Here are the ways you can unlock all characters in Blackout mode in Black Ops 4 , the battle royale side of the game so you have a larger pool of heroes at your disposal.

The Blackout game mode in Black Ops 4 is the battle royale answer to Fortnite. In this game mode, in addition to learning the best places to land, it is also important to have each of the characters in Black Ops 4, and for this, a series of requirements must be met.

For this we will tell you how to have all the characters in the Blackout mode of Black Ops 4 , with the requirements to get each of them so that you can use them as soon as possible in each of your games.

How to unlock all characters in Black Ops 4 Blackout mode

As you may have noticed, in the main menu of Blackout there are plenty of characters to choose from, especially many that have appeared in previous iterations of Black Ops.Unfortunately, to be able to use all these characters, you must first unlock them. To do this, you must first find specific elements of the character within Blackout and also complete a series of specific missions with different tasks. Note that if you fail character quests during your game, these items and tasks will not carry over.

In most cases, all those items to unlock characters can be found thanks to supply drops or they are dropped by zombies in the different locations that we have indicated before. Note that most of the quests to unlock these characters will require you to keep the item in your inventory until the end of the game.

But not everything is as before, since some characters can be unlocked by reaching certain Echelon levels or simply by purchasing the battle pass. You should be aware that the Echelon levels are linked to the game’s leveling system, in which players will receive merits (experience) every time they kill an enemy, win a game or complete some challenges.

For this you must be aware of the merits you receive according to the actions:

  • For killing enemies you receive 10 merits
  • For finishing in the Top 15 you receive 50 Merits, another 50 Merits for finishing in the Top 10 and another 50 Merits for finishing in the Top 5.
  • Winning the game you will receive 100 merits.
  • The challenges can give you between 25 and 100 merits

How to unlock Black Ops 4 characters in Blackout mode

  • Woods is unlocked by picking up the Bandana item (by killing zombies or from downed players). You are also required to board a helicopter during a match. You must also win a match with the bandana in your possession.
  • Menendez is unlocked by getting the medallion (and finishing the game with it), and killing an enemy with a shotgun, killing an enemy with a melee attack.
  • Ranger is unlocked by reaching Echelon level 20
  • Frogman Upon reaching Echelon level 40
  • Airbone Upon reaching Echelon level 60
  • Seal Upon reaching Echelon level 80
  • Battle Hardened Upon reaching Echelon level 80 prestige

How to unlock zombie mode characters in Black Ops 4

  • Shadow Man is unlocked with the Season Pass.
  • Dempsey is unlocked by finding the mini gun, Killing zombies, finishing in the bottom 10 players
  • Nikolai is unlocked by finding a “Cymbal Monkey”, killing zombies, and finishing in the Top 10.
  • Richtofen picks up the Ray gun, kills zombies and finishes in the Top 5
  • Takeo picking up Katanas, killing zombies and finishing in the Top 10
  • Scarlett getting the glasses and the scarf by killing zombies, and ending both in your possession.
  • Bruno, Diego, Shaw, Samantha, Maxis, Marlton Johnson, Stuhliger, Russman and Misty, it is unknown for now how to unlock them. 

How to unlock multiplayer specialists in Black Ops 4

  • Battery is unlocked by getting the War Machine, getting kills with the Grenade Launcher and finishing in the Top 15.
  • Firebreak is unlocked by obtaining the Burned Doll item from the supply box, killing another player with fire, ending the game with the Burned Doll in your inventory and in the top 15.
  • Ruin is unlocked by crafting the grappling gun with all its parts, and finishing in the Top 15
  • Seraph is unlocked by finding the Annihilator, making kills with the Annihilator, and finishing in the Top 15.
  • Ajax is unlocked after looting various fallen enemies, or ending the game with three pieces of armor in your inventory.
  • Crash is unlocked by collecting poker chips, finishing the game with 15 healing items, finishing the game in the Top 3, finishing the game with poker chips in your possession.
  • Recon is unlocked by finding the “I Ching” Coins item from the supply box, avoiding collapse damage, finishing in the Top 7, and ending the game with the starting item in your inventory.
  • Torque is unlocked with the item called “torque note” (dropped from a supply box), deploying two barbed wire fences and finishing in the Top 7 with the torque note in your possession at the end of the match.
  • The way to unlock Nomad and Prophet is unknown for now.
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