Going to a casino involves choosing the right outfit. In particular, you hesitate between an elegant suit and a casual look. You are both afraid of overdoing it and of being seen as “raggedy” in prestigious establishments. What style would best suit a night out at the casino?

Suit and tie, the essential of prestigious casinos

If you plan to set foot in a prestigious, internationally renowned gaming hall for the first time, you must choose your outfit carefully. This is not always easy, especially if you frequent an online casino. The suit and tie is essential. Put on your thirty-one before presenting yourself in front of the doors of the magnificent establishment.

Generally, such an outfit is enough to preselect the clientele. In addition, a luxury establishment requires an impeccable dress code from its customers.

Pay attention to casino rules

Besides the suit and tie, you can wear almost any outfit. However, take the time to find out about the dress code in force within the establishment. Indeed, some establishments offer special themes for the evening. Others have a specific dress code to follow as soon as you walk through the doors.

Stylish shirt with pants or jeans

A well-known outfit for casino players consists of a smart shirt with dress pants or jeans, and leather shoes. It is an excellent alternative to a suit and tie, especially in countries where it is particularly hot, in order to make you feel comfortable. Be careful, tuck your shirt into your pants and avoid sneakers, leather shoes are essential for a minimum of elegance.

Semi-elegant look

Another outfit that can be “all-purpose,” wear a shirt or crew-neck T-shirt, jeans, leather shoes, and a blazer or jacket . This style makes it possible to create a real compromise between elegance and relaxation. Not only will you be comfortable, but you won’t have to take out your clothing arsenal to go play in the casinos.

Casual outfit

Currently, more and more casinos are moving towards the casual dress code. Inconceivable a few years ago, wearing shorts and flip-flops in such establishments is becoming more and more fashionable, especially in hot climate regions like Las Vegas. If you are in other countries where you are vacationing, it is advisable to inquire about wearing casual attire.

A few tips for dressing properly

Dressing properly in a casino is essential for your comfort and confidence. Indeed, if your outfit attracts too much attention from others, it is because it does not meet the requirements of the establishment. It could affect your confidence and make you feel uncomfortable. Here are some tips to follow to succeed in dressing appropriately.

Find out about the establishment beforehand

Going to a casino requires preparation in advance. Before leaving your home, you must know the establishment in which you are going to go. This is an opportunity for you to do some research on the Internet regarding the dress code of the establishment in question. All you have to do is follow the instructions exactly.

The semi-elegant style in case of hesitation

As we mentioned above, the semi-elegant style is a more “passe-partout”. You will easily blend into the decor, and you will feel perfectly at ease in the crowd. If, after some research, you are unable to find out the dress code of the casino, this alternative remains the most recommended.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible

Whether it’s smart or casual, the most important thing when you’re going to play is to make yourself comfortable. Avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose, which could make you uncomfortable. Choose those in the right size, with a comfortable fabric. So you can fully concentrate on the games.

What accessories are allowed?

Generally, you can wear all kinds of accessories: glasses, pendants or bracelets. As long as you are comfortable with such ornaments, that is the most important thing. Nevertheless, the debate about wearing dark glasses around the poker tables has long been discussed. But so far, no law prohibits it. therefore nothing prevents you from wearing it, if you feel like it.


In the end, what matters before entering a casino is to know the dress code authorized by the establishment. Until recently, only the tuxedo was king, today’s gambling halls are more and more understanding about it. It’s up to you to find out.

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