We start this TOP 5 of the most random and WTF news of 2022 with one that was the sensation in Japan during April. We talked about the fact that there is now an asteroid called… Naoki Yoshida? For those who don’t know this name, Yoshida is the producer and savior of Final Fantasy XIV , an MMO that debuted in a disastrous way, but thanks to the work of this creator, it got back on track and is one of the most beloved and popular massively multiplayer games. by rivaling and even surpassing World of Warcraft in popularity.

As it turns out, a reddit user had the chance to name an asteroid, and out of fondness for the producer and Final Fantasy XIV expansion Endwalker being related to space, he chose the name Yoshidanaoki. The space body was discovered at Mount Lemon on September 25, 2006 by the Mount Lemmon Survey.

This news obviously took us by surprise, but we also believe that it is very beautiful, since it is an immense recognition of a person who has made millions of people happy, who created very beautiful fan art of Naoki and his asteroid. You already know, when you turn to look at the sky, there, next to the Pirata de Culiacan and Monarcas Morelia, is the Yoshidanaoki, taking care of the bad pitches.

4: The Pope listening to an Undertale song

In our number 4 we have the best way in which we could start 2022: with the Pope as a spectator of a circus act set to music with an Undertale song . In what other year was this sentence canon? It sounds like something you would write to an AI for a laugh, but it really happened. Every week, Francisco holds an event with groups of believers, and it is normal for there to be guests as part of the entertainment.

On that occasion, the people in charge were a group of circuses who did a routine of juggling, unicycle and baton. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? The funny thing is that, if we listen closely, we clearly hear that the act uses the theme Megalovania , one of the most mythical indie songs, as the background song. It sounds logical that they have used it, since it even sounds in the rhythmic battles of Undertale .

Many will think that the Pope did not even recognize the song, and it is probable, but in one of those he did. Why do we say it? Because in 2016, the youtuber known as MatPat gave him a game code, and if Francisco was curious and played it, he may have enjoyed the presentation even more, because Toby Fox’s song is a gem. Let’s hope so, to live in the timeline where the Pope played Undertale .

3: ¿Kojima mato al exminister de Japon?

At number 3 is one of the most shocking news of the year. Shinzo Abe, former Prime Minister of Japan, was shot in the back while giving a speech at a public presentation. The event quickly went viral, but unfortunately this affected Hideo Kojima, because several international media confused the person responsible with the director of Kojima Productions.

It is said that it all started as a joke on a 4chan forum because users saw a similarity between Kojima and the criminal, but soon after, ANT1, a very famous media outlet in Greece, broke the news and showed images of Hideo, which started the collective confusion among people who do not know the developer well.

Damien Rieu, a French politician who is part of the far-right movement, also posted images of Kojima as if he were responsible for the attack, and shared tweets from others who did the same. Both Rieu and ANT1 deleted their content and apologized for tarnishing God Kojima’s name. The event did not happen from a scare and a few laughs, so we are grateful that Hideo does not share a cell with Yuji Naka.

2: Bill Clinton en The Game Awards

At number 2 we have the end of The Game Awards 2022. The truth is, it was a very interesting event thanks to the fact that there were many announcements that moved us and because of the nerve to know who would win the most prizes. After a few hours, it was time to meet the GOTY, and the winner was ELDEN RING , something that many of us celebrate, because we believe that he more than deserved it.

When the announcement was made, the cameras went to Hidetaka MiyaGOD and his crew to see their reactions, and on their way to the stage, we noticed a young boy accompanying them. We didn’t give it much importance because we were very excited, and we thought that maybe he was the son of some developer. Miyazaki gave a short speech and thanked everyone who worked on ELDEN RING , and when he finished, the young man took the microphone.

He turned to the entire audience to say, “I want to thank everyone and say that I want to nominate my Reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton for this award. Thank you all”. Without a doubt, we all were left with the face of “what a fart with this menu”, and quickly the memes and mockery flourished as a desire to drink on Friday. Within minutes, Geoff Keighley confirmed that the young man had been arrested, and the internet came together to call for his release.

An honorable mention

In our honorable mention we have the discovery by the cyber police of San Luis Potosi of a clandestine cryptocurrency mine in CONALEP computers and servers. We put it out of the TOP because it is not related to video games, but it still made us laugh a lot and is worth mentioning.

Before going to the first place, tell us what you think of this news and for you which was the most random, funny or strange of 2022. Without further ado, let’s go to the most random and strange news of the year by far…

1: Tifa infiltrates the Italian Senate

Our number 1 was also one of the first random news of the year, but it certainly surpasses that of the Pope and Undertale . We’re talking about the time Tifa crashed a meeting of the Italian Senate in the funniest, hottest, weirdest way imaginable. The session was held to discuss the transparency of information in decision-making in politics, and boy was there transparency, because a video did not interrupt the talk.

It turns out that someone by the name of Alex Spence snuck into the session that was broadcast on Facebook, and played a video where Tifa and Cloud are making babies. Several top politicians and even Nobel Prize winner Giorgio Parisi were present at the meeting, and something tells us they enjoyed it. Well, at least we have never missed these broadcasts since.

No one knows how Alex Spence got into the session, so the incident was a complete surprise, and it took them 30 seconds to identify and expel him. It was enough time for him to also show an inappropriate video of Xiangling, from Genshin Impact . The news was so funny and viral that several Italian users adopted Tifa as the new representative of Italy, and the fan arts came faster than you watching the video they passed.

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