How to dress to go to work? It’s the same puzzle almost every morning! Between the time you spend stuck in traffic and the long day at the office, you are always looking for a casual chic women’s outfit that is functional and aesthetic at the same time! So, don’t be like girls putting on the first thing they see! Because at the end of the day, the purpose of casual business style is to preserve your credibility and assert your original style signature! With that in mind, here are our trendy looks ideal for all overworked women!

Women’s chic casual outfit – office looks to adopt 5 days a week!

If fashion faux pas are not yet a good reason for dismissal, that does not mean that you are free to wear anything for your day at the office! Knowing the right tips and knowing how to dress at work can save you a few moments of discomfort! And in order to assure you in all that we have just entrusted to you, our editorial team has concocted a small compilation of ideas in pictures to adopt without moderation!

Women’s casual chic outfit – zoom on the stylistic evolution of Amal Clooney!

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Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria or even Eva Mendes… our favorite stars know very well how to link fashion to work! So it’s no coincidence that we chose to pick all their inspiring looks and put them in our articles! However, there is one star, which particularly impressed us! This is a very popular businesswoman, who married one of the greatest icons of cinema and who enjoys an impressive career as a lawyer! Focus on Amal Clooney and all her amazing looks combining femininity and authority!

Femininity and comfort for a casual chic women’s outfit worthy of its name!

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For your day at work, forget the overly sophisticated red carpet style clothes and let yourself be tempted by the style of Amal Clooney! George Clooney’s wife knows how to wear her casual chic femme outfit perfectly in order to advocate for her clients! Always favoring femininity and comfort, the star also dares to use bright colors. One of the latter is red, which is very often seen through her clothes and accessories! Always in the right balance, she tends to experiment, but without going beyond her unique look of a real businesswoman!

How to “jazz up” your office outfit a little?

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When it comes to an office-appropriate dress code, today’s woman tends to turn to men’s fashion! And this is completely normal in order to bring a certain amount of authority to your business look! However, we must not fall into exaggerated formalism! So, you can easily replace the white shirt with a silk blouse combined with ankle-length pants to display a more elegant silhouette! Similarly, swap the classic suit for a casual chic women’s outfit, like Amal’s above! Finish by adding a pretty pair of pumps or heeled sandals, depending on the current season!

Don’t forget to accessorize your casual chic women’s outfit!

smart casual dress women business skirt wide leg pants jacket shirt

Like all trendy, self-respecting women, Mrs. Clooney doesn’t hesitate and opts for an oversized overcoat to complement and embellish her casual chic women’s outfit! And to add a touch of color, without going too far, the star allows herself a strong accessory: a large red leather bag, highlighted by its impeccable look in white! And while we’re at it, the total white look is an excellent option for those of you who want to lengthen your figure!

A chic, casual and well-worked office look!

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Besides the white color, the fashionista of Lebanese origin does not miss the opportunity to emphasize her size! To do what? Well, because today the well-defined waist is an asset to harmonize and highlight the feminine silhouette! If your goal is to shed a few pounds, a crop top with a maxi skirt or high-waisted pants will definitely do the trick! You will be spoiled for choice! And to lengthen the legs even more, tighten a small thin belt around the waist!

Casual chic women’s outfit perfect for ladies who prefer comfort at work!

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For the ladies, who are not necessarily fans of red skirts and dresses buttoned up to the neck, for example, we offer a casual chic women’s outfit, which will be just as ideal for your day at work, like the ones we have just made. ‘to land! Opt for a shirt slightly unbuttoned and associated with super trendy wide pants! And to inject even a small dose of style, the pair of heeled shoes and the leather handbag are a must!

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In addition, some women wearing wide pants have the habit of dressing their necklines with more massive necklaces in order to counterbalance the ample, even masculine, side of the palazzo! At the end of the day, we all have our own little methods that help us flaunt a chic casual outfit! Now, don’t leave us and stay with us, because Mrs. Clooney still has something to surprise you! Along with all her worked looks, we have prepared some more small stylistic examples for you, but this time demonstrated by other popular women!

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