You want to delve into the magical world of virtual reality , in order to immerse yourself in video games like never before . You’ve already spotted some interesting titles, but you don’t know many good productions. Put simply, you need some guidance and you have come this far to get some ideas for your gaming sessions. That’s the way it is, isn’t it?

Don’t worry: I’m just about to take a journey into the world of the best VR games for PC , analyzing the titles that a virtual reality enthusiast can’t miss. Of course, this is still a “new” method of interaction for many people, but I can assure you that you can already find some pearls of no small importance.

What do you say? Are you ready to wear the headset and experience unforgettable experiences firsthand? In my opinion you can’t wait to finally try a new level of immersion in incredible virtual worlds to be explored. Below you can find all the information of the case: I promise that I will not “steal” too much time. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!

Before going into the details of the best VR games for PC , I think it might interest you to know more about this world.

Well, despite the talk of virtual reality for several years now, it can be said that this sector is still in an “initial” phase: it is gaining ground, but there is still a long way to go to create a stock portfolio. like what we are used to without VR.

Put simply, there are already some particularly good titles, but there is no robust catalog capable of covering all genres with video games that can be considered “must have”. That said, virtual reality is very interesting and, following the release of productions like Half-Life: Alyx (of 2020), it seems the right time has come to get close to VR.

To do this, it is obviously necessary to buy the right viewer , as well as have a VR Ready PC , that is a computer capable of “holding” games in virtual reality: on the official website of Oculus, a well-known viewer produced by Facebook, you can find some very useful advice in this regard.

Among the most popular choices in terms of viewers is Oculus Quest 2 , a standalone headset – that is, which also supports games and applications that can be used without connection to the PC – which can be connected to the computer via a cable sold separately (or, if you are a little ‘”Geeks”, wirelessly via Virtual Desktop); otherwise there is Oculus Rift S with supplied cable, which winks at PC gamers.

Best PC VR games

After having illustrated the general situation, I would say that it is time to get to the heart of the guide, analyzing the most valid virtual reality titles for PC. Below are my choices.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half Life Alyx VR

Valve Corporation . This name is enough to make fans of the world of video games “raise their antennas”. No, it’s not just the company behind Steam, but a historic software house that has created masterpieces of the caliber of Left 4 Dead , Portal and Counter Strike: Global Offensive , just to name a few.

All this without mentioning the Half-Life saga . Well, Half-Life: Alyx , released in 2020, has finally taken over the series after more than twelve years of absence from the stage. In pure Valve style, the software house has blown everyone away, creating a game designed for virtual reality.

Initially there was a bit of skepticism regarding the production, as the most loyal players would have preferred a more “classic” title. However, Half-Life Alyx proved to be the title capable of finally giving a “boost” to the world of virtual reality on PC.

I won’t give you too many spoilers about the plot, which takes place a few years before Half-Life 2, but what amazes from the first contact with Half-Life Alyx and the atmosphere that surrounds the player. The latter can essentially do anything, interacting with any object present in the scenario.

Always without anticipation, you can even write on the glass with markers, throw cans from one part of the scenario to the other and in general explore the scenario in detail . Really, Half-Life Alyx offers a VR interaction that has hardly been seen in other titles of this type.

Half Life Alyx Best PC VR games

You can also play in a relatively small space, since the movement is carried out by “teleporting” through the analog. To visit the environment, however, you have to turn around and physically crouch: I let you imagine how many interesting ways this type of interaction is used during the game.

The gameplay is never repetitive and the story spins which is a pleasure, not to mention the essentially “total” immersion that the user experiences as the story progresses. Half-Life Alyx is an experience that remains etched in the player’s mind, able to fully demonstrate the potential of VR.

In any case, it is difficult to describe in detail an experience of this type, since it must be “lived” in first person. Valve’s title costs 49.99 euros on Steam and was awarded as the VR Game of the Year 2020 during the platform awards.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber Best PC VR games

If you are looking for a “light” title that at the same time keeps you busy to the beat, Beat Saber is probably for you.

It is a rhythm game , or one of those titles in which you have to act to the sound of music. In other words, blocks appear to the musical rhythm and the player, through the use of lightsabers , must slice with the right timing almost everything he encounters.

You have to pay attention to the color of the blocks , as well as try to avoid certain obstacles . By placing yourself somewhere between a Jedi Knight and a “dancer”, you will surely have fun during the frantic matches offered by Beat Saber. From October 2020 there is also multiplayer .


Onward Steam VR

Who hasn’t dreamed of first-person immersion in a shooter ? Obviously you do it for fun, but if you want to try this type of experience, you can only consider Onward .

