It seemed that since the launch of Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring the rest of the industry had surrendered this 2022. With the cards cast, the months passed without a triple A star launch, one of those that sound like GOTY before leaving. Well, God of War: Ragnarok does not give up, in fact it goes all out and will finally come out on November 9 of this same 2022.

Much was said about its first advance, which mixed history and gameplay. In it we saw Tyr, the Nordic version of the God of War. Also, perhaps more importantly, the giant Angrboda made her appearance, who in Norse mythology would become Loki’s main wife. Loki, let’s remember, is Atreus, the son of Kratos. It was a spectacular twist on 2016’s God of War that began this Norse adventure for Kratos. Loki, as the myths say, was the one who started the Ragnarok that will now take place in this title. In it, if there is another fundamental character, that is the giant wolf Fenrir. Without a doubt, the great revelation of the new teaser trailer.

Who is Fenrir, the giant wolf from ‘God of War: Ragnarok?

Despite the fact that Kratos is a fictional myth, Santa Monica Studio has always managed to introduce the Spartan into the midst of the mythos that he represents quite accurately. However, it has to take certain poetic licenses to fit its plot. We say this because Fenrir, if we are exact, is the son of Loki. Although anything can happen, we would be surprised if young Atreus had gone away for a while and ended up having a giant wolf as his son…

But Fenrir is much more important to the rest of the characters than to Loki himself, no matter how much his son he is. Fenrir is the very symbol of Ragnarok. Valhalla, so often confused with a kind of paradise for warriors, has a nuance, it is where the warriors fallen in combat rest but, be careful, waiting for the last great battle, Ragnarok. It’s basically the waiting room to prepare to fight in the Nordic apocalypse.

What role does Fenrir have in Ragnarok? Well, the most important of all. Odin, who said wrong and soon, has the ability to see the future, knows from the beginning of time that his end will come with the appearance of a giant wolf. However, Loki’s protection from Fenrir means that he is not killed, but simply imprisoned. However, Fenrir grows more and more until he is released in Ragnarok, fulfilling the prophecy and being the one who ends Odin’s life.

Nor can we forget about Tyr, son of Odin and whom we see allying with Kratos in the trailer. Tyr, in the myths, loses his arm by tying Fenrir precisely. That moment, in fact, could be the reason why Kratos and Atreus/Loki take on Fenrir, perhaps with Tyr’s help. In any case, we still do not know much of the plot beyond the fact that Ragnarok is unleashed and that the great gods, such as Freya and Thor, are going to persecute Kratos and his son.

Following the myths, yes, we can think that Fenrir will take Tyr’s arm and, unless Kratos has that role, he will be the one to kill Odin. Oh, and according to the myths who kills Thor? Well, it is not Kratos either, if not one of the most famous characters from the previous title, the World Serpent or Jormundgander. They both kill each other in their fight. Come on, if we don’t have any doubts about something, it’s that when you ask Kratos “Can you kill something that big?”, the answer is always “yes”.

On the other hand, after the game we will not have to wait so long for the series that Amazon Prime Video is preparing for God of War. We expect, at least, the same spectacularity as that of The Lord of the Rings: the rings of power .

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