Brunch takes place mainly between late morning and early afternoon. It mixes both savory and sweet dishes, with drinks such as tea, coffee, chocolate or fruit juices. We usually start with the sweet, but it’s up to you to taste them in the order you want! Discover below 20 recipes for a perfect brunch.

Did you know ? The term brunch is an English portmanteau combining the words breakfast and lunch.

1. English Muffins

English Muffins or  “English Muffins”  are round buns cooked in a pan and tasted in a sweet or savory version.

2. Bacon Eggs Benedict

Bacon Eggs Benedict is usually made up of half a toasted English muffin topped with a slice of fried bacon and a poached egg, all topped with a creamy Hollandaise sauce.

3. Porridge

Perfect for breakfast, the apple porridge is very complete and easy to make.

4. Apple pancakes

Whether it’s apples, bananas or pears, fruit is very easy to incorporate into pancakes. So here’s how to easily make these fluffy little pancakes with love and tenderness.

5. Avocado Toast

The avocado toast and its poached egg is an ideal recipe for a complete brunch! Comforting, unctuous and above all delicious, it offers an explosion of flavors in the mouth. This is one of the brunch recipes that are often enjoyed in restaurants!

6. Bagel with bacon and scrambled eggs

To be enjoyed during brunch or for lunch as a quick snack, this delicious bagel with bacon and scrambled eggs offers a complete and gourmet snack.

7. Lost Brioche

You certainly know French toast, but have you ever tasted this magnificent recipe for French toast? Ideal for brunch or for a snack, its soft and melting texture will delight the taste buds of young and old!

8. Egg Stuffed Avocado

A great classic for breakfast and brunch, here is the egg-stuffed avocado! This original recipe where the egg cooked directly in the avocado will give an ultra-protein and melting result!

9. Cookie crisp cereal

Discover today the recipe for homemade cookie crisp cereals to make them yourself and thus master the ingredients that you include inside.

10. Chocolate Babka

Chocolate babka is a marbled chocolate brioche that is ultra moist and flavorful. At breakfast or as a snack, it will please the whole family, that’s for sure!

11. Scones

They are traditionally eaten during tea-time or brunch. Plain or garnished, they have the particularity of being low in sugar, so treat yourself to the garnish even if the purists will recommend the Clotted cream! 

12. Christophe Michalak’s spread

There are many recipes for spreads, but this nugget from chef Christophe Michalak is a real delight that could well dethrone the famous Nutella.

13. Apple turnovers

With a pretty half-moon shape, the apple turnover is a soft and crispy pastry thanks to its puff pastry and its filling made from ultra-melting apples.

14. Scrambled Eggs

Everyone thinks that making scrambled eggs is within everyone’s reach… Maybe, but thanks to this trick, they will be even better: neither too dry nor too runny, just soft! They are part of the must-have brunch recipes!

15. Fluffy pancakes

Divinely airy, fluffy pancakes are a Japanese recipe based on egg whites. Soft and light, they are eaten with a cloud of icing sugar, a fruit coulis or honey.

16. Ultra soft brioche

How about a delicious stringy crumb brioche recipe for breakfast? Ultra soft and golden to perfection, this brioche is a real delight to decorate according to your tastes.

17. Light and Crispy Waffles

Make good light and crispy waffles for brunch. Kids will love it! This extremely simple recipe is waiting for you!

18. Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls, which translates to “cinnamon rolls” in French, originated in the northern United States as well as Canada. Often trendy in autumn and winter, they bring comfort with the sweetness of cinnamon.

19. Raspberry jam

Perfect for tasting this fruit all year round, here is how to make it.

20. Chocolate filled milk breads

A return to childhood with these famous milk breads filled with chocolate, also known as “Pitch”. Soft and tasty, they will delight young and old alike!

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