Stockings are must-have items in a woman’s wardrobe, especially if you like to wear dresses and skirts all year round. Apart from being practical, these textile mesh underwear that hug the lower part of our body, can be quite chic. And they are super trendy to wear in autumn/winter 2022/2023, especially speaking of colored tights! But how to match them with the rest of our clothes without any risk of looking like a clown? In this article, we explore how to choose them according to the rules of the art to achieve a trendy classy outfit.

Choice of trendy winter tights 2022 / 2023

When it comes to choosing tights for the cool time of the year, the main difficulty we all encounter is which deniers to prefer. In short, the higher the denier number, the thicker, more opaque and warmer the stockings. For winter, we mainly prefer values ​​above 50 denier, except for evening wear indoors when you can wear a fairly thin stocking. There are also thermal winter tights, in wool, fleece (classic or with a transparent effect), etc. which is perfect when you have to spend more time outdoors. So ! But what about colored tights?

How to choose your colored tights?

As a rule, there are (at least) two successful strategies when choosing colored tights. Which one to choose depends above all on the effect you want to create, but also on your usual style, the occasion for which you are dressing and your mood at the moment. Let’s see what the options are and how to make them work!

Match the shades… or almost

blue color tights green dress trend fall 2022 how to choose matching outfit

The starting point for choosing the right colored tights is obviously the tone of the dress, the skirt or the pants you want to complement. A classic approach is to keep all elements of your outfit in the same color spectrum. For example, you choose the blue-green range and stick with it for any element of your clothing.

autumn winter trendy brown color tights how to choose how to match outfit mistakes avoid
Of course, the chosen color theme can be more subdued or quite bold, depending on the occasion and what you usually prefer. Brown tights with camel ankle boots and a skirt in rust, tobacco or mustard can represent a beautiful shades of warm natural tones that are ideal for fall and winter. Certainly, the analogous colors chosen can also be bolder.

Wear contrasting color tights

Trendy pink color tights fall winter 2022 2023 how to choose matching outfit

As you can imagine, the other successful strategy is the exact opposite. It’s to look at stockings as an element of the outfit that can add a nice colorful pop to liven it up. The desired contrast approach is particularly successful when the palette of your clothes is classic or simply more discreet.

But what does that mean in practice? Well, the good color combinations are almost uncountable! You can rely on the color wheel and color theory to give you a better idea of ​​good and bad pairings. Also, check out the examples below of how to wear colored tights in an artistic, modern and stylish way.

What tights with black dress? And with red dress?

which transparent black tights 2022 2023 how to choose matching outfit errors avoid

The little black dress is an eternal classic to necessarily have in your dressing room. But which stocking complements it best? For a traditional and classy look, transparent black tights remain the option par excellence. It is also ideal for enhancing the sexy red dress and the chic navy blue skirt, among others.

trendy fancy tights fall winter 2022 2023 how to choose matching outfit mistakes avoid

When all the colors of the outfit are classic, fancy tights adorned with teasing patterns are another fascinating possibility. By the way, the black dress goes wonderfully with all the colors of tights, to create this or that effect, as long as you combine the accessories well too.

When to wear flesh-colored tights?

fall winter 2022 2023 flesh-colored tights how to choose to match outfit errors

In theory, flesh-colored tights are the easiest to match because they’re supposed to be invisible. The downside? The rules to observe are to avoid shiny finishes and to choose the specific shade well! Their shade should match your skin tone or be just an idea darker for it to work. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to look cheap… Anyway, it is almost the only option to wear with pastel shades or a multicolored patterned outfit.

How about white tights?


Frankly, white tights are probably the hardest to get working if you’re not a pro. Their main problem is that they immediately give the air of a little girl. So, if doll legs or white noble skin are not an effect you are aiming for, it is better to avoid this color, especially after 50 years. Here is which colored tights to choose to replace them…

How to wear the 2022 / 2023 colored tights

trendy brown tights fall winter 2022 2023 how to choose how to match outfit mistakes avoid

To avoid the “stork feet” effect, only use orange as an accent

Harmonious combination of powdered blouse, navy blue skirt and purple tights

color trend tights fall winter 2022 2023 how to choose match outfit errors avoid

Would you dare such a bold combination for your everyday style?

which trendy pink tights how to choose to match outfit errors avoid

Less saturated dark shades are understated and easier to work with

trend green color tights fall winter 2022 2023 choose match outfit mistakes style

Wearing the colored tights with matching shorts is another fabulous possibility.

trendy blue color tights fall winter 2022 2023 how to match outfit errors avoid
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