In the lemon everything is good! Whether it’s the juice or the zest, we use it to the maximum! Jams, pies, cake, mousse, cakeā€¦ we incorporate it into our sauce. In addition, we love the tangy touch that this fruit brings to our desserts. So, here are some ideas to delight the taste buds of the great gourmet that you are!

A few tips for reusing lemon peel.

1. Lemon meringue pie

It is surely one of the most popular desserts of the French! A great classic of French pastry, the lemon meringue pie is devastating!

2. Lemon meringue cream

Soft and light, the lemon meringue cream is perfect to end the meal on a tangy and creamy note.

3. Lemon jam with mentonnaise

Spread on bread or in your savory dishes, mentonnaise lemon jam is a real treat! Test this recipe without delay and offer a few jars to your friends, they will be sure to ask for more!

4. Le cheesecake au citron sans cuisson

Combine crunch and fondant in a cheesecake with a delicate lemon flavor. This recipe is ideal for enjoying a cool break this summer.

5. Lemon cake

A tangy deliciously flavored delight, the lemon mellow is a recipe that is intended to be light and gourmet to delight young and old alike.

6. Express lemonade

Express lemonade is the ideal drink to quench your thirst and hydrate yourself effectively.

7. Mascarpone mousse with 2 lemons

The sweetness of this mousse with 2 lemons will leave you speechless. Easy and quick, it’s the perfect recipe to end a meal on a light note.

8. Frosted lemons without an ice cream maker

Real refreshing delights, frosted lemons are very easy to make and require little preparation.

9. Lemon and poppy seed express cake

This soft cake combines the freshness of lemon and the crunchiness of poppy seeds. Perfect to accompany a breakfast, we do not hesitate to refill!

10. Lemon Curd: the famous English recipe!

Lemon curd is the perfect alternative to jams and can be used as a filling for cakes, cupcakes, muffins, pancakes, pies, etc.

11. Lemon meringue eclairs

The lemon meringue eclairs will amaze your eyes and especially your taste buds! The tangy taste brought by the lemon curd is a real delight.

12. Lemon Cookies

Slightly tangy, these lemon biscuits appear like a ray of sunshine to taste it.

13. Lemon Bavarian

The lemon bavarois is a dessert with a creamy and light texture that brings a touch of freshness and acidity.

14. Flan au citron

Fine and light on the palate, the lemon flan is an easy and quick preparation that can be enjoyed on any occasion.

15. Lemon Financiers

Perfect for accompanying a tea, these lemon financiers are very easy and quick to make!

16. Lemon shortbread squares

It’s fresh, it’s delicious and you can only take one bite. The lemon shortbread squares are a delight for our taste buds and with them there is no risk of going wrong!

17. Lemon Creme Brulee

Do you like creme brulee? Do you love lemon? Then this lemon creme brulee is made for you!

18. Lemon madeleines

Originally from Lorraine, lemon madeleines are a traditional snack that we all consumed when we were young!

19. Brownie au citron : l’instant fraicheur

Tired of the classic chocolate brownie? Here is the lemon brownie and its lemony frosting!

20. Lemon curd cupcakes with lemon/chocolate icing

Are you a big fan of lemon curd? Then these cupcakes are for you! Gluttony is at the rendezvous with this very appetizing recipe!

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