In recent years, male hair removal has been gaining more and more ground. As more and more men are growing beards, more and more of them are waxing. A rather paradoxical social phenomenon in which we want more hair on the cheeks and less on the body. Male hair removal concerns the removal of eyebrows, nose hair, chest, back, legs, armpits and also private parts. So many men have adopted new grooming habits. We will see it all together.

Hair removal for men, a phenomenon that breaks the codes of virility!

We see that men are taking more and more care of themselves. Indeed, they no longer hesitate to get cleansers and creams for the face, high-end shaving care and beard care (for those who have a fleece). However, a new genre of men’s products has appeared on the market: products for male hair removal. These have multiplied over the past few years. There are more and more treatments and devices dedicated to hair removal for men:

Clippers Shavers Waxes and depilatory creams

So much so that today, hair removal for men is no longer considered taboo. More and more of them are taking the plunge.

Nevertheless, to take advantage of all the benefits of hair removal, men will have to learn a know-how and a methodology that will provide them with painless and pimple-free hair removal.

Why do men wax?

The reasons that lead men to wax are diverse depending on the profile.

Hygiene and comfort

Hygiene and comfort are the most cited reasons. Indeed, body hair is often associated with bad odors. However, it is the bacteria and the maceration of perspiration that are responsible for the bad smells. Waxing will not prevent sweating or block bad odors, especially if you have poor hygiene. However, hair removal provides a good feeling of comfort (for those who can’t stand hair).

Sports practice

Certain sports such as cycling or swimming are more prone to hair removal. And hygiene is not the main reason. At least it’s not the most valid… It would rather be a question of performance, of aerodynamics. In cycling, depilation of the arms would save 19 seconds per 40 kilometers (source L’Equipe). This argument concerns experienced practitioners or even competitors. The average cyclist or swimmer will hardly be affected by this quest for performance.

Feel sexy

Again, this argument is quite subjective. Body hair complicates some men, but for others it is a guarantee of virility. From an aesthetic point of view, people who have a sculpted body will see a significant interest in waxing. This will give the impression of improving muscle definition.

Always for a question of aesthetics, tattooed people could turn to hair removal to highlight their tattoos. It is true that a tattoo covered with hair can look ugly.

What do women think of male hair removal?

Female opinion about male hair removal is rather divided. Some hate any form of hair. Others consider a hairy chest to be manly. On the other hand, they all agree that they don’t like a hairy back. And therefore, that would be the part they would like to see waxed.

What solutions for hair removal (without pain if possible)

Today, the offer of depilatory care for men is rather substantial. We have listed the most common solutions:

Depilatory wax

 Waxing is quite effective, but not painless. The wax pulls the hair out at the root, so you’ll have peace of mind for a few weeks. There are different types of wax:

Oriental wax , ideal for sensitive skin

Hot wax : effective method that pulls the hair out at the root. Gets rid of hair for three or four weeks. Not suitable for sensitive or fragile skin.

And cold wax : the most recommended for the legs, less suitable for depilating the armpits or bikini line.

The sugar paste

This hair removal technique comes from the Orient. This is called oriental wax, it is suitable for the most sensitive skin and can even be used on varicose veins or eczema. That said, the biggest advantage is its natural composition which seduces by its absence of resin or chemicals. You can even do it yourself if you know how (of course)

Depilatory creams

These are certainly the easiest products to use. You take a desired amount that you apply to the area to be depilated. Leave it on for a few minutes and that is enough to get rid of the hair painlessly. The big advantage is that depilatory creams can be applied to almost all areas of the body. However, it is not advisable to apply it to your family jewels.

The tweezers

This concerns the parts that require precision. Like eyebrows. Bearded men can use it to get rid of hair on the cheekbones. As you can imagine, this method is not suitable for working on a large area.

The safety razor
This accessory convinces more and more. Solid, efficient and eco-friendly, it provides an effective and skin-friendly shave. Nevertheless, shaving your body with a safety razor will require some dexterity, as you will expose yourself to irritation and ingrown hairs.

Body trimmers

These are really handy for those who don’t like to shave/tweeze their body hair too closely. Clippers allow you to maintain a minimum or maximum length. It all depends on how you view the glass: half empty or half full. The idea is to find the length that suits you and is the most comfortable for you.

Today, mowers are versatile. Some come with heads that can trim nose, ear or eyebrow hair.

The Philips OneBlade is one of the most efficient. This hybrid razor will be your best ally for trimming/shaving your beard and hair of all kinds. You have the opportunity to get One Blade blades for the body .

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