Not too many dates ago, we reviewed the highlights that Apple is going to bring us in 2020, but we had not discussed until now which are the most anticipated technological innovations at a general level within the sector.

There is a lot and a wide variety, and that has only just started the year, which will surely keep some secrets that will be viral news when they are known. It has been difficult for us to make a selection within everything that will arrive during the next twelve months of our lives, another exciting year for technology lovers, as we are going to show you with the list that we have prepared:

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X

Video console lovers have been waiting for this moment for many years. The sector has put its batteries before the rise of computer video games and we are finally going to see very important news. On the one hand, Sony is preparing the launch of PlayStation5, although it will not arrive until Christmas next year, so its presence will be more noticeable in 2021, since it is presented as the great Christmas gift next year along with the Xbox Series. X from Microsoft, which will also put its new toy on the street by the end of 2020.

Expansion del 5G

Although 2019 has been the year that this technology that will change our lives has taken off, it will be in 2020 when 5G will expand massively. This will be the case in the telephone market, where different companies are investing a lot of time, effort and money in preparing their first terminals with this technology, but also at the business level, large companies will begin to work with this environment, which will be reflected more sooner than later in their services. One of the most important technological developments without a doubt.

The age of foldable smartphones

In its day we talked about the hesitant premiere of the first folding designs by Samsung and Huawei, but that is not going to stop the industry, which in 2020 is going to bet heavily on this type of design for its smartphones. The rush, perhaps to be a pioneer, has not been a good travel companion, hence it will be next year when the first truly competent terminals with this innovative technology are expected. It remains to be seen, that is, how the public receives them, which has already shown little enthusiasm for curved televisions, to give an example as groundbreaking as this one.

Wifi 6 Settlement

Something similar will happen with Wifi 6, which will expand contemporaneously with 5G. Basically, this novelty of technology will impact the fact that more devices can be connected to the wireless network without affecting its performance. What will happen in 2020 is that its presence will grow a lot, having a significant impact beyond the business environment.

Dual screen laptop

In the world of computers, among the most anticipated technological innovations of 2020 will be laptops with double screens, another high innovation. Reference brands such as Asus or HP have this type of design as one of their priorities for the near future, so that the brushstrokes that have been seen of this technology in 2019 seem to take shape in 2020.

New smartphones from Samsung and Apple

Until now we have made references to novelties that will be very striking because there is nothing to compare them to, but we will also attend other more “traditional” premieres, if this word can be used in a world like that of technology. The road to leading the smartphone market will continue at full speed: Samsung will want to maintain its leadership with the Galaxy S11 and Apple will try to recover some of the ground lost throughout the year with the iPhone 11 that it recently presented and, above all, with the 12, which will arrive, predictably, after the summer, as usual in the Californian firm. Of course, Huawei, which wants to continue stealing Apple’s wallet, will also present a new product, Huawei P40, about which there are many unknowns, including what operating system it will have.

In addition to these technological innovations, throughout 2020 new versions of wireless headphones, digital watches and all kinds of technology to wear will also reach the market, one of the business lines that the main companies in the world have been exploiting the most in recent times. sector.

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