Men’s accessories are an integral part of the male wardrobe. They complete your outfit. Affirm your character, if we assume that you choose the accessories according to your personality. In short, accessories are the details that complete your outfit. But beware, the devil often hides in the details. Poorly chosen accessories or over-accessorizing could ruin everything. I have selected for you a list of men’s accessories, we discover it together.

Essential men’s accessories #1: men’s skincare

Men’s care is part of daily hygiene. But there are still many men who do not take care of themselves. Having pretty skin, having good hair, wearing elegant perfume sends a positive signal and is easily noticed. Conversely, a neglected aspect craves a negative signal, and we also notice it very quickly. Therefore, there is no point in dressing according to the latest trends if you look “sloppy”. Note that 9 out of 10 women notice at first glance a man who takes care of him. This will be the subject of a future more detailed article. Last point, choose your perfume well and use perfume sparingly. Indeed too much perfume, kills the perfume. There’s no point in wanting to smell good if no one can approach you because your excessive perfume is disturbing.

To be on top throughout the day, you can get these little accessories to keep on you:

  • A foldable comb to be able to restyle if necessary at any time of the day.
  • A spray to freshen the breath. Very useful before a pro appointment.
  • A 10ml travel size of your favorite perfume, in case you need to perfume yourself during the day.

Essential men’s accessories #2: wrist essentials

Today, the trend is to accessorize. But there are a few rules to follow. you have to choose your watch or leather strap according to your outfit. Avoid at all costs the garlanded effect which consists of stacking bracelets one after the other. Personally, I’m a fan of the less is more , a bracelet is enough. An overloaded point will inevitably attract attention. Same for the watch, don’t wear a G-Shock with a shirt. A G-shock or any other sporty model will not necessarily be compatible with a business outfit. Choose a watch that will match your body type.

Essential men’s accessories #3: accessories for a business outfit

You wear the suit on a daily basis for your professional activity. You must also wear accessories such as the tie, the belt, the cufflinks… You must also choose them according to your outfit and the color of your suit, your shirt. With the exception of cufflinks for which you can allow yourself a little eccentricity.

  • The tie : There are different types of ties: silk, knit, wide or slim, solid color or patterned. Anyway, you always have to choose your tie according to your shirt. We choose the color of his tie according to that of his shirt. It is in good taste to choose a complementary color to this shirt. Tone on tone is however to be avoided. The shape of the tie should also match the shape of the shirt collar.
  • The belt must have a discreet and sober style. For a formal outfit, we go for a leather belt. The belt should match your outfit. In principle, one chooses the color of his belt according to that of the shoes that one will wear. If the latter are brown, it will then be necessary to choose a brown colored belt.

Essential men’s accessories #4: the men’s bag

In recent years, the men’s bag has taken on considerable importance and has become an essential accessory in the male wardrobe. There are more and more models dedicated to the male gender. There are urban models that are perfect everyday companions. The choice of a bag or a satchel goes through the design box, we are moving towards a model with a modern and attractive style. The bag will also have to meet certain functionality criteria. If we have to carry a tablet or a laptop, we will choose a bag that has a suitable compartment and that will allow you to transport your equipment safely. The Fossil or Piquadro  brands offer interesting and very functional models.

Essential men’s accessories #5: the wallet

The wallet is a great classic. Everyone has one! However, you have to know how to choose it. the wallet often acts as a holdall, we insert credit cards, identity paper, tickets, coins. So much so that your wallet ends up tripling in size and no longer fits in your pockets. there is a great variety of wallets, there is something for all tastes and for all styles. For those who wish, you can think outside the box by opting for color models, which changes from the traditional wallet to black or brown. If you have a lot of cards, go for a card holder instead.

The Fossil, Arthur & Aston , Ralph Lauren  brands offer interesting, functional and solid models.

Essential men’s accessories #6: the key ring

Honestly, a bunch of keys in a pocket isn’t terrible. It makes noise, and above all it is not discreet. It has the same effect on me when I have coins. I prefer everything to be stored: coins in a wallet or purse. And the keys stored in a smart key fob like the one from the S-Keys brand .

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