Why is fitness good for you? Admit it you’re wondering why you just don’t like having to train every day right? Instead you have to do it.

Fitness is good for you and this is absolutely true, it not only allows you to tone the body, but also to feel better, to reduce stress and immediately bring a good mood . No matter how you decide to do fitness, it is always good for you.

For example, you can decide to go to the gym, to go running every day, but also to train at home, this is of little importance. We can assure you that even at the beginning you find some difficulties with the passage of time you will find that you cannot do without them.

No, we’re not here to convince you, but something will do it for us, our job today is just to explain fitness to you because it’s good for you. Let’s see it together.

What is fitness

Let’s start very simply by knowing what we are talking about. Why is fitness good for you? How do we answer you if we don’t first tell you what fitness is. So…

When we talk about fitness we refer to a concept that has evolved over the last half century and not a little. For decades, wellness has been at the center of numerous prevention campaigns that aim to entice the population to lift the rear off the sofa.

In short, if the experts say so you can believe that when you ask yourself why to do fitness, the answer is because it is good for you .

According to experts, fitness understood as physical activity would be able to counteract:


Metabolic diseases;



Osteo-articular pathologies;

Muscle problems;

Premature aging.

Damn then fitness is really good. What you need, however, is a certain consistency in carrying out the exercises, whatever they may be.

A bit of history

Why is fitness good for you? Because it keeps your muscles active and your brain too. In short, this fitness is an injection of well-being. Before we move on, it’s time for a bit of history on what fitness is all about.

It was 1978 in Russia when the international conference on primary care was told that:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being; not simply the absence of disease or infirmity. We are talking about a fundamental human right. Achieving the optimal level of health would be an extremely important social result, to be pursued in all countries of the world. However, the realization of a similar project requires the contribution of multiple sectors, economic but also social, in addition to the health one ”.

From here began a long journey that in the 21st century would have led to the appearance of the figure of the personal trainer.

In short, fitness as it is now understood was therefore a figure capable of guaranteeing the well-being of all subjects. Being well is not a negligible aspect, but rather an inalienable right of every single citizen and no one can deprive anyone of it.

Fitness because it’s good for you: the benefits

After this long introduction about fitness and its history, it is time to talk about fitness because it is good for you. As it was already clear when fitness was born, sport or any other activity with which you train is important because it can guarantee the well-being of every single subject.

Too often we make the mistake of thinking that only those who are obsessed with fitness or those who need to lose weight are dedicated to fitness, but this is not the case at all. Fitness is really important for everyone, even considering that, as mentioned, it is a means of preventing a series of psycho-physical diseases.

In short, why do fitness?

Because it prevents the onset of disease, helps improve mood, and ultimately seems to have the ability to influence social interaction as well. Fitness seems to be lacking for nothing, right?

It seems that fitness is the means of achieving what we should and probably would also like to be. It doesn’t matter what activity you decide to undertake, after all you can:







The important thing is that by deciding to dedicate yourself to fitness, you fight the sedentary life which is nothing but a real damage to everyone’s body and mind.

The problems of those who do not do fitness

To demonstrate fitness because it is good for us, we could tell you what are the risks faced by a person who decides to lead a sedentary life. Because in the end, fitness is seen as the weapon available to counter everything that current life causes.

Between us, starting to incorporate fitness into your daily life doesn’t seem to be very easy. You are too busy with your commitments, you think you don’t have time, you don’t want to. After a day at work the only thing you want is to go home and relax on the sofa.

In addition to the time spent sitting at the desk, there is the one in which you are slacking on the sofa zapping and in all this your body suffers, whether you realize it or not. Pay close attention because we are not just talking about the accumulation of fat that sedentary people can suffer from but about a series of problems of no small entity.

Sedentary life can lead to:


Metabolic and cardiovascular diseases;

Low ventilatory capacity;

Poor mobility;

Muscle hypotonia and poor general motor function;

Limited nerve abilities;

Inability to interpret bodily stimuli;

Premature fatigue;


Symptoms of a psychiatric nature;

Excess of nervous stress.

Still wondering why fitness? Of course you’re hard to convince huh.

Fitness is good for us and this seems to be extremely clear to us, but we have to make a recommendation to you, as much as it is good you need to pay attention to your body, what does this mean?

