The Christmas spirit is already in the air, which means that the time has come to look for the best gifts to pamper loved ones. If you know that the lucky person who will receive the gifts is a die-hard Star Wars fan , you’re in luck.

Next, we will share a list with attractive products that, without a doubt, will delight all Jedi of heart. There are items of all kinds, so you will find options suitable for both the little ones in the home and for adult collectors. Without further delay, we begin:

The Mandalorian item line by Primus

If that special someone spends hours and hours in front of the PC to enjoy video games, then it is a good idea to pamper them with some Star Wars themed gamer accessories . This line of items from the Primus brand is inspired by The Mandalorian , so it will be perfect for fans of the Disney+ series.

First on the list is the Primus Gaming Wired Mouse that offers great sensitivity and lightning-fast response thanks to its 10 programmable buttons and mechanical OMRON microswitches. It also has 11 LED light patterns and an ergonomic design, perfect for the most demanding gamers. You can accompany this article with an attractive The Mandalorian themed mousepad to guarantee unparalleled precision and speed.

Of course, a good bounty hunter must have good audio equipment to enjoy. To achieve that, the Arcus 210S-BT headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 connection are perfect for gaming and listening to music thanks to their good quality sound. And yes, its microphone is ideal for multiplayer sessions.

If you want the person who will receive the gift to feel like a galactic emperor, you can give him the limited edition Primus gaming chair from The Mandalorian , excellent for long gaming sessions thanks to its backrest with removable pillow and lumbar cushion, as well as its armrests. . And yes, his design inspired by the Disney + series is very attractive.

Wild Ridin’ Grogu de Hasbro

If you are looking for a toy to pamper the child at home, Hasbro’s Wild Ridin’ Grogu is an excellent option. We are talking about an interactive figure that is inspired by one of the most endearing characters in Star Wars : Grogu, affectionately known as Baby Yoda.

The Grogu figure offers a wide variety of movements and sound effects that are activated by touching his head, turning him upside down or laying him down. The fun increases when we put the Child in his capsule, which allows him to activate more than 25 unique combinations of movements and sounds.

Scrabble Star Wars

Of course, a good gift is also one that allows the whole family and friends to have fun. For those cases, what better than getting together to play Scrabble? That’s right, this Star Wars edition of the famous board game has a thematic glossary that includes a lot of terms from the Empire, The Rebels, etc.

You can enjoy the classic game of Scrabble with vocabulary from Star Wars , or if you want you can try the Galactic Mode that changes the scoring method. In this mode, the words you form will allow you to move one of the 4 special ship tiles (inspired by vehicles from the franchise like the Millennium Falcon or the X-Wing) around the board and collect galaxy cards for bonuses.

Star Wars Micro Squadron Figure Collection

If you want to help that person build their fleet of Star Wars spaceships with an ambitious gift, the Star Wars Micro Squadron Figure Collection is what you’re looking for.

We are talking about a line of figures with a high level of detail that will excite both the little ones in the home and the die-hard collectors. Each vehicle includes motion-activated sounds, light-up boosters and additions like Star Wars character microfigures .

This collection is made up of Boba Fett’s spaceship, the Low Altitude Assault Transport/Infantry (LAAT), Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1, the Ginivex-class Starfighter, Jango Fett’s ship, the Havoc Marauder and more. . Collect them all and accompany that special person on galactic adventures with these Star Wars Micro Squadron figures.

Thermos set of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader

Finally, if you’re looking for a discreet gift that will come in handy on a day-to-day basis, we’ve got you covered, too. We recommend this limited edition thermos set with designs inspired by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader; master and apprentice. Undoubtedly, ideal objects for all Star Wars fans who want to discover which side of the Force they are on while enjoying a good drink.

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