Since Star Wars debuted over 40 years ago, that Galaxy far, far away has left us with a host of endearing characters that have taken our hearts away. Luke Skywalker’s bravery has inspired many, while R2D2’s charisma made him a popular culture icon. It is clear that Star Wars is a franchise with much-loved characters, but if there is one that has stolen hearts on another level, it is Grogu (or Baby Yoda… we won’t judge you if you still call him that).

Ever since we first saw him in The Mandalorian , we’ve fallen in love with the adorable Grogu and we’ll never tire of seeing him. We know you and the rest of the Star Wars fans don’t either, so this holiday and gift-giving season there’s something you need to know exists. We’re talking about a new release from our friends at Hasbro, which just so happens to be a new Grogu toy that’s as cool as it is charming.

The most sought after figure in the entire galaxy

We are talking about the Wild Ridin’ Grogu, a toy that, in addition to being extremely pretty, is full of personality. To do justice to all of Grogu’s awesomeness, Hasbro showed off a toy that’s far from a static, lifeless figure. This little guy is an animatronic toy that laughs, shakes its head and makes lots of noises, it’s like the real Grogu has fallen under your little tree!

This fun and adorable figure has more than 25 combinations of movements and sounds that is activated with just a small touch to the head. After playing with him for a while, you just have to lay him on his back so that Grogu settles down to sleep until the next time you are ready to have adventures with him.

If the figure is called Wild Ridin’ Grogu it is for good reason and that is that this charming toy is accompanied by a floating car. At first glance it may seem like a simple bed base for Grogu and look fantastic in any Star Wars collector’s room , but in reality it is much more than this.

It turns out that when you place the cute Grogu in his stroller, he will begin to make new sounds. This is when you should take it from the base and move it so you can see how he is having fun, he turns fascinated in different directions and laughs with his heart full of happiness. With this, the 12-centimeter figure becomes a friend with whom children over 4 years old can be entertained for hours dreaming that they have fantastic adventures around the galaxy.

By the way, Wild Ridin’ Grogu is a fun toy, but it’s also a great collectible. Hasbro excelled in using good quality materials that offer a pleasant touch. In addition, the figure is perfectly well built, with well-cared details and has eyes full of life. It simply cannot be missing from any Star Wars fan , especially those who carry The Mandalorian in their hearts.

Where to buy Wild Ridin’ Grogu?

As you could see, Wild Ridin’ Grogu has everything to be an essential figure for all Star Wars fans , no matter if they are big or small. So that you do not run out of your figure, we tell you where to get it so that it arrives in time for Christmas.

The best and most reliable way to get your Wild Ridin’ Grogu is through Amazon Mexico. The online store offers the figure at an attractive price and there you can be sure that it will arrive at home for you to enjoy. We leave you the link to get it below:

Cuddly, charming and fun, Wild Ridin’ Grogu is the most sought after toy in the galaxy for good reason. Do not miss the opportunity to have it and thus make your holiday season of the end of the year is full of galactic magic.

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