We are already in the final stretch of summer and the change of season is there, waiting for us. After the summer, the hair is weakened by the sun or saltpeter , so it is important to repair it as soon as possible with suitable products. But if we add to this the autumn weather , such as wind or humidity, and even the typical hair loss of this time, known as seasonal fall, then we most likely need specific and intensive care to care for our hair during this months.

Repair and nourish

The first thing that alarms us and that we want to “correct” is the dehydration of the hair. This loss of nutrition and shine, which is partly due to changes in temperature, and which makes hair look dry, brittle and opaque, has the solution to incorporate products that provide nutrition and repair .

In a perfect care routine, moisturizing shampoos cannot be missing, which are soft and do not contain ingredients such as sulfates , because their drag capacity is very high and then we will also eliminate the good oils from the hair . A drag shampoo (and without silicones) is only recommended in the event that we need to completely “reset” the hair from residues that accumulate, and do not allow other products such as oils or masks to penetrate well.

For this reason, once we have prepared our hair to receive the treatments, it is best to bet on products rich in nutrients , such as super-nutritious masks, oils , and even conditioners without rinsing .

Garnier Fructis Hair Food 3 in 1 Hair Mask – Repairing Papaya for Damaged Hair , is a repairing mask that deeply nourishes to the ends. It is enriched with vegetable oils and papaya extract, ideal for deeply nourishing, repairing and restoring luminosity to the hair. 

N7 Bonding Oil Olaplex Repair Hair Oil, is an ultra-concentrated hair oil, with a light texture that does not weigh it down. It manages to repair, strengthen and hydrate the hair, in addition to repairing broken disulfide bonds.

Gyada Leggera Leave-In Ricci Cream , light cream, without rinsing, based on ingredients with a restructuring action, ideal for restoring softness and elasticity to dry, frizzy and brittle hair. Contains a complex of hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, obtained from rice, peas and legumes.  

The scalp

Knowing how to take care of the scalp is also vital to show off good hair . When autumn arrives and temperatures drop, the skin on the scalp becomes much more dry and flakes. A product that is phenomenal to care for and treat this part of the body is hair exfoliation, which in addition to purifying, calming and moisturizing the scalp, is also fabulous for adding volume . They clean the roots so well and refresh the hair so much that they manage to lift it a lot and the result is ultra-voluminous.

Christophe Robin Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt , this famous scrub is a best seller from the firm. It features a hybrid formula that combines two powerful ingredients to soothe even the most sensitive scalps. Eliminates impurities and balances the scalp while calming and relieving itching. 

The hairbrush is also important

Something quite common during autumn and winter is that the hair generally gets much more tangled. Especially fine hair , which suffers greatly from the issue of knots. For this reason, it seems to us of great importance to invest in a good detangling brush, which makes our task easier, does not pull us and, of course, takes care of the hair without causing breakage.

Tangle Teezer Original Tropinaca Green , undoubtedly one of the best anti-tangle brushes. Eliminates knots, prevents breakage and damage thanks to its unique two-length bristle technology: long bristles detangle and short bristles smooth the hair cuticle for healthier, shinier hair. 

Better warm water

We know that it is difficult to resist a warm shower, especially in autumn, but as far as hair is concerned, it is much better that we do it with warm water . Hot water increases the porosity of the hair fibers, damages the cuticle and results in dry and weak hair. In addition, hot water helps to remove the natural oils from the hair that are responsible for nourishing it. So, we can reserve hot water in a timely manner for oilier hair that needs, together with a shampoo, to eliminate excess sebum . But as we tell you, only from time to time, since we do not want to damage the hair or a rebound effect of fat.

Apivita Balancing Shampoo , is perfect for regulating oily roots and taking care of dry ends. Contains nettle, grapefruit and propolis for fresh and elastic hair, as well as providing volume.  

 Reduces the use of heat tools

As we already know, heat tools such as irons or dryers are not great allies when it comes to maintaining healthy hair , but that does not mean we must give up showing off wonderful waves or voluminous hair with a blow- dry . Of course, we better not abuse and when we have to use them, much better if we do it with a hair protection product.

Got2b Guardian Angel Spray , with protection up to 220 degrees, hair can withstand the heat of flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers. In addition, this spray adds an extra shine. 

 On the other hand, currently we also find many devices with intelligent technology , which adapt the heat of the tool according to the type of hair you have or your needs. Something that will help a lot to maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

Platinum+ Styler Black , these smart irons detect the needs of your hair and “analyze” the thickness of the hair or the size of the section to always maintain an optimal temperature. Its results enhance color and provide much more shine. In addition, its rounded barrel allows you to create curls or waves.  

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