When Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone in 2007, there was only one model you could buy with 4GB or 8GB of storage and in gray. Fourteen years later, Apple is selling eight different iPhone models, five of which were released in 2022, two in 2021, and one in 2020. The iPhone is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, and storage options now reach 1 TB.

You may find that carriers and third-party sellers offer other older models, such as the iPhone 8. To complicate matters, some iPhones have two cameras, some have three or even four (including the camera). front to front). There’s also the fact that almost all current iPhones come with Face ID, but one model – the iPhone SE – has Touch ID. Having lots of options isn’t bad, but it can sometimes feel superfluous.

To help you figure out which of these models is the best iPhone for you, we’ve thoroughly reviewed and tested each of the devices on this list, from their performance to their battery life to their photo part.

But if you’re looking for other options outside of Apple’s deals, read our guide to finding the best smartphone for your needs and take a look at our advice on how to buy a new phone. 

1. The best iPhone for most users

iPhone 13


Retailing at €909, the iPhone 13 represents a solid upgrade and refinement over last year’s iPhone 12. Some will be disappointed, as it’s not radically different from previous models, but that’s actually part of its charm. Familiarity has been one of the keys to the iPhone’s success.

The penultimate model has a “square” design almost identical to that of the iPhone 12. The smartphone is compatible with 5G, MagSafe and is equipped with new cameras equivalent to those of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It also gets a larger battery which in our tests lasted 4.5 hours longer on a single charge than the iPhone 12. Add to that the A15 Bionic chip, a new Cinematic mode which is essentially a video version of the Portrait mode and iOS 16 and you have a great phone.

The iPhone 13 is Apple’s most balanced formula as was the iPhone 12 last year. The new model monopolizes the strengths of its predecessor while displaying a little more serious autonomy. We can regret the impasse made on the 120 Hz refresh rate reserved for Pro models, but Apple offers us excellent image quality at 60 Hz. This year again, the iPhone is a must have for any consumer looking for of a complete high-end smartphone.

2. The best iPhone right now

iPhone 14 Pro


The iPhone 14 Pro is Apple’s best phone right now. With the 14 series, we again see a real distinction between the Pro and non-Pro models, giving the iPhone 14 Pro a punch and the Dynamic Island functionality which really offers added value.

In terms of design, the 14 Pro features a sleek matte finish back and shiny stainless steel sides. The 14 Pro’s display supports what Apple calls ProMotion. Depending on what is displayed on the screen, the refresh rate goes from 1 to 120 Hz. In use, the screen is superb. Animations are smooth, graphics are crisp, and even mundane things like scrolling through web pages are more enjoyable.

It runs iOS 16, supports 5G and MagSafe charging. Unlike the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, the iPhone 14 Pro is equipped with an A16 Bionic chip. In short, it’s the best iPhone around.

This year there’s something new happening on the 14 Pro’s screen, the notch has been replaced with a cutout that now shows system alerts and background activity. And our enthusiasm for this mini notification center only grows as we use it. The iPhone 14 Pro also gets the usual incremental update, with an improved camera setup, more powerful processor, always-on display, iOS 16 plus new security features including collision detection and SOS d satellite emergency.

3. The best “value for money” iPhone

iPhone 12


By switching to a new generation of iPhone, the previous one automatically becomes cheaper. Discounts are also more frequent, in order to sell off inventory, and performance is very similar with the new model. So, if you want a fairly recent new iPhone at a moderate price, we advise you to turn to an iPhone 12.

The Apple smartphone supports 5G, has a 6.1-inch OLED display, an A14 Bionic processor, is compatible with MagSafe charging and benefits from Apple’s Ceramic Shield coating on the front to reduce scratches and damage. damage caused by falls. And since it has the same square design as the iPhone 13 or 14, no one will see the difference between these two models.

Choosing an iPhone 12 rather than a 13 or a 14 is also the possibility of taking an iPhone with more storage space for “cheaper”. A point not to be overlooked in the age of 4K and increasingly demanding applications.

A new design, an OLED screen, an even more powerful chip, a neat photo part, 5G, the iPhone 12 is on strike. Too bad the storage space of the basic version is only 64 GB.

4. The most affordable iPhone (but with Touch ID rather than Face ID)

iPhone SE 2022



At $529, you might think the only appeal of the iPhone SE (2022) is its price. And admittedly, it’s the most affordable iPhone on this list, and it’s a big deal too. From the outside, the iPhone SE has the same design as an iPhone 8. It is the only iPhone in this selection to be equipped with Touch ID.

Inside, the iPhone SE 2022 is equipped with an A15 chip like the iPhone 13s, which brings a certain batch of improvements to the photo part of 2020. The SE now supports 5G and is the only phone mentioned here to sport the design of the first models of Apple. But with the ability to run the latest version of iOS, it’s still just as relevant.

On the front, little change, the iPhone SE 5G 2022 still takes the stylistic codes of an iPhone 8 released almost 5 years ago. A design marketed as “iconic” according to Apple. The recipe works and speaks to Touch ID enthusiasts, there is no reason for Apple to change it.

5. The best compact iPhone

iPhone 13 Mini


Who said small smartphones don’t exist anymore? If you are looking for one, there is the iPhone 13 mini which does just as well as the iPhone 13 by being more compact. And don’t worry about its battery life, because it has a larger battery than the iPhone 12 mini. It actually ran nearly 3.5 hours longer on a single charge during our test. The device even stayed on for an hour longer than the iPhone 12. In short, it is therefore an excellent choice, especially since it costs less than the iPhone 13. Unfortunately, this smartphone has no not found a successor in 2022, Apple preferred to introduce a Plus model.

The iPhone 13 mini keeps the best of its predecessor and adds a few ingredients to an already proven recipe. So we end up with a powerful compact smartphone with an excellent screen, an effective photo part and better autonomy. But if you own an iPhone 12 mini, the few differences between the two models are not enough to call a purchase motivation.

6. The most autonomous iPhone

iPhone 14 Pro Max


The first thing you should know about the iPhone 14 Pro Max is that it’s one of the most battery-powered smartphones on the market. Then you should know that the 14 Pro and Pro Max are identical in pretty much every way and even have the same cameras. In essence, this is the same smartphone, only bigger.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max thus has a 6.7-inch ProMotion screen, compared to 6.1 inches for the 14 Pro. The Max is also bigger and heavier. Some of that extra weight comes from the 13 Pro Max’s larger battery. If you can stomach the size of this phone behemoth, it’s worth every penny of its hefty price tag.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max also get the usual incremental update, with an improved camera setup, more powerful processor, always-on display, iOS 16 plus new security features including collision detection and emergency SOS by satellite.

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