To treat lymphedema there are several very simple exercises that we can perform both standing up and lying on our backs.

Leg lymphedemas are complex pathologies that we must treat to prevent the situation from getting worse. It will also be important to take steps not to relapse.

Next we are going to see exactly what exercises we can do to help treat this pathology. Let’s remember that these are exercises that must be accompanied by a multidisciplinary approach . We cannot perform them, take no other action, and hope that we are cured. That said, if we have the pathology under control, these exercises will be of great help.

Leg lymphedema exercises

Let’s start by looking at a few exercises that we can do to prevent the appearance of leg lymphedema.

In the event that we have it and want to treat it, the exercises should be done slowly and should never cause pain . If this is the case, we must stop doing them immediately.

Standing exercises

Squats are a useful exercise to combat the symptoms associated with lymphedema in the legs.

We can start by simply supporting the foot of the affected leg on a ball . Next, with the opposite leg slightly bent, we will roll the ball back and forth.

Next, we will propose a route to walk, and we will do it several times. Of course, we will alternate normal walking, on tiptoes and supporting only the heels . Thus, we can do the round trip three times walking normally, three on tiptoes and three on heels. When we go on tiptoes or heels, when we reach the end of the route, either there or back, we will stop to rest the leg muscles.

Finally, to work on muscle strength a bit, we can also do some squats with our backs against the wall. We can support the back directly or put a ball and another soft element in the dorsal and lumbar area.

Exercises face up

Next we will lie on our backs on a comfortable but firm surface. That is, they can be done in bed or on the sofa, but it would be preferable to do them on a mat with a towel or similar.

The first thing will be, with the legs stretched out, bending one of them until it almost touches the buttock and returns to the original position . Then the same with the other leg. The second exercise will be to put a ball under the knee of the affected leg. With the ball below, we will put pressure on it that we must maintain for several seconds before relaxing .

Third, we will remove the ball and raise the leg with the knee straight . First we will raise it and lower it several times. Then we will progress to, once lifted, performing ankle twists in the air.

Finally, we can also bike. That is, starting with both legs with hips and knees at 90º angles, we make the gesture of pedaling. It is important that the range of movement is wide , to pump the blood well but also to stretch and contract the muscles in charge of movement.

Superior member

As a note, it is also important to mention that it will be beneficial to perform aerobic exercise for the upper limb.

The pulleys allow you to perform varied routines, strengthening the upper limbs.

These exercises will have a double function, although it seems that we are not attacking the problem directly. On the one hand, lose weight, which will help prevent the appearance of lymphedema and its severity in the future. And on the other, work deep breathing , which helps absorb lymph and prevent it from accumulating.

How much is recommended?

As we can see, we are faced with very simple exercises to perform . This is so because lymphedemas are complex symptoms with which we must be careful.

Therefore, it is advisable to start doing the exercises slowly, resting between each one and stopping if we notice any level of pain. Furthermore, since it is difficult to diagnose, it would be even better to perform them under the supervision of a professional . Thus, they will tell us if we have done them correctly and they will be able to teach us the progression with each one of them, in addition to telling us when we are ready for it.

Also keep in mind that they are general exercises. It may be better for a specific case to do only some of them – it will always be better to have medical support. That said, the simplicity and low impact of the exercises mentioned in this article a priori should not be problematic.

Lastly, while performing them, it is important to pay attention to other parts of the body. If we notice any changes in the arms or hands, it could be an indication that we should moderate physical activity.

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