If you want to have a properly marked and toned sixpack, we advise you to implement direct and indirect abdominals through various exercises, such as the ones we show you below.

Talking about direct and indirect abs can be the secret to having a properly toned abdomen , but it can also seem somewhat confusing.

Normally reference is made to exercises that stimulate the abdominal muscles, which are known as sit-ups. This type of stimulus is direct , or as it is known to a lesser extent ‘direct abs’.

In addition to this, you can also find those exercises that stimulate the abdomen indirectly. This type of stimulation occurs with various movements that work the core and even the thighs, also known as ‘indirect abs’.

Based on the above, we will teach you what these types of stimuli consist of and why they are called the secret to getting a properly worked and toned sixpack .

Direct and indirect abs, are they the secret?

If you want a perfect abdomen, interspersing between direct and indirect abdominals can be a good option.

Getting a sixpack, as the properly toned abdomen is commonly known, is one of the main goals of people who train regularly. Who doesn’t want to look good?

That is why many people have been in charge of looking for the secret in order to tone the abdomen or work on it constantly. Therefore, one of the factors that is an important part of this ‘secret’ is the stimulus . An appropriate stimulus is responsible for strengthening and hypertrophy muscles, even the most difficult.

In this case, we refer to the region of the abdomen, the place where different muscles converge, such as the rectus abdominis, the obliques; among others.

These stimuli are achieved through direct and indirect abdominals . That is why it is necessary to know what they consist of and how they can be carried out.

Direct abs

Direct abdominals are those that focus on a specific stimulus , in this case on the abdomen region. As mentioned above.

In this case, exercises such as the crunch or abdominals of different types stand out. In order to put them into practice, you must know their respective techniques and take into account what is the appropriate training volume to work on them. Next, we will show you some.

Isometric plank

The isometric plank stands out as one of the straight-up crunches, as it focuses its stimulus fully on the abdomen region.

On the other hand, this exercise has the particularity that it is executed without any type of movement. In that order of ideas, it requires a high degree of concentration and technique. In order to carry it out, you must lie face down and support your forearms and toes. From there you should hold the position for as long as you can while contracting your abdominal muscles.

Russian twist

The Russian twist has a high degree of stimulation at the abdominal level. This exercise is part of the direct abdominals due to the execution of its technique and is also one of the most complex.

To carry it out you must lean only on the buttocks, while raising the abdomen and leaving it diagonally from the ground. You should also raise your legs and avoid support.

From there, perform the turning movement with the torso or twisting . Said movement must be harmonious and controlled, from one side to the other.

Indirect crunches

Abdominal work normally focuses on a specific stimulus. However, not in all exercises it is possible to isolate the muscles, especially such important muscle groups.

Added to this, the muscles of the middle area of ​​the body , including those of the abdomen, are involved in a large number of exercises related to the legs, the back; among others.

It is at this point that the indirect abdominals are evident, which consist of exercises that contribute to the stimulation of the abdomen indirectly.

Therefore, performing this type of exercise counts as an important secret when it comes to working the famous sixpack . We will show you some examples in which this work can be evidenced.

Biceps curl

The biceps curl is recognized as a specific exercise focused on the biceps brachii . Despite this, it requires an upright posture in which different muscles participate, including those found in the abdomen.

The biceps curl is the most common isolated exercise.

Therefore, when carrying out its execution, it is necessary to activate the abdomen by means of a contraction and hold it until it is finished.

Pulley Front Raises

It’s not just a matter of referencing cable front raises , but understanding that all exercises using this machine result in indirect stimulation of the abdomen.

These types of exercises are considered indirect abdominals due to the stimulus they cause on the muscle groups of the abdomen during the execution of the technique.

It should be noted that the muscles of the middle area must remain active through contraction, which gives them their respective stimulus.

Get advice before performing direct and indirect sit-ups

The exercises outlined above are examples of direct and indirect sit-ups . However, there are many more alternatives in favor of stimulating these muscle groups.

In that order of ideas, the most appropriate thing would be to resort to a training professional in order to get more exercise alternatives.

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