Where are we going to find that delicious ice cream that will melt in our mouths? It is not an easy question to answer, knowing how to move in the labyrinth of Italian ice cream parlors is not easy.

Enjoying little bits of ice cream during a trip to Rome is a ritual. I don’t want to say that it is a sin not to do it but, almost yes, it is like a duty or almost an obligation but, as always, there is a but, where are we going to find that super delicious ice cream that will melt in our mouths? It is not an easy question to answer, knowing how to move in the labyrinth of Italian ice cream parlors is not easy. According to a study carried out a couple of years ago, (prior to the pandemic), the number of ice cream parlors in Italy is dizzying, in Rome there were 1,409 independent and 4,286 businesses that also sold ice cream , Naples appeared in second place with 898 ice cream parlors followed by Milan with 782, and thus we can continue throughout the length and breadth of the Italian boot. Hitting the best is not an easy thing.

Speaking with some Romans, who are super in love with ice cream (which almost all of them are) agree with some addresses, in addition to what the specialized media also say. I have chatted with Marguerita, daughter of the owner and founder of the Gelateria dei Gracchi , one of the ice cream parlors that Italians rate as one of the best in Rome, and she has highlighted several details:

“It is difficult to find ice cream parlors in Rome that use natural raw materials, in general, they use prefabricated products because they are cheaper and more practical for the preparation of a good amount of varied ice cream on a daily basis. We, despite the costs and the difficulty of creating them using fresh seasonal products, zero preservatives and without adding dyes, prefer it because we are committed to quality and the creation of a healthier product. The raw material we use is of the highest quality, such as the pistachio that comes from Bronte, for example. “All the ice creams we make are gluten-free.”Ice creams from the Gelateria dei GracchiIce cream from Gelateria dei Gracchi.

According to Margherita, 90% of ice cream parlors use powdered products to make their ice creams with different flavors, then they mix them with cream, water, etc. and they put it in the ice cream machine, “ I don’t want to say that all the preparations are of low quality, there are also high quality ones. There are very few ice cream parlors that use seasonal and fresh products ” – and adds: “obviously it is much more expensive to do it like we do, with products even imported from France such as vanilla or almonds, it is a high cost but the result is noticeable in the taste. It is easier, cheaper and faster to make them with powdered preparations ”she confirms.

Well, now that we know that, we are off to the search.

These are 2 of the richest and most natural ice cream parlors in Rome.

OTALEG (Trastevere)

You are going to love this story, Marco Radicioni worked in a sector that has nothing to do with ice cream, but he had such a passion for them that he prepared them at home to offer them to his friends, and of course, as often happens, he You realize that what you are really passionate about is making ice cream and not working in an office. It was really what he wanted to do in life and he convinced Silvia, his partner, to create this business together. From what you can see and from the plans they have to open other businesses in Rome, Otaleg is going from strength to strength. But let’s go back to before, why are these ice creams the tastiest and healthiest? Marco tells us: “We only use fresh products, for example, I buy the raw pistachio, roast it in our oven and then put it in the blender, obtaining a high-quality result” . Another of the examples that Marco comments is on the subject of making fruit sorbets: “Since what we want is to offer a unique product, just as before I used to mix the fruit with water, now we no longer use it, our sorbets they are made of fruit and sugar and that’s it, we no longer add water, thus obtaining a completely natural sorbet”, he affirms.Fruit sorbet from the OTALEG ice cream parlor in Trastevere in RomeFruit sorbet from the OTALEG ice cream parlor in Trastevere in Rome.

Gelateria dei Gracchi (Search of the Vatican) Prati area

Getting to this ice cream parlor is relatively easy. Surely when you are in Rome you will visit the Vatican Museums and the Vatican. Leaving St. Peter’s Square, head towards Piazza del Risorgimento and walk along Via dei Gracchi up to number 272 . There you will find you will find it. It is a pleasant walk through the Prati neighborhood, an area of ​​shops, bars and restaurants.

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