Giving away technology is, together with textiles, the star gift of Christmas for a few years now. The growth curve of this type of present does not stop growing. Within it, smartphones take much of the limelight, but by no means is everything that the Three Wise Men can bring. Here are the most interesting technological products this year to add to the letter addressed to Their Majesties of the East:

Photo camera

It is a classic with which you never fail because there are also for all tastes. One of the latest innovations is the Polaroid One Step 2, with which the mythical specialized brand wants to recover instant photography. Instagram lovers can now get hooked on a similar photograph but in physical format. About 100 euros are to blame.


A high-flying gift in which there are also prices, models, styles and brands for all tastes and needs. One of the latest innovations this year are the Google Pixelbooks, the evolution of Chromebooks, the first computers from the Californian company that did not quite come together despite meeting the basic needs of any basic user very well.

3D printer

For those innovative family and friends who like science and everything related to new technologies, 3D printers are already sold in an acceptable size for home use. There are quite a few options, although it is best to be advised by an expert because we are dealing with a relatively new niche.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are on the rise. Anyone who has tried glasses of this type will know the incredible experience that it entails. Google is one of the companies that is greatly promoting this field through Daydream. The pack to enjoy this universe is the Daydream Google View.

Game consoles

They never go out of style and now that e-games are so fashionable and growing in Spain, videogames have reached a new dimension. The kids dream of being professionals in them and they are no longer just their leisure. There are options for all tastes, from the mythical Play Station 4 to the Nintendo Switch, even going through the retro ones, which are emerging in the second-hand market.


A more affordable detail can be any technological complement. From covers to board games that can be used with Wi-Fi on any device. One of the most original this Christmas if the gift uses Apple are the Airpods, the first wireless headphones.

Home helpers

The technological revolution is also reaching homes comprehensively through assistants. All the big brands have launched theirs, although some have not yet reached Spain. One available is Amazon’s new Echo.

Apple TV

For fans of on-demand television and Apple, the apple brand has launched its Apple TV 4k, prepared to comprehensively offer all possible content, including that of all payment platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or HBO.

Video camera

A few years ago with the development of smartphones, video cameras seemed destined to disappear, but they have managed to survive by readapting. There are spectacular jewels like the Ricoh Theta V, which record in 4D, have 360 ​​degree spatial vision and of course are small in size, which could fit in your pocket.

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