Quarantine is the new thirties, we all agree on that. However, the clock is ticking, time is fleeting, and we are desperately trying to find ways to feel prettier and look younger. And fashion plays an important role in this. By the way, did you know that wearing a certain color can make you look fresh and beautiful and another color – dull and washed out? I’ve scoured the internet, read everything there is to know about color matching, skin tones, undertones and aging, so you don’t have to. Let’s see which colors to avoid at 40 and which ones will suit you best to look lovely, sexy and younger!

What are the colors to avoid at 40? Why ?

I nitpicked about all the colors and consulted invaluable advice from fashion pros on how to dress at 40. Below, we’ll see the four colors to avoid after 40 and why. Later, I will tell you which ones will flatter you the most. But let’s play a game first.

You are Alice and you are quietly reading a book, when you see a rabbit hopping and running somewhere, visibly late. You chase after him and you see him jump down a rabbit hole. And you are full of curiosity, you want to follow him. But what’s in there? So you jump. POOF! And what a surprise! You are in a fashion wonderland. All kinds of clothes of different colors, patterns and textures surround you. You are hypnotized. But there is a trap if you choose the wrong color… Let’s discover together the colors to avoid at 40 for women so that you look beautiful!

The orange is outdated, throw it in the trash!

The first color you absolutely must avoid is orange. But why ? Usually, bright colors like orange and yellow are considered “young colors”. They are fun and remind us of summer and hot days. Although an orange garment suits a teenager or a 20-year-old, it does not suit a 40-year-old woman. This color really brings out the fine lines and wrinkles and fades you. Even if you’ve taken the test to find out what your undertone is and orange falls into this category, it will still look bland on a mature woman. By the way, all fluorescent colors have an aging effect.

Black is a classic, except in a monochromatic outfit

Many of us hide behind black clothes. While a lot of people say you can never go wrong with black, you can actually… As you get older, you get paler. And just like orange, an all-black monochromatic outfit will highlight our insecurities and make wrinkles appear deeper than they actually are. But if you love black, like me, you can combine it with other colors. For example, you have a beautiful black dress that you want to wear. Pair it with a jacket, shoes and accessories in another color. This way you will achieve balance and be charming.

40 year old woman fashion

GrAy’s Anatomy – dissect it, cut it, throw it away

The gray color is quite neutral and goes well with many other colors. However, it can wash you out, make you look paler, and even give you a sallow tint. Usually, we’re all for gray here at DeaVita.com. The Silver Sisters movement is stronger than ever and we love gray hair on a woman. However, when it comes to clothes, it’s completely different. If you really like gray, then we advise you to get an accessory of this color. Don’t make it the main shade of your outfit.

Too many pastels give a boring and dated look

Too many pastel outfits will make you look like an empty canvas, waiting to be painted. Pastel colors look great when there is contrast in the outfit. However, an all-pastel look will make you look tired and boring. You can wear them with a brighter color, white or black garment.

After the colors to avoid at 40, what are the colors of clothes that rejuvenate?

clothes colors that rejuvenate

We have seen what colors of clothes age. But what about clothing colors that rejuvenate? Once again, here’s how to determine your skin tone by taking a test.

  • For cool undertones. Light blue, pink, emerald and light purple will make your face shine.
  • For warm tones. Brown, mustard, red in all its shades (more on the warm side) and green will greatly flatter your features.
  • For neutral undertones. Light peach, jade, mint, blue and a dusty pink will delight your face.
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