Going on a long car trip? So, you should know that there are a wide variety of games that are designed to pass the time in a fun and entertaining way. Whether you are traveling with children or with adults, there are many types of activities that will make the hours on the road pass with laughter and good humor. In this OneHOWTO article we have compiled the best games to play in the car for both children and adults. Thus, whoever you travel with, you can enjoy a fun and very happy adventure. Make the hours of the trip fly by with one of these games. You will love them!

4 games to play with children in the car

If you are going to take a long road trip with your whole family, it is almost essential that you know some of the best games to play in the car. So many “dead” hours can make the little ones get bored and desperate. Therefore, keeping them entertained and making the trip a fun adventure is the best option so that these hours pass calmly and relaxed.

Next we are going to discover some of the games to play in the car especially for children with which the whole family will have a great time. Take note of these ideas!

The game of “Who’s who” in the car

This is one of the most classic games that have always been made among both children and adults. It is about each of you thinking of a character and the rest of the participants must guess who it is. To do this, they must ask questions that can only be answered with “yes” or “no” . For example, some of the questions that can be asked are “Is she a girl?”, “Is she an animal?”, “Does she have blonde hair?”, etc. You will be discarding until someone dares to guess which character it is.

Build words with one letter

If you want to have a fun time in the car, nothing beats playing games that are fun and clever. The “I spy” is a game that, in the long run, becomes boring and repetitive. On the other hand, this one that we now propose is very fun. To carry it out, you will only have to define 3 categories, for example, “Name of person”, “Animal” and “Place”. Now, a person begins to say to himself the letters of the alphabet and, when someone tells him “STOP”, he must stop and say what letter he was on. Then, the contestants will have 1 minute to think of 3 words from each category that start with that letter. The first one to finish… wins!

The thread of stories

Another of the best games to play in the car with the family is this one that is extremely imaginative and creative. It is about collaborating, all together, in the creation of a story . But, to do it, you will have to take turns. For example, the first player will say the title of the story, “The lion that ate the sun”, for example, and from this idea, each participant must create a sentence that explains the story. Little by little, you will be creating a fiction and fantasy story that will make you have a great time. A piece of advice: record these creations so that these stories do not fall into oblivion.

Chained words

Another of the classic games for children is that of chained words. It is a perfect activity to pass the time and to promote the knowledge of the child in relation to the lexicon. To do this, the first participant will only have to say one word and the next one will have to build a new word that begins with the last syllable of the previous word. And, thus, all the words will be chained together. An example: the first participant says “Le-chu-ga”, the next one can say “Ga-to”, the other “To-ma-te”, and so on.

4 games to play adults in the car

But not only children want to play in the car! Adults also like to have a good time laughing, riddles and games that make us have a good time. Therefore, below we offer you a list of games to play in the car that are designed for adults who want to enjoy the hours they will be on the road. Don’t miss them!

The car of the songs in the car

Among all the games for adults, the one we like the most is this one that includes songs. And it is that, in the car, we always tend to turn on the radio or put on our favorite artists to sing and enjoy the music. Well, the game that we propose is closely related to this type of trip: one of you must say a word and the rest of the participants must try to sing a song in which that word appears. The first one to find it… wins! In the event of a tie, another word will be proposed to break the tie, since there can only be one winner in each round!

A geography game for road trips

Another of the best games to play in the car is that of the capitals. That is, you have to ask a question like, for example, “Capital of Brazil” and the first one to answer correctly wins a point. You can create a maximum of 10 points, for example, and the one who reaches it first will be the winner of the game. You can also opt for another simpler geography game that consists of saying the name of a country and that the next participant has to say another name created with the last letter of the previous one.

The game of figures and letters with license plates

When we go by car, one of the elements that we see the most are the license plates of the cars that travel on the road. Therefore, we are going to take advantage of them to enjoy a fun game that activates us mentally. What we have to do is take a letter or a number and ask ourselves some questions with them. For example, we have the license plate YHM22, so we can launch the question for names of cities that contain the letter “Y”. We can also ask what mathematical operation of division could give the number 22.

Play detectives in the car

This game is a bit more “worked” than the others, since the collaboration of one of you will be needed to invent a story. That is, one of the participants will have to create a story in which there is a somewhat mysterious death … The rest of the participants will have to try to find out who the murderer is and, for this, they will be able to ask the narrator questions, questions that can only be They can answer with “yes” or “no”. It is a game similar to the “Who’s Who” that we mentioned in the previous section but with the added suspense and mystery.

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