Today’s entry, the mixed paella , is probably one of those recipes that can suffer from more varieties. As a lover of good rice , I like any version. What’s more, to date there isn’t one that I’ve tried and that I don’t like; They all seem amazing to me.

Homemade mixed paella recipe

Paella is one of the typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy , it is rare for a foreigner who visits our country who does not end up succumbing to the charms that this dish causes us. More than 500 years ago, paella was born in the rural environment of the Valencian Community , where a quick dish was needed to make and that combined the ingredients of the field and the orchard.

Hence, originally farmyard animals were used, such as chicken , rabbit or hare. Combined these meats with vegetables from the garden and cooked everything with the orange branches (which gave it an extraordinary smell), a truly luxurious dish came out and that today we can enjoy in our homes.

Mixed paella with homemade fumet, step by step recipe

Let’s go with the preparation of the mixed paella with homemade fumet, as always with step-by-step photographs.

Be careful, the paella that I have used has a base of 37 cm and is for 6 people. With that said, let’s start with the recipe. You will see that it is simple, delicious and that you can even enjoy the socarrat if you feel like it if you follow the step by step.Homemade fish stock for paella

How to make the mixed paella with homemade fumet

1. The first thing that we will prepare will be the homemade stock , a good broth is the basis for the success of a rich paella. 2. For what we do, which is not difficult to prepare. 3. In a deep casserole we pour a jet of oil, we put the fire to the top. 4. Add the heads of the prawns and the tentacles of the squidto fry them. with these ingredients. 5. Fry for a few minutes and when they are ready, add 2 teaspoons of chorizo ​​pepper meat, this will give it a beastly touch. 6. Stir for barely 1 minute and pour the wine, it will give you a wonderful smell. 7. We let the alcohol evaporate for a couple of minutes and add the water. 8. We also add the tomato split into two pieces, the half onion and a pinch of salt. 9. We put on high heat until it starts to boil. 10. When the foam comes out, we remove it with a slotted spoon. 11. Let boil for half an hour. After that time, we lowered the heat to a minimum to keep it warm. 12. We would already have our broth ready for the paella.

Sauteed recipe for paella step by step

mixed pan

Stir-fry for paella step by step

1. Before getting involved with the paella, we chop all the ingredients. 2. Cut the chicken and squid into bite size pieces; we peel the prawns; Chop the onion, pepper and tomato. 3. In a mortar, crush the garlic cloves together with the saffron and then add the red wine, and reserve it. 4. With everything clean and chopped, we start. Do not do it in parts that you will end up burning something. Having everything prepared and chopped and it will be easier for you. 5. In a pan with a 37 cm base, we put the medium heat to the top, we put a good jet of oil. 6. Add the chicken, salt and fry. 7. Once the chicken is fried, add the squid, salt the squid and fry together with the chicken. 8. When they are ready, we remove it to the outside of the paella, where there is no heat, and reserve. 9. Lower the heat and add a little oil to fry the onion and red pepper with a pinch of salt. 10. Both vegetablesThey will be finely chopped so that they brown quickly. 11. Once poached, we introduce the chopped tomato, add sugar and salt in the same proportion. 12. We remove a couple of minutes, you will see how the bottom begins to deglaze. 13. After those couple of minutes, we incorporated the garlic majada, saffron and wine that we had reserved into the paella. 14. At that moment an amazing smell will rise, we remove another couple of minutes together with all the ingredients. 15. You will see how the wine will finish deglazing the bottom of the paella, all this will provide a brutal flavor.

Cooking the mixed paella with homemade fish stock step by stepMixed paella recipe with homemade broth

Paella cooking step by step

1. After those minutes, add the rice that we will fry together with the rest of the ingredients for 1 minute. 2. Then, we pour the broth that we had reserved and that we had kept warm. 3. Keeping it warm is because of the importance of cooking the rice, it has to be added and start cooking. 4. The first minute it will cook on maximum heat, after that minute we will lower the heat (we will already have the interior and exterior fire on). 5. Add the prawns , stir the rice so that there is an even layer throughout the paella. 6. And we won’t touch it anymore, we’ll let it be done. It will take about 17-18 minutes. 7. If you want to socarrat, in the last minute, raise the heat to the top so that the rice is charred at the base. 8. Once the time has passed, let it rest for a couple of minutes, no more, and serve.

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