Daedalic Entertainment releases Blackguards 2 on a new platform, PlayStation 4 . The turn-based role-playing title that tells the story of Cassia , a young noblewoman who wants to reach the throne at any price, returns.

The action takes place three years after what we find in the prequel and brings us a story that, how could it be otherwise, is riddled with blood and murder. To achieve her goal of reaching the throne, Cassia will face two problems: on the one hand, the throne is already occupied and on the other, she is imprisoned. Not being a good politician or diplomat, she will take the fast route. She will try to escape from prison and finish off Marwan to take over the throne.

From minute one of the game, you can tell that Blackguards 2 has the characteristics of a classic western role-playing game , since it offers the possibility of developing the characters, which Daedalic has complemented with the turn-based combat system.At the beginning of the game we will find a tutorial thanks to which we will learn to work in the game. We will see Cassia locked in some dungeons from which, as we have well commented, she intends to get out of it. Once she gets it she will start the real adventure for Aventuria to reach the power. During the development of the game we will have the well-known point and click moments , while the battles will be in turns. Also, as we move through the scenarios we will be able to talk to other characters, trade, learn skills, etc. It is in this section where the most classic role of Blackguards 2 is found. On the other hand, we will be able to customize all the characters that join our group: modify the skills, the ability with the daggers, perform special maneuvers and a multitude of characteristics that They give the title great depth.

Although it is true that despite the objectives that the protagonist of the story sets, sometimes the story of Blackguards 2 becomes monotonous, since there are moments in which the main story does not advance with the agility that it should and this means that the main thread of the story gets lost at times. In total, we have more than 30 hours of gameplay ahead of us that can be a bit long at times. As the game progresses, our team will also progress and new members will be added, which will make the fights more strategic.

The characters will act in a certain order.and that we will know at the beginning of each battle. To get the most out of our team we will have to adapt to this order, as well as the variety of enemies we will face. Regarding weapons, each character has three weapon groups that are made up of two weapons each. The weapon pool can be changed every turn, allowing us to go from heavy weapons to ranged attacks in no time. On the other hand, the characters can also use objects, potions stand out among them, without which it is likely that we will lose team members during combat. All this means that each battle will be an enigma to decipher and that in each combat we will learn new skills to deal with enemies, as well as new strategies to get out of the most complicated situations.The negative part of the game is that this type of role is more planned for PC , which makes it difficult for the controls to be adapted to the console controls. This is noticeable in Blackguards 2 especially when we have to move around the scenarios, an action that has been designed to be done with a mouse.

Technically speaking, Blackguards 2 is not a marvelous title, but it does deliver on a visual level, especially thanks to the freedom of the camera, which allows us to choose the position. It also has very well designed scenarios that are loaded with objects and characters with which we can interact. There are also castles, towns, etc. that will transport us to the medieval atmosphere that Aventuria exudes.

At the sound level, the soundtrack is a faithful companion to the graphic section and fulfills its mission. The texts are also translated, although not dubbed, but it is true that they have very good Spanish . In short, Daedalic has managed to bring us a game that offers a good balance between classic RPG and turn-based strategy. In Blackguards 2 we find multiple options to customize the characters, which gives both the combats and the game itself depth.

The main drawbacks, as we have well commented, are its narrative, sometimes a bit monotonous and at times even boring, and the controls, which fail to fully adapt to the console’s command. However, if you are a lover of the genre, you should try this new experience for yourself and decide which platform you prefer.

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