Simple, that you must never go beyond your limits, otherwise you risk running into problems rather than benefits.

Fitness is not just about losing weight

At this point it seems superfluous but we want to say it. Because as mentioned earlier, people often believe that you only practice fitness to lose weight. Nothing more wrong.

Up to this point we have been able to see that fitness is good for a large number of parts of the body. We can go so far as to say that fitness should be practiced simply is truly good for everyone.

What is certain is that doing fitness constantly also allows you to shape your body, burn too many calories and finally, why not? Even losing weight.

Because, as you may already know, the body is made up of fat mass and lean mass. The fat mass in turn is divided into essential fat and storage fat.

Fitness is not only able to develop fat mass by fortifying the muscles, but also to reduce the percentage of fat stored, which could cause the many problems we have previously mentioned.

Undoubtedly these fitness skills are the best known that’s why it is often associated only and exclusively with all those who: either want to lose weight or are obsessed with their physical shape.

Instead, the World Health Organization denies all this, recommending at least 1 hour of physical exercise even for the little ones, of course, for children 1 hour of outdoor play with their peers is enough, this seems clear to us.

Who is fitness for?

Why is fitness good for you? Because it strengthens the muscles, a more important muscle mass tends to consume a greater number of calories and this translates into a net weight loss. Although as seen this is not the only reason for fitness because it is good for you.

At this point it is natural to ask who is suitable to engage in fitness activities. Indeed, the answer seems rather obvious to us . Fitness really suits everyone, even bearing in mind that it is not a competitive sport.

To tell the truth, real fitness was born precisely to satisfy the need for movement that all those who do not carry out sporting activities in a competitive manner have.

When we talk about fitness we are not referring to the activity that must be carried out to become a professional, but the healthy physical activity that combined with a balanced diet allows any person to enjoy good health.

Therefore fitness is suitable for everyone to the extent that it is carried out on the basis of what one’s physical capacity is. Here we return to what we mentioned earlier and that is that fitness is good if you train without going beyond your physical possibilities.

Basically we can say that fitness is good if understood as the constant performance of physical activity combined with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. What is certain is that fitness, if done well, can adapt to men and women of any age.

Exercising shouldn’t be a choice but a real obligation for your body’s well-being.

Fitness because it’s good for you: how to get started

After talking a lot, we could give you some timid general indications on how to start doing fitness. First you have to choose. It seems obvious to us, doesn’t it? After all, life is made up of choices.

The first choice to make is where you want to train. Yes, you are right, let me explain better. Until recently, the idea of ​​fitness was linked exclusively to the gym, but then alternatives came up. Specifically, the alternatives are outdoor training and home fitness.

Obviously, each of these modes has its pros and cons.

Going to the gym may not always be easy, finding time between 1000 commitments can seem somewhat complicated . But it is also true that all in all going to the gym means having the opportunity to train being followed by competent personnel who can supervise the correct execution of the exercises.

It can also draw up with you a tailor-made card for your needs.

Finally, a not negligible aspect is that of socialization.

Running outdoors also has many advantages, among them the one that you can train while enjoying a healthy air. In addition, running outdoors seems to raise the good mood not just a little.

Of course it is not the best solution in bad weather.

Finally, home fitness, a practice that has become increasingly full in recent years, that of training at home.

Training at home means not having to deal with rainy days, not having to organize to go to the gym and not having to pay any subscription.

Is it possible that you are still wondering why to do fitness?

Why do fitness? Conclusions

So why is fitness good for you? It seems clear to us at this point that fitness together with a healthy and balanced diet are the two essential elements for having a healthy body.

Too often it is believed that fitness is a means exclusively to lose weight and to be able to shape one’s body, but we have seen that the benefits given by sport do not stop there.

The well-being given by fitness allows you to avoid a series of problems such as those of the vascular system, the respiratory system, joints and muscles.

So fitness is the secret to the 360-degree well-being of your body . Not a few studies have proven all this. Without considering, moreover, that carrying out sporting activities in a constant manner also means raising the levels of good mood.

Asking about fitness because it’s good for you, knows a bit of an excuse. Fitness cannot be missing in everyone’s life, remember that we talk about fitness when we refer to a light and non-competitive physical activity, even an hour’s walk could be enough. All to counteract laziness and malaise.

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