If we have long considered the belt only as a means of holding up our jeans, today it is the accessory that makes all the difference. In leather, velvet, fine, corset or even studded, it is no longer just reserved for our pants. How to wear the belt in 2022 differently? The height of fashion is to use it where it is not useful, but rather less expected: on a blazer, a trench coat, a long shirt, a dress or a poncho that you want to upgrade.

How to wear the belt in 2022/2023 to enhance your silhouette?

how to wear women's belt with trendy style winter fashion accessory 2022 2023

A true fashion accessory, the belt is the key to every successful outfit. In fact, it is the ultimate asset to enhance the figure, provided you know how to wear it in style. In addition to marking the waist, it also allows you to play on volumes, camouflage a small round belly, conceal marked hips or even enhance an outfit that is a little too basic. On a coat, a knit sweater dress or an overshirt, this accessory can be worn without moderation. Black, brown or printed, we just ask him to do his job: enhance our assets and upgrade our clothes. Here are 5 fashion pieces to wear with a belt this winter 2022/2023.

how to wear a dress with a belt for women winter 2022 2023

How to wear a dress with a belt?

As a general rule, long and midi dresses tolerate the addition of a belt better. Whether it’s a long bohemian dress, a sweater dress, a leather model or a blazer dress, this fashion accessory is sure to guarantee you a stylish outfit that’s right in the 2022 fashion trends. On a little light dress , prefer a thin chain model. Opt for an imposing belt to pimp up a maxi or midi dress. On the morpho side, if you have a small thin waist, highlight it as much as possible by tightening your belt well. To camouflage a small belly, choose a loose dress and wear your belt slightly loose. Avoid placing it on your hips. Bet on the high waist or wear your tied belt like a real it-girl.

With a long shirt

How to wear the belt in 2022 with a shirt? In cotton, wool, satin, jeans or leather, the shirt is a piece that we tend to forget. However, it deserves our full attention. Although it falls into the category of fashion basics, it can be your best ally as well as your worst look choice. This is why it deserves all our attention in terms of accessorizing. And this is where the belt invites itself! Some fashionistas choose to wear the oversized white shirt as a dress with an imposing belt that they tie around the waist to energize this basic piece. A coat, waders, a clutch and you’re done!
how to wear the winter 2022 2023 women's chain belt with a blazer

How to wear a belt on a blazer?

Wearing a blazer in style is a bit like wearing a little black dress. With him, there is no fashion faux pas. But given that it derives from the male wardrobe, the blazer deserves a makeover to become more feminine. The right fashion gimmick to master the art of the blazer? Pair it with a jeweled belt. On a turtleneck sweater, a little dress, a shirt, straight jeans or a jumpsuit, the belted blazer always plays the same role: to refine the figure and assert the style.

With a winter coat

what winter coat 2022 to wear with a women's belt

Qu’on se le dise, la ceinture en 2022 se porte sur un manteau large ! Plus il est oversize, mieux c’est ! Sur une doudoune sans manches femme, une veste longue matelassee, un manteau d’hiver en laine ou en fausse fourrure, une cape, un kimono, un poncho ou encore un trench en cuir, la ceinture a tout bon pour valoriser la taille et elancer la silhouette. Elle est aussi parfaite pour feminiser une surchemise a carreaux un peu trop large. Aussi simple que cela paraisse, la ceinture est un excellent moyen de donner un coup de jeune a vos vieilles fringues sans forcement vous ruiner.

Avec d’autres ceintures facon layering

Back to the 2022s with belt layering ! Ah, fashion and its eternal repetitions! Inspired by the Y2k style, the accumulation of belts keeps talking about it. The concept ? Belt your clothes at the waist by betting on several belts that throw it. You can also replace one of the belts with a trendy fanny pack. Point on the choice of the belt: choose it according to your morpho. If you are small, choose thin and delicate models. Curvy women, on the other hand, must bet on more imposing belts. To master the belt layering trend to perfection, don’t forget that the belt must be the key element of your outfit.

How to put on a belt when you have a belly?

Accessories are excellent assets to camouflage the small defects of our body. As for the belt, we opt for the corset model to hide a small round belly. On a long shirt, a dress, a blazer jacket or even a long sweatshirt, the corset belt draws the waist, flattens the belly, enhances the chest and supports the back. In short, it enhances the silhouette in no time!

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