It’s your birthday and you don’t know what to do? Instead of having a night out at a bar why not go with your friends to do a fun activity? Likewise, you have organized a birthday party or a party and you are afraid that your friends will be bored?

Offer them a birthday party entertainment to amuse all your friends and live an unusual experience together. Here is a selection of activities that adapt to all budgets and all groups!

1. Blind tasting

Whether it’s food or drink, choose foods to taste blind and compete as a team. Whoever recognizes the most elements wins!

This activity can lend itself to many variations, for example for wine lovers, taste different cuvées to see who really knows…

2. Karaoke

If you are not afraid of ridicule this is the perfect animation! Perform the greatest hits to make any room dance without breaking any glasses!

3. Olympiads

Divide your friends into several teams that will have to compete in a series of sporting events. Attention balance the teams well to create a real competition.

4. Orienteering

All start from a point with an end goal. It can be for example, to reach the other side of the forest. Equipped with a compass, water and a map, you will have to be the first to get there whether you are in a team or alone.

5. Treasure Hunt

A bit like for orienteering except that this time it’s your logic that will have to be used! You can easily play in a group with the help of a game master to guide you through the adventure.

6. Beer pong tournaments

The principle is simple on a long table, ping-pong, preferably, arrange the glasses filled with beer in a pyramid. You will have to aim just to throw the ball into the glasses. With each glass reached, you have to drink it, which can make the rest of the game more complicated.

7. Escape game

Not recommended for claustrophobes, this animation consists of being locked in a space and finding clues to get out of the room. It is often played in small groups and there are plenty of themes whether fun, scary, historical,…


A slightly more violent animation since the principle is to shoot paintballs at your friends. If you’re not afraid to look like a rainbow go for it, but be careful, it’s the amount of colors on your combination that determines the losers.

9. Operation Rescue

If you want to live a real commando experience, this animation is made for you! Immerse yourself in a disaster scenario in which you must free the hostages from their captors without losing any team members.

10. Casino Night

Set up gaming tables so that your guests can enjoy the evening while betting on the right numbers. Take away the notion of money by printing banknotes… in your image! It’s your birthday after all.

11. Murder party

At the start of the evening, each of your friends receives a role that they will have to play throughout the evening. Spectacular turn of events ! A guest is found murdered, the investigation must be carried out to discover the real culprit…

12. Balltrap initiation

Have you always dreamed of learning to shoot a rifle? Try the experience with an introduction to shooting on targets projected into the air.

13. Music Blindtest

Prepare a playlist and designate the music master. As a team you will have to recognize the music as quickly as possible. Attention you earn bonus points if you find the title and the performer of the song!

14. Mölky or pétanque tournaments

In teams of two, organize mölky tournaments for Parisians and petanque for southerners! An easy-to-organize alternative that always sows a good mood.

15. A quiz…about you!

You’re the star of the day so prepare questions about yourself to see which of your friends know you best!

We hope that this non-exhaustive list will inspire you for your day. The most important thing is to have fun and celebrate your birthday in style. Add to these activities a barbecue and some cold drinks and it’s a good day guaranteed.

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