It is, in fact, one of the most popular VR titles of this genre by the community. In fact, despite being built independently and does not have a cutting-edge technical sector, Onward is able to immerse the player properly in the battle, whether it is the single or co -op .

Onward is mainly appreciated by users who prefer a “realistic” game , able to provide excellent satisfaction also in terms of weapons and customization . It can be played in both PvP and PvE and represents one of the most strategic VR shooters on the market.


Boneworks SteamVR

A great experiment in terms of Physics-Based shooter is definitely Boneworks , which some might define as a sort of middle ground between Half-Life and Portal.

The title, which puts the player in the shoes of Arthur Ford , head of security at Monogon Industries , and leads to the exploration of MythOS City , is highly appreciated by VR lovers especially for its advanced system of interaction with the environment.

In fact, thanks to its management of physics, Boneworks allows you to perform a myriad of actions that are difficult to find in other virtual reality titles, from the possibility of climbing the ropes to breaking crates against a wall to obtain objects. Who said defeating robots with your bare hands ?

I don’t want to give you too many spoilers, since it is an adventure that must be “lived” in first person, but if you want to take a look at the true potential of this technology, a tour of MythOS City certainly does not hurt.

Blade and Sorcery

Blade and Sorcery VR

The PC world is also made up of games designed for pure fun, which in a certain sense can be defined as “fan service”. Blade and Sorcery is much more than it first appears, as it is a medieval fantasy sandbox .

Whether you want to defeat hordes of enemies with sword and shield or with magical powers , this game is definitely for you. This without mentioning the excellent community , which has given life to several mods for this title, obviously coming to insert very interesting elements (who said lightsabers ?).

In short, if you are looking for a title related to combat , Blade and Sorcery can prove to be a good choice, guaranteeing you several hours of fun. Also, considering the mods, it is potentially possible to expand the experience indefinitely.

Other titles valid for VR

VRChat Best free VR PC games

Clearly, in addition to those mentioned, there are also other VR titles valid for PC. Of course, there aren’t many “must haves”, but there are several noteworthy experiences.

Below you can find a selection of titles that from my point of view should be tried to immerse yourself properly in the world of virtual reality.

  • VRChat : If you’re looking for free PC VR games , you might want to check out this title. Put simply, you can visit a virtual world where anything is possible, populated by other players. All this in VR, being able to interact with other real people . There will be hilarious situations: definitely an experience to try at least once.
  • The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim VR : the virtual reality edition of one of the most famous video games in the entire medium. Put simply, the dream of many players that finally comes true. The only “negative” point: you may no longer be able to detach yourself, especially using the right mods. The price is 59.99 euros .
  • Pavlov VR : If you’re looking for a “Call of Duty” in VR, this title is probably what comes closest to that world. This is a multiplayer game that could keep you entertained for hundreds of hours. The cost? 20.99 euros .
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator : Yes, you got it right. The well -known flight simulator can be “experienced” in virtual reality. Everything becomes much more immersive this way. The price of the game itself is € 69.99 .
  • Medal of Honor Above and Beyond : an attempt to return the historical series to its origins, while trying to make everything more realistic through the use of VR. There are both campaign and multiplayer modes . A title with a good amount of content, which also allows you to get in touch with the testimonies of the veterans of the Second World War. The cost is 59.99 euros .
  • Star Wars Squadrons : Multiplayer aerial combat in the Star Wars universe. Need to say more? Get ready to rule the galaxy with your fighter, at a cost of € 39.99 .
  • Thief Simulator VR : if you are looking for a game that does not cost too much and allows you to “become a thief” , obviously for the purposes of videogame fun, this nice game will allow you to do it at the price of 16.79 euros .
  • The Room VR A Dark Matter : If you play a lot on mobile, you probably know The Room series well. This title allows you to immerse yourself in a breathtaking atmosphere (literally) and solve puzzles in VR . It doesn’t last long, but trying an Escape Room style game in virtual reality is an interesting experience. 29.99 euros is the cost of the ticket.
  • Phasmophobia : A psychological horror in virtual reality, filled with paranormal activity. On the other hand, what could possibly go wrong? If you have the courage, you can access the adventure for the price of 11.59 euros .
  • Paper Beast : a dream adventure among wildlife. Explore a setting that can provide constant surprises, letting yourself be carried away by a colorful and extravagant world . The creator is Eric Chahi, the mastermind behind 1991’s iconic Another World. The cost is set at € 19.99 .

In short, there are several “hidden gems” in the catalog of VR games designed for PC. While the technology itself probably still has some untapped potential, the adventures I have outlined in this guide can already immerse you in virtual worlds that every video game and tech enthusiast in general should delve into.

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