The abdomen is one of the parts of the body that most athletes train the most, not only because of the aesthetic benefits that this entails, but also because of the physical and health benefits that it brings us.

In this way, the abdominals are one of the best-known strength training techniques and that practically everyone includes in their sports routines.

Training the abdomen is beneficial for reducing back pain, improving posture, preventing injuries and improving balance. Likewise, the abdominals are favorable for breathing better, improving sports performance and working on functional strength.

There are traditional exercises to train the abdomen, which do not include any type of material and which are very easy for everyone to do.

However, a more fun way to work this part of the body is to include different exercises and materials, such as a kettlebell or kettlebell.

Kettlebells are an affordable product to train at home or in the gym and increase the intensity in the sports routine. These are barrel-shaped weights with a handle that are becoming more and more fashionable in the world of fitness.

This tool has a center of gravity external to the hand and allows us to train with greater movement, so a greater swing can be implemented than with dumbbells.

The most important thing when training with kettlebells is to do it with the right weight and not force yourself to use more weight than we can bear.

Including kettlebells when doing sit-ups will help us strengthen and harden the abdomen. Therefore, below we propose different exercises to work the abdomen with kettlebell.

Front plank passing kettlebell

The first exercise is a simple front plank, one of the basic exercises to train the abdomen. To do it with a kettlebell, we just have to pass it from one side of the body to the other when we are doing the plank, first with one arm, and then with the other.

Spiderman con kettlebell

The Spiderman exercise is another very common one to train the abdomen. In this case, we go from the four supports of the front plate to two or three supports. We will include the kettlebell in such a way that first we will keep one arm supported and, with the other, we will push the kettlebell forward and we will take it towards us again. Later, after a few repetitions, we will change arms.

Leg raises with the kettlebell

To perform this exercise, we must place a kettlebell under our feet and pass over the feet together, lifting from side to side. The higher the kettlebell, the harder the training will be because we will have to raise our legs more.

Bear walk passing the kettlebell from side to side

To perform this exercise we must get into a bear walking position, with our knees off the ground. So, we must pass the kettlebell with one hand and with the other from side to side of the body. You can also move from front to back.

Kettlebell Side Crunches

To perform this exercise we will sit down to perform the lateral abdominal with the knees bent. Later we will take the kettlebell with both hands in front of the legs and we will rotate the torso to the sides, accompanying ourselves with the Russian weight.

Traditional Kettlebell Crunches

To perform traditional kettlebell sit-ups, we will lie on our backs with our legs stretched out and our backs fully supported. We will hold the kettlebell with both hands and carry it over the head. Then, we bend our knees and rest our feet on the floor to perform the abdominal lifting the torso. During the abdominal we will not flex the arms, since they are always straight above the head. 

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