It’s been a while since you traveled, apart from returning to your family for the holidays or a little city break. That’s it, the desire to escape has returned and you are wondering where to go this year. If you are thinking about your next faraway destination, turn your head to Asia!

Language, food, music, customs, size of the population: the number of differences with your own way of life will never cease to amaze you from the first step in the chosen country. To inspire you, discover our selection of 12 impressive cities in Asia.


Isfahan, Iran - Opodo blog

The Meidan Emam with the Imam Mosque and its blue dome

The ancient capital of Persia, the grandiose Isfahan is today a major cultural center in Iran. You will be amazed with marvelous palaces and mosques (including the largest in the country), covered bridges and the  Meidan Emam , one of the largest squares in the world, itself surrounded by architectural masterpieces Islamic.


Beijing - Opodo blog

The capital of China is sure to amaze you. Before enjoying this modern city, take a look at its history. Visit the surroundings of Tian’anmen Square and the impressive Forbidden City with its 114 buildings. Continue with the discovery of these temples, in particular the famous Temple of Heaven.


Manila, Philippines - Opodo Blog

The Philippines are the incredible panoramas of Palawan, the round Chocolate Hills or the green rice fields as far as the eye can see. But it is also Manila, its effervescent capital where the flow of people, cars, lights never seems to stop. Don’t miss this show before heading to the beaches!


Ginza, Tokyo - Opodo Blog

The luxurious Ginza district in Tokyo

The dark crossroads of Shibuya , the cherry blossoms in spring, the quirky style of young Japanese, the luxury boutiques of Ginza, establishments with unusual concepts, etc. Everyone has their own image of Tokyo before going there and that’s why the capital of Japan is unmissable!

Ulan Bator

Ulan Bator, Mongolia - Opodo blog

The statue of Genghis Khan on horseback (40 m) 1h30 drive from Ulan Bator

The landscapes of Inner Asia are unparalleled and you will not regret visiting Mongolia. If you’re curious (and not too bothered by pollution), take the time to see its capital, Ulan Bator. This city of contrasts is of interest for those who like to observe and learn, especially about the history of the Mongol Empire, the largest empire in history.


Seoul, Korea - Opodo Blog

With a millennial history, the capital of South Korea offers a striking mix of modern and ancient architecture. Many travelers have a real crush on visiting it. This telecommunication tower on the hill, called N Seoul Tower, offers a panoramic view of the city and is the highest point.


singapore gardens - Opodo blog

The Supertree Grove where a sound and light show is organized every evening

In this city of Southeast Asia, you will be dazzled by disproportionate, colorful and futuristic works. Of course, visit Marina Bay,  Gardens by the Bay and the famous Supertree Grove , those 25 to 50 meter high trees that are now the symbols of the island. But don’t miss the authenticity of the Chinese, Indian and Arab quarters!


Agra, India - Taj Mahal - Opodo blog

The Great Gate and the Taj Mahal in the background

If the name Agra means nothing to you, you will have guessed that it is here that the Taj Mahal is located , one of the new seven wonders and the most famous symbol of love in the world. Do not miss the mausoleum of Itimâd-ud-Daulâ, nicknamed the “baby Taj”, as well as the Red Fort , the largest fort in the country, listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

Hong Kong

hong kong - Opodo blog

Futuristic skyscrapers , trendy clubs, traditional temples, overlapping roads, street markets but also lush nature nearby in the form of mountains and jungle . Hong Kong, the most expensive city in the world, is breathtaking. Be careful, your taste buds will not be left out in this leading gastronomic destination!


Taipei, Taiwan - Opodo blog

Taipei 101 Tower is the 5th tallest skyscraper in the world

Have you ever thought of visiting  Taiwan ? You lose the opportunity to discover islands and exceptional natural sites! But starting with its capital, Taipei, you will get to know a modern metropolis influenced by Chinese culture. Art lover? Don’t miss the National Palace Museum  and its priceless collection of Chinese art.


Bangkok, Thailand - Opodo Blog

With so many places to contemplate on either side, it is impossible to get bored in the vibrant Thai metropolis. Here again, fascinating traditions and eye-catching modernity await you. Start all the same with a leap in history by going to see the old town of Bangkok and its famous Royal Palace .

Ha Noi

Hanoi - Opodo Blog

The capital of Vietnam, literally the city between the rivers,  is distinguished from all by the presence of all its refreshing lakes . Head first to West Lake, the largest, then to Hoan Kiem Lake, located in the vibrant historic core. Of course, don’t miss a break in the French Quarter !

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