We have reached a point in history where the quality of mobile games is beginning to catch up with that of console games; and in some ways they are even much better.

In fact, there are gaming mobiles, designed for you to have fun with the full range of mobile games available.

We cannot fail to mention our games here; are some of the funniest games to play with friends on mobile. Just click below and see for yourself.

Gone are the days of having all your friends crowded in front of a single phone to watch a game with poor quality blocky graphics and limited gameplay.

Instead, you can now choose from a wide range of mobile games to play with friends, from fast-paced shooters to entertaining puzzle games.

There are endless mobile games to play with friends of all types and genres: from classic console games like Mario Kart to board games like Monopoly. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of options. 

Most of them are cross-platform games, which are now also available on mobile devices. We introduce you to our favorites below:

Among us

Perhaps you have come across the cute and colorful Among Us characters in stores around the world. The mobile multiplayer game went viral after gamers YouTubers and streamers promoted it.

What followed was a wave of plush merchandise and gaming-related merchandise.

All the commotion they caused was to be expected; is nothing short of one of the most interesting mobile games to play with friends out there.

It was developed by the American studio Innersloth and it is a social deduction game.

In this entertaining example of mobile games to play with friends, everyone is an astronaut in a spaceship; most are crewmates, but a few have been chosen to be the hidden impostors.

Each player is assigned a list of tasks to complete. For their part, the impostors cannot carry out their functions and have to try to blend in with the others.

To win they must sabotage a critical system or kill crew members, while crew members win by completing all their tasks and finding the impostors. 

One of the best qualities of Among us is that you can play it with up to 15 players , so you can throw a big mobile gaming themed party with friends.

You will see that it is hilarious; especially since you will be able to get an idea of ​​how the mind of your friends works, who can be very good liars.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart is probably one of the best party games of all time . Nothing compares to the satisfaction of throwing your best friend off the edge of the Rainbow Trail.

Fans of games to play with friends online on android saw their dream come true when the mobile version came out; And yes, he knew how to exceed their expectations. 

For those unfamiliar with Mario Kart, it’s nothing short of Nintendo’s flagship racing game. In this issue, you assume control of one of the characters from this video game company and drive a small car along a track.

Your goal is to get there first, but over the course of the race you will encounter winding paths and obstacles, not to mention your opponents’ traps and gadgets to throw you out of the competition.

If we talk about enjoying mobile games to play with friends, there is no simpler way than this. All they need is to have Bluetooth and be in the same place. You can play it with up to 7 friends.

Mario Kart is usually available on Nintendo consoles, so this is a great way to access it if you don’t have a Switch. And do you know the best of all? It’s free!

Space team

Did you know that SpaceteamVR features crossplay between different platforms and VR hardware? You can even have your friends and family join a local game on their mobile devices. Our short video runs through the ways to set up and join a game. 

 Spaceteam is one of the most entertaining mobile games to play with friends that we have on our list. It is a cooperative game released 10 years ago, although it is somewhat unknown.

Its main ingredient is screaming and you’ll see why. Each player is a member of a space crew and will have a screen full of made up technical words and commands known as a “technobabble”.

Players are given an order to save their spaceship and must verbally communicate it to their teammates. Players then need to check their screen and see if they have the command on their device to execute it. 

It sounds simple, but the strangely named instruments and actions that need to be completed end up generating a lot of noise. 

This example of space games can be played by two to eight participants, and the more there are, the more difficult it gets, but also more fun. You only need a mobile phone and Bluetooth to access one of the best mobile games to play with friends.

PUBG Mobile

In recent years, battle royale games have seen their popularity grow. In these types of games, players are thrown onto a map and have to figure out how to find food, get weapons and items, and fight until only the victor remains.

There are many different types, but only Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the original that brought the mass multiplayer shooter genre to fame.

Once again, fans of games to play with friends online on Android jumped for joy when the exclusive mobile version came out; and it has turned out to be just as popular as its console and PC peers.

There are entire tournaments running under this title and all you have to do to be a part of the action is add your friends to the list and invite them to play. In short, it is an excellent alternative to enjoy mobile games to play with friends.

Words With Friends 2

Words With Friends is more of a brain game compared to other games on the list. This entertaining example of mobile gaming with friends takes the concept of the classic board game Scrabble and brings it to mobile devices.

It uses push notifications and allows you to play up to 40 games at a time. In this game you can play slow games and respond as you and your opponent please, or if you prefer, you can sit at a table and play head to head.

If you don’t know the game, don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you. Each player has a series of letter tiles and their objective is to form a word on the board by placing them on the bonus boxes and using the letters and words that others put together.

Each letter has a score according to its degree of difficulty to use it. At the end of the game, whoever has the highest score wins.

What do you say? Do you dare to try one of these mobile games to play with friends? 

Games according to your niche

2 player games on different mobiles

As for 2 player games, you have two options: play head to head or cooperatively . If you prefer to play head to head, sports are always a great alternative when it comes to mobile gaming with friends. In that case you can try titles like NBA Jam.

If what you are looking for is a fun game of skills, don’t miss Worms Armageddon, another of the PC games that made its way to become one of the games to play with friends online on Android.

Now, if cooperative games are your thing, the all-time classic Minecraft is one of the best mobile games to play with friends. It’s hours of guaranteed fun!

Mobile multiplayer games to play with friends at home

If you are with your friends and they want to play mobile multiplayer games, you have the option to make it competitive or cooperative.

Spaceteam is one of the mobile games with friends that is ideal for parties. Just keep in mind that noise and frustration come with the package.

Another good option is Houseparty. This includes a wide range of games to play with friends on mobile in a single application.

One of the mobile games to play with friends that brings you all the trivia action is Kahoot. If that’s what you’re looking for, the app even lets you create your own quiz.

Mobile games to play with friends at a distance

The best mobile games to play remotely with friends are those that don’t require immediate responses, especially if you’re in different time zones and have different sleep patterns. 

In that case, games like Cluedo, Uno, and Monopoly are great options.

Many board games offer you this possibility and Words With Friends, which we have already told you about, is one of the titles that you can try to play whenever you like, even from your gamer room.

No matter what operating system you use, you can access the best games for iOS of 2022 and for Android too.

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