Do you still doubt that a low-cost cosmetic is just as effective as a similar formula in terms of luxury? You need to try these products to banish that false myth from your head.

10 affordable beauty products that are just as effective as the most expensive ones.  

When we talk about low-cost products, the first thing that comes to mind is supermarket cosmetics, but be careful, the low-cost concept is not limited to white brands, but to any product that is affordable to anyone . There are many brands that are launched on the market with very interesting prices that, without underestimating what we can find in the supermarket (because many products are of good quality), compete with luxury brands with convincing results. After all, who doesn’t look for effectiveness at the best price?

10 Affordable Beauty Products That Are Highly Effective

Konjac Colageno Sponge by Usu Cosmetics

 For less than 4 euros, this sponge deeply cleanses the face with a very gentle exfoliating effect. It can be used alone, slightly moistening its vegetable fibers, or together with a cleansing product, but only after removing make-up from the face. In addition, since it is enriched with collagen, it helps to maintain the hydration and elasticity of the skin.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cleanser

 Its formula is developed by dermatologists and designed for normal to dry skin. First, you wet your face, neck and decollete, then apply the cream by gently massaging the skin. It is capable of removing make-up, but it is recommended to use it after removing make-up to multiply its effectiveness (it is designed to remove any remains and keep the skin hydrated).

S rum with hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary

 It is not necessary to spend more than 50 euros for a serum to reach the deepest layers of the skin and keep it hydrated. This formula that combines hyaluronic acid with vitamin B5 makes the hydration power multiply. The best thing is that its touch is not greasy (oil-free recipe) and it is absorbed very quickly.

Skin Food Original de Weleda (75 ml)

 It is true that we have talked about it many times, but it is really worth it. On its way to becoming a cult product, it is a staple in the dressing tables of many celebrities, which already gives you an idea of ​​its effectiveness. If those women who can afford to buy the most expensive treatments on the market resort to a low-cost product, it will be for a reason, don’t you think?

NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray (60ml)

 Fixing sprays are not particularly expensive products, but on the market there are big differences between them when, in some cases, the result is very similar. This is the case with this NYX Professional product, which allows you to show off your irremovable makeup for hours with a simple spray all over the face.

Infallible 32H Fresh Wear by L’Oreal Paris

 Luckily, in the writing we try many cosmetics with very different prices and we would be left with several options depending on the finish or how our skin is. But if there is a product that is repeated in our evaluations, it is this one. The velvety finish and its coverage capacity is the best it has but, above all, its durability. You can not worry about the state of your makeup with complete peace of mind until it is time to remove your makeup.

Superstay 24H de Maybelline New York

 High intensity pigment that adheres to the lip without drying and lasts forever. It is applied with the help of the balm, to maintain hydration and give a juicier result. The only drawback, if it can be considered as such, is that to remove it you need the help of a biphasic make-up remover if you do not want to damage the delicate lip skin, but it is a product of its great durability that, in the end and after all, it is its best feature.

The Blush de Essence

 We love the way its highly pigmented power blends easily across the face. Does that mean little durability? It may not be as permanent as other blushes on the market, but it is so convenient to take anywhere and apply at a time that is worth it.

Size Up de Sephora Collection

 It really opens up your gaze and leaves you with endless lashes without the risk of transferring or losing intensity after a few hours. With a few strokes you get eyelashes of impact and all thanks to an environmentally friendly vegan formula.

Garnier micellar water (400 ml)

 If it is one of the most mentioned by beauty addicts, it is because it works. For less than 5 euros, it removes any makeup residue in a single pass. Suitable for eyes, lips and face, it has a very pleasant texture that makes it even more appealing to use. And best of all, it tones the skin for more complete care.

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