Stealth games are, as the name says, games that require you to perform tasks without being detected. The tasks you need to complete depend on the type of stealth game you play.

Now, as stealth games for console and PC are part of the sprawling genre of war games, the tasks often involve some form of battle.

Of course, this is not always the case. We can go back in time to the eighties and see one of the best retro games out there, no less than Pac-Man.

It is a sample of how the stealth modality is applied to other genres. 

But how is Pac-Man a stealth game? Simple: you avoid being captured while eating yellow dots and fruits.

All worthwhile stealth games are fundamentally based on the dynamic of trying to reach an objective without getting caught.

In this guide to the best stealth games for PC and console users, we are going to focus on the titles that go beyond the basics.

In other words, here is a list of featured stealth games.

These are not games that only present some elements of the genre. They are stealth video games through and through. That is, the objective of the game is to avoid detection and defeat the enemy.

What is the most popular stealth video game?

As with any other genre, trying to define the best stealth game is not an easy task. And it is that although it is a genre, it has many edges.

For example, the best PC games may not be as compelling on a console like the PlayStation.

In the same way, some gamers may prefer war-themed stealth games, or survival games with stealth elements, while others prefer spy-focused games. 

And while it’s true that most stealth games are good stealth games regardless of platform, we always have to consider all the nuances when we want to rate them.

Taking this into account, the following stealth games have been chosen for some special reason that separates them from the rest .

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of action or horror games, we know you will find something for yourself in our list.

Best of all stealth games: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

When it comes to stealth games, the Metal Gear Solid franchise is almost unmatched. The main reason this franchise stands out, and especially The Phantom Pain, is because only your imagination is the limit when looking for a way to win.

Without a doubt, a true stealth game where you can roam the world freely and plan your own attacks and escapes. 

To give you an idea, in The Phantom Pain you can manage to recruit helpers and kill the enemy; you just sit in the bushes with a sniper and blow up your opponents miles away.

You can even make your horse leave its mark on the ground so that chasing jeeps can slip off it (yes, we’re talking about horse poop). 

Very few popular strategy games give you as much freedom and opportunity to test your creativity as Metal Gear Solid 5 and that is why we consider it one of the best stealth games out there. 

Best Story – The Last of Us Part II

Gamers tend to focus on gameplay and missions when it comes to stealth games on console and PC. And yes, they are important aspects, but they are not the only elements that contribute to the excellence of a game.

The Last of Us is one of the best multiplayer stealth games for PC and console thanks to its plot.

In this game you have two options: you can take on the role of Ellie, a woman seeking revenge after a tragedy, or Abby, a soldier trying to eradicate a religious cult. 

With whichever story you choose, you will experience the real drama.

The post-apocalyptic world sets the mood for this story, but it’s the facial expressions of the characters and the dialogues that give this game a human element that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re a fan of stealth games and looking for something that makes you feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie, The Last of Us Part II is perfect for you.

The best stealth game for creativity – Hitman 3

The shooter game series has been a real hit for more than two decades. The first installment introduced us to Agent 47 and his unique ability to blend into his surroundings to destroy enemies, almost undetected.

Hitman 3 is the latest installment in the World of Assassin trilogy. It is the end of the story so you will have to fight to eliminate the secret organization known as Providence.

What sets Hitman 3 apart from other stealth games on PC and console are the ways you can avoid detection.

And while sneaking around and hiding behind walls is part of the experience, Hitman 3 is specifically a game that’s all about finding creative ways to accomplish your missions.

This involves disguising yourself and impersonating other people to infiltrate with the enemy. That is precisely what separates it from the pack and makes it one of the best stealth games out there.

The most fun stealth game – Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Not all stealth games have to be serious. Sly Cooper is aimed at younger gamers or those who want to live an adventure full of fantasy.

In this game, your job will be to assume the role of Sly Cooper, a raccoon who descends from an ancient lineage of master thieves.

In addition to leading Sly on a quest through a world filled with human-like animals, you’ll also be in control of his family and friends.

In essence, the idea is that you gather the gang of thieves so that they work together in order to repair the legendary book Thievius Raccoonus.

This dynamic, together with the cartoonish design, makes Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time a true gem of entertainment and, in short, one of the most fun stealth games out there.

Best Stealth Dynamic – Dishonored 2

In this sequel to Arkane Studios’ creation Dishonored, you’ll take on the role of supernatural assassins. You can choose between Emily’s character or her father Corvo Attano.

Best of all, they each have their own set of abilities, guaranteeing you absolutely entertaining battle sequences. No matter which character you choose, your goal will be the same: claim the throne.

It is its game mechanics that make Dishonored 2 one of the best among all stealth games on PC and console.

It’s not linear, so you can go ahead in time or go back as you please.

This not only means that you will still be captivated by the game after several playthroughs, but you can complete your missions in multiple different ways.

Add to that the world design and creative ways to avoid detection; The result is a stealth game that rubs shoulders with the best in history.

Sneak out and start enjoying stealth games

Well, we already have them; nothing less than the best five stealth games ever.

Whether you want to hide in the shadows and strangle unsuspecting criminals or travel through time, there are plenty of ways for you to sneak around and have fun with the best stealth games.

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