web3. Precisely, the company, dedicated to the development of tokens and virtual collectibles related to sports, has invested 100 million dollars in this project.

But beyond the projects that are still being incubated, we can already find  examples that unite soccer and the metaverse  in the form of games in which it is possible to obtain rewards and/or acquire collectibles such as NFTs. We mention three of them. But it is likely that more will arise when you are reading this article.

Meta soccer

We start with  MetaSoccer, which claims to be the first metaverse soccer game. A game that reminds us of those that you have probably played on PC or video console. Its purpose is that you can  manage your own club  and literally generate income while you play. But unlike console or computer games, this is a game for the metaverse. With which in the game  there is room for cryptocurrencies  and digital collectibles.

In other words. By default, the game is free. But if you want  to get certain players  and assistants for your team, you will need to go through the box. Hence, on the game page there is a market where you can acquire players, individually or in groups. All this  in dollars or in MS Cash  (MSC / MSU), the virtual currency of the game.

In  MetaSoccer you will have to  form your team, train it, improve its performance and characteristics, and face it against other teams. Throughout this process, you can get  rewards in the form of tokens  or virtual currency.

At the moment, the game is in the Beta phase, so there are still elements to be introduced, such as the 3D stadium system, in the form of NFT, which will allow you to  earn money  by selling tickets to watch your matches. Or the creation of  competitions and events  like those that are already taking place all over the world in the field of eSports.

Intergalactic football

A virtual soccer universe. This is the cover letter for  Intergalactic Football, another online game that unites soccer and the metaverse. Its dynamic is similar to the previous title. It is about creating your own soccer team and managing it in this particular metaverse.

This project is also in the beta phase of development, so you can  be one of the first  to create a team, which also comes with a welcome pack with your first players. 2D simulated matches are expected in the future,   and later 3D simulated matches, using technology from the Unity video game engine.

In the process of creating players, their  attributes and characteristics come into play . Whether your players are better or worse will depend on the investment you make in the form of  virtual currency. About 100,000 coins to start. By the way, your token or virtual currency is called  Galactic Gold  (GG) and it is with which you will buy and improve players. Plus, you’ll earn rewards in that currency as you play.

Being in an early stage of development, much remains to be done. An opportunity to  be part of the project  and be one of the first to be there.

Soccer City

Another project that unites soccer and metaverse through the game is  Soccer City. Behind this game is  Eleven Kings, a video game company that has  Ronaldinho as the visible face of the game. For the rest, it is a game closer to the concept of a metaverse game than soccer.

As explained on its official page, you can  follow your favorite clubs  as a fan and earn tokens. Of course, to follow your team you will surely have to pay tokens. But the key is to buy land in the game, create your own club, collect NFTs and create your own virtual football company. Within the game, of course.

When the tournaments are running, you can participate in them, get tokens and virtual currency, sell tickets or part of your business… A hybrid between a soccer game and business management. By the way, his virtual currency is called $SOCCR.

As in previous projects, on the official  Soccer City website  we can see a  roadmap  explaining the development phases of the game. By the end of 2023, the virtual reality game part should be finished and running, a worldwide competition (Meta World Cup), as well as other competitions, launches of NFTs, etc. By then we’ll see how the game looks.

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