Finding the perfect gift is always very difficult, you waste a lot of time looking for the gift and never know what to get, right? Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect gift , to help you surprise and make the recipient happy.

Always keep in mind one very important thing, the best gift is not necessarily the most expensive, but it is one that has great meaning and value for the recipient.

Think before you buy

Invest your time to think, before wasting it by throwing yourself on the first object you find. A gift also shows how much you care about the recipient, how much effort you put into finding what you think will be appreciated, even without spending a fortune and sometimes even without spending a single euro.

The gifts should be “less money” and “more thought”. Is it more valuable to receive a small seedling in a hand-decorated pot with the words “let’s grow together?” or a beautiful bouquet of flowers bought from the best florist in the country?

Some of the gifts I appreciated the most were handmade by the person who delivered them to me, without spending a lot of money. And do you know why I appreciated them so much? Because they are “thought” gifts, made with sweat and with many hours of work/planning behind them. They are of great value to me.

In the end, “the thought is enough”, right? Here, if the recipient thinks so too, take a look at some DIY gift ideas.

Listen to the recipient

Listen to what the recipient of the gift tells you, maybe he will unintentionally tell you what he likes or what he hates.

Listens. Do not ask. If you ask what gift she wants, well, all the magic of this special moment is lost.

Ask friends and family

Ask friends and relatives of the recipient if they have any suggestions for you. Often the recipient confides “casually”, and so much of the work will already be done. Then you will only have to take care of personalizing the gift using a little imagination.


If you decide to buy the gift, how much do you want/can you spend? There is a big difference in the type of gift between 20 euros and 200 euros, while always reminding you that there is no rule whereby the more you spend, the more beautiful and appreciated the gift will be. Indeed, as I said above, I prefer gifts where people “put their own” into making it or personalizing it.


Depending on the occasion, the gift can be more serious, funnier, more elegant, more romantic and, according to the (cursed) social convention, even more expensive.

For example, for occasions such as a wedding, an 18th birthday, a graduation, a fairly expensive gift is expected. For an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, something more romantic and possibly made with the heart. For a birthday, any kind of gift is fine, even the handmade ones and the funny ones are excellent.


What kind of person is the recipient?

Is he an essential, practical and minimalist type or does he love glitz and flaunting wealth? Are you sedentary or sporty? Do you like to roll up your sleeves and do everything yourself or do you prefer to use other people? Is he nice and cheerful or is he very serious? Is he a materialist?

Probably, giving a toolbox to a person who has never done a job at home is not a good idea. There will be other ways to try to change his habits, but don’t do it through a gift.

Interests and hobbies

What interests does he have in his life?

Do you love music, do you love playing, do you love soccer, do you love cooking, do you love reading, do you love…?

Choosing a gift related to his passion is a great start to finding the perfect gift to give. Then it’s up to you to personalize it and adapt it to the recipient, to make it unique.

For example, do you love football? Organize a day to see his favorite team training, then take him to the stadium museum and finally buy a gift like his favorite player’s shirt, or even a simple gadget.

Write on a piece of paper a list of things he might love or be passionate about. For a few minutes, keep your gaze on the paper and continue writing whatever ideas come to mind. Eventually you will have a lot of possible ideas to go to. You don’t have to choose them all, of course, but you could combine two or three together for a super gift.

What it needs (in practice)

What is happening in his life lately? What does he really need?

Maybe he has just bought a house and would need any item for the house, or even just a hand with whitewashing, cleaning, moving…

Or has work been stressing him lately? Why not give something to relieve stress or a nice little trip?

Or does he work too much and have too little free time? Give courses or guides to help him better manage his time, work, money and family.


Anyone who loves to get excited, spend good times and jealously guard the memory. So why not give experiences?

I find them really excellent gift ideas, suitable for anyone and for any occasion.

Accompany the recipient on this adventure and in addition to the experience itself, also give away the photographs and videos you will take, never to be forgotten.

The gift is not for you!

One thing must be very clear: the gift is not for you! If you absolutely love the object you want to give as a gift, it is not certain that the recipient will feel the same and will appreciate it. Therefore, always remember that the gift must be made according to the possible tastes of the recipient, not yours.

Important milestones

For important milestones in life, such as turning 18, marriage, retirement, also give away something handmade (a collage, a poster, a painting, a video) with the most beautiful and meaningful photos taken up to that day. It will be a wonderful memory.

Envelope with money?

Why would it be better not to give the classic envelope with money or a prepaid gift card? Because they are impersonal gifts and do not create any kind of social value, which is created with any other type of gift.

I prefer to invest my time to give value and emotions.

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