For many people, quinoa is a little-known or very new food. But over time it has gained popularity among those who have decided to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is for this reason that we will talk about why quinoa is considered a superfood.

What is quinoa or quinoa?


It is a rather small seed that has captured the attention of people who want to lead a much healthier life. Offering even more fiber and energy, compared to other cereals. As well as it offers proteins of plant origin that are quite complete, and significant amounts of minerals.

These small, crunchy beans are light yellow in color. They have a delicate flavor, being able to say that it is between the flavor of rice and the flavor of couscous. In addition to that, one of its qualities is that it does not tire or cleanse the palate of any other flavor that is intense. When the quinoa is correctly prepared, the grains remain loose, offering more personality to any preparation.

These quinoa grains come from a chard-like plant, and their cultivation began approximately three millennia ago. However, over time they were replaced by wheat and corn until the arrival of the 20th century. Where it resurfaced as part of some scientific research, which brought to light what nutrients quinoa has. Being so impressive that NASA was interested in this superfood to be part of a crop in space.

Quinoa as a superfood

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding quinoa is why it is considered part of the superfoods. And the truth is that this quality has been given to it, due to the wide range of health benefits it offers. Currently its consumption has become popular and it is possible to find this product in most supermarkets.

And its nutritional value is such that the UN (United Nations Organization) for the year 2013 had declared it as the commemorative year for quinoa. Because of the wonderful qualities it possesses, it is a food that has twice the protein of barley and rice. But on top of that, quinoa is easier to digest, is gluten-free, and offers plenty of fiber.

What properties does quinoa contain?

Compared to other traditionally used cereals, the properties of quinoa are superior. 13% of the weight of this food is equivalent to its amount of protein. An amount that has been double that of rice. Counting on important proportions of amino acids, making it much easier to assimilate.

69% of the weight of quinoa corresponds to its amount of carbohydrates, providing up to 374 calories in a 100-gram portion. It means that it is an excellent source of energy, accompanied by good amounts of fiber.

Apart from this, it offers minerals that are essential for bodily functions, such as iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium. It also offers vitamin B2, as well as vitamin B3, although to this we must also add its low gluten content and its ease of digesting.

What benefits does quinoa offer?

quinoa as superfood

Quinoa’s large proportion of protein, energy, and minerals have made it a fairly complete and appropriate food for people of any age. However, these are just some of the benefits of quinoa. Here are some of the most important ones:


As already mentioned on several occasions, quinoa is one of the best sources of energy. Therefore, it is an excellent food when it comes to physical activity. The starch contained in this food is responsible for progressively supplying energy when exercising. Being a virtue of great help to enhance the branched chain amino acids.

In addition to this, proteins are responsible for ensuring the development and repair of muscles, in activities that require the use of force. People suffering from diabetes can consume quinoa without any inconvenience. Its glycemic index is very low, because it contains carbohydrates with a complex structure.

Improves mental functioning

Promoting the correct functioning of the mind is another of the benefits offered by quinoa, since the energy it provides strengthens the nervous system. Likewise, it contains phenylamine that acts in the synthesis of neurotransmitters. Also adding its important mineral content.

Fight stress

Consuming this food is good for reducing severe states of stress, since it contains tyrosine and tryptophan, producing calming effects. By providing magnesium, alterations in the transmission of nerve impulses, states of nervousness and irritability are reduced.

perfect for kids

Babies can appropriately consume quinoa, just like children in general. It is an excellent supply of histidine, which is an amino acid that cannot be easily synthesized. And in the same way it happens with arginine, which is only produced in adulthood. Its consumption is also recommended during pregnancy, due to its richness in both minerals and proteins.

Quinoa in meals

quinoa as superfood

There are many recipes with quinoa that can be put into practice to vary the preparations with this food. Getting the most out of the benefits that this product is capable of offering is simple, since the possibilities in the culinary field are very wide. It is possible to prepare both savory dishes and delicious desserts.

Cooking Quinoa Properly

Preparing the quinoa grains is very simple with the base recipe. It is necessary to heat two measures of water, and once it boils, add the quinoa. It should be covered and allowed to cook for approximately 15 minutes until all the liquid has been absorbed. You have to remember that the quinoa should only be added once the water has started to boil. Just as you also have to watch the cooking carefully, until the grains have become transparent.

Properly remove the bitter taste

One of the things that should be kept in mind when preparing quinoa is the bitter taste, since it could decrease its nutritional value. Usually, quinoa grains used for human consumption have to go through a washing procedure. However, there are some varieties of quinoa that may contain a certain bitter taste.

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