The gastronomic profile of the current consumer shows a preference for a healthy diet and sustainable habits.

The change in consumer habits, increasingly concerned about having a good diet and practicing sustainable habits, has made consuming local —or, for the most part, national— food a growing trend. These have benefits not only for the planet, since they contribute to environmental sustainability, but also have an impact, due to their quality, on an improvement in the flavors of the dishes we consume, as confirmed by Juan García, creator of the renowned blog of Fuego de Mortero kitchen, whom we have consulted to complete the information in this article.

The importance of product quality in gastronomy

The inclination to prefer the consumption of a local product over an imported one is reflected in different studies, such as that of Kantar, in which up to 74% of those surveyed stated that they prefer to buy local products —also called kilometer 0— or national ones. , rather than imported. The consumption of these foods helps to take care of the environment, since they require less transportation, considerably reducing the carbon footprint. In addition, they guarantee the best quality, since both local agriculture and livestock are characterized by offering “fresh, seasonal products, with easy-to-follow traceability and all quality guarantees,” Juan García tells us. On the other hand, this type of diet is considered healthier and more natural,since they have fewer applications of chemical or artificial products for food preservation, making their flavor “more intense, like before, that of a totally natural food.”

In relation to the above, it should be noted that one of the fundamental characteristics of these local products is that most of them come from small producers, and in terms of livestock, it should be remembered that in this type of livestock —the so-called extensive— the Cattle graze outdoors in pastures, which “translates into better animal welfare and better meat. An example of this can be found in Aragonese lands, in the Carnísima company, whose products show how practicing extensive farming translates into respect for the environment and, finally, higher-quality food. Of course, this whole process is noticeable in the final result of the dishes and the recipes that we prepare with these products”, concludes this passionate about gastronomy.This trend has led some restaurants and gastronomy lovers to directly produce what they cook, especially when it comes to growing their own fruits and vegetables.This trend has led some restaurants and gastronomy lovers to directly produce what they cook, especially when it comes to growing their own fruits and vegetables.

A trend also in vogue in restaurants

This environmental awareness, together with the inclination to recover “the flavor of before”, as the author of Fuego de Mortero told us, has made restaurants also bet on a local, seasonal product and, whenever possible, from kilometer 0 to meet the growing consumer demand for this type of food, but also for an ethical commitment to society, since, as we mentioned before, these products have a lower environmental impact and contribute to improving the local economy of the region — or from the same country when a specific product from, strictly, kilometer 0 or proximity cannot be obtained. Secondly,It should be noted that all this has led some restaurants to directly produce what they cook, especially with regard to growing their own vegetables and fruits. A predisposition, that of offering all these products, which is being consolidated in the Spanish restaurant sector.

It is clear, therefore, that consumers are increasingly opting for a product of which they know its origin and that is presented as a healthier diet because it has less chemicals and preservatives. A trend that, in short, consolidates the profile of 21st century consumers: more demanding, with healthier habits and with a greater demand for a lifestyle that favors the environment and local economies.

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