They say that there is no perfect movie , and that if you analyze each film shot by shot you will find several raccord errors .

If the audience for superhero movies is known for something, it is for their demand and their meticulous analysis of comic book adaptations.

And some of those mistakes, which are easy to miss, look like a joke once seen.

The normal thing is to expect that in a high-budget movie like superheroes, the final result will be almost perfect in its execution. But it was also expected from productions like ‘Game of Thrones’, and there is the famous bottle of water.

From the classics to the Marvel Universe, it is clear that neither Batman, nor Catwoman, nor Superman, nor Thor, nor many others are saved from these gazapos. Here are 12 superhero movie mistakes you can no longer ignore.

1. Spiderman’s ghost web in ‘Civil War’When Spider-Man makes his spectacular entrance in ‘Civil War,’ Tom Holland’s character steals Captain America’s shield with his web , then strikes a heroic pose and says his iconic “hey guys.” But, where is the spider web that a second before held Cap’s pristine shield?

2. Catwoman’s retractable heels in ‘Batman Returns’It is undeniable that Michelle Pfeiffer was spectacular as Catwoman in Tim Burton’s ‘Batman Returns’. But the actress needed a stunt double for the scenes in which Selina Kyle cartwheels. In several scenes, you can see how her heels appear and disappear in the various stunts.

3. The hammer that changes hands in ‘Thor: The Dark World’In the scene from ‘The Dark World’ where Thor travels through the BiFrost to Asgard with his beloved Jane Foster, the hammer he is holding magically changes hands . Although on the ground he holds it with his left, when he flies he carries it with his right.

4. The cameraman who sneaked into ‘Deadpool’Given Deadpool‘s eagerness to break the fourth wall, having a cameraman appear in a scene can seem done on purpose. But the truth is that this member of the team slipped into the sequence of the Merc with a Mouth against the thugs on the bridge. In a rearview mirror, one of the guys filming the action can be seen.

5. Michael Keaton’s makeup in ‘Batman’To give his mask a darker appearance, Michael Keaton’s Batman applies eyeshadow into the gaps that remain visible in the skin. However, in Tim Burton’s first film, makeup appears and disappears depending on the scene.

6. Star-Lord’s lasso in ‘Guardians of the GalaThe first ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie has plenty of memorably funny moments. But it also has some flaws, like the scene where Star-Lord chases Gamora , using a lasso to trap her legs, which mysteriously disappears when she frees herself from her restraints.

7. Spider-Man’s Magic LampWhether it’s the version of Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland or Tobey Maguire, Peter Parker has always had trouble controlling his powers. But Maguire had it a little easier, since he had lamps that break and reappear , like in this scene from the 2002 film.

8. More flashing Catwoman heels in ‘The Dark Knight’Whether it’s Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan, it seems the curse of disappearing heels haunts Catwoman. In the rooftop fight scene of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, it can be seen that Anne Hathaway, or rather her stunt double, also wore flat shoes in the difficult choreography.

9. James Franco’s nipple is missing in ‘Spider-man 3’In the third film by Sam Raimi there is a scene in which Harry Osborn (James Franco) is in the hospital after an accident as the Green Goblin. As he talks to Peter Parker, a nipple peeks out of his robe. But a moment later his chest has been covered . Did you suddenly become embarrassed, or perhaps it was a censorship thing?

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