To seduce, it is important to understand what women notice in men. As a general rule, we quickly form an opinion about a person in just a few seconds (the famous first impressions). Missing his approach means missing an opportunity to get to know each other and more if affinity. In order to put the odds on your side, here are some fashion, beauty and other tips that will help you present yourself in the best possible way.

Get out of stereotypes and preconceived ideas

To really understand what women notice in men, you have to dispel certain preconceptions, such as:

  • Women are attracted to money, cars etc. Even if there are some who are actually interested, this is not a generality. Moreover, the opposite is also true, men can go to a woman out of interest. First of all, you will have to review your way of thinking.
  • Men must dress like that (jogging sneakers for example), men don’t wear perfumes etc. If you think like that, tell yourself that you are wrong! Neglecting your appearance is the best way to prevent a first contact with a woman.
  • Finally: forget value judgments!

What do women notice in men?

If you think that to seduce a woman, you just need to be well dressed, to have a superb car and you are wrong.

Indeed, if your attitude is not right (lack of self-confidence or other), a woman will notice it and will not look at you the way you want.

What they notice first:

  • your appearance: your physical appearance of course, but not only.
  • if you take care of yourself: neat look, if you wear perfume. Know that a woman notices if a man takes care of her and this sends positive signals.

What they like:

  • a reassuring attitude
  • good manners
What women notice in men

Women like confident men

Physics and good clothes aren’t the only things women notice in men. Even if this returns positive signals, it is not the only elements to take into account.

Self-confidence is a quality that women love. The look says it all. A meeting can be initiated by eye contact.

Eye contact is very important

If a woman looks at you and you turn your head away, chances are she won’t come and talk to you. Conversely, if you also watch her, you may consider talking to her.

This means that if a woman is staring at you, she may be trying to get your attention.

Therefore, not looking at her or showing that you are not confident or uncomfortable will send the wrong signals. She could interpret this as a lack of interest in her. Or worse, she might suggest that you don’t think you’re good enough for her.

As you will have understood, lack of confidence is the best way to turn a woman away from you.

Body language says a lot about you

The way you behave says a lot about you. Performance is also very important.

A lack of character and a lack of confidence will send negative signals.

Try to stand straight, to bend your chest a little! (On the other hand, no need to overplay).

The handshake

This detail is also very important. Have a firm handshake. Do not play the Terminator by crushing the hands of each of your interlocutors.

You shouldn’t have a too soft handshake either. Try to find the middle ground.

Women notice the way you dress

Dressing style is one of the things that women notice in men.

You can be handsome like an Adonis, but if you have a cheesy look, your beauty will not be to your advantage.

On the other hand, an average-looking, well-dressed man is more likely to attract a woman’s attention.

Having a well-controlled style, knowing how to choose your clothes, your shoes are all assets to put in your game.

Keep in mind that there’s no need to crate them either.

What women notice in men

The shoes, this detail not to be overlooked

Shoes say a lot about you… you can tell if you are a careful person just by looking at your shoes.

You can wear beautiful shoes, but if they are not maintained (dirty, not polished…), it can be prohibitive for a woman.

Women notice if you take care of your skin

A woman notices if you take care of your skin, if you style your hair, if you wear perfume.

This aspect is as important as clothing. If you think a man shouldn’t wear cream or perfume, you’re wrong!

Leave nothing to chance, cut the hairs that protrude from your ears, your nostrils. There are special nose and ear trimmers , do not hesitate to get one.

If you have a beard, maintain it by styling it and applying beard oil .

If you have a very curly beard, using a heated beard straightening brush can help you get it in shape.

Don’t forget the teeth!

The smile is of paramount importance. If you don’t dare to smile because you have yellow teeth or something. Don’t wait any longer, take matters into your own hands and go see a dentist!

Other details that women notice in men

Your manners, your language, the way you treat others are also very important. Be fair and don’t hold anyone down.

The hands are also very important. A woman will look at the state of your nails etc. You have to think about taking care of them.

In conclusion

Now you know the things that women notice in men.

You know what you need to change to put more chances on your side!

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