Russian President Vladimir Putin’s obsession is almost as strong as his obsession with power. An obsession that leads to his life and also to politics.

Aware of his propaganda role that he has worldwide, he has not hesitated to use great athletes from his country to establish himself in power. More than 20 members of his current cabinet who have been athletes. A two-time Grand Slam-winning tennis champion, Marat Safin, is on this list but there are many more . In his current cabinet there are 22 deputies who were athletes. Wrestlers, ice hockey players – many of whom have won medals at the Winter Olympics – and also runners or boxers.

Obsessed with his health

Vladimir Putin turns 70 today, a high figure in a country with an average life span of no more than 66 years. He is obsessed with his health and his physical shape and that is why he does not forget his daily training to keep himself in shape. He practices up to seven different sports ranging from Judo or Hockey to motor racing, hiking or fishing. In fact, Putin is a black belt and has even reached the eighth degree, one of the highest categories of the discipline and something that very few judokas in the world can boast of.

But also, he does not forget his daily exercises to keep himself a 70-year-old bull.

The Moscow crossfit athlete Alexei Nemtsov created the “Vladimir Putin” exercise chart several years ago. He has been very successful with creating it, which includes five exercises characteristic of the types of sports practiced by the Russian president. The set of exercises is based on crossfit , a type of fitness in which there are elements of light and harder athletics, increasing power, gymnastics and other types of sports.

The training lasts 15 minutes but you get a great caloric expenditure. In that time you should perform the maximum number of exercises at a fast pace. The specialist highlights that these exercises are suitable for people with any level of physical preparation. The most important thing is to work hard during the allotted time, just as “Putin has worked hard in leading positions in the country for years,” says Alexei Nemtsov.

The five exercises of the table “Vladimir Putin”

Vladimir Putin exercises on the rowing machine

Vladimir Putin exercises on the rowing machine.

1. Rowing machine

The amount to run the correct time on the rowing machine should be 2 minutes, which is equivalent to about 500 meters, for this exercise you will have to start with your arms extended, your knees bent and your body weight on the balls of your feet . With a straight back and a tight core, push back using only your legs, keeping your arms extended throughout.

2. Sambo (Weight and cartwheels)

Sambo is a modern martial art originating in Russia, its name means “self-defense without weapons” and it was recognized as a national sport in the former Soviet Union in 1939. If you want to be in good physical condition, you can look for classes in this discipline and practice it. In none of the training sessions for athletes who practice this type of wrestling are the following two exercises missing: ten throws of the ball over the shoulder and five somersaults.

3. Throwing a ball and crossfit

Throwing a weighted ball is a good exercise, this type of ball is not as light as balls, since it is mainly used for crossfit, which is a system of strength and conditioning training based on constantly varied functional exercises performed at a high intensity.

Crossfit works all physical capacities, so it is not surprising that its practice significantly improves any other modality of another type of discipline that you are training. The exercises of this discipline together with the throwing of the ball are ideal for achieving an enviable figure.

4. Swimming (Bar)

In addition to judo, Putin practices swimming, hockey and skiing. All of these sports require strong arms, developed shoulders, and a firm back. Therefore, the fourth exercise is ten stretches on the bar.

5. Rings

In 2014 Russia held the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and together with the 2018 World Cup it was one of the most important sporting events of Putin’s rule. The fifth exercise in the table of trainer Nemtsov is fifteen push-ups on rings, symbolizing the Olympic rings. Men do push-ups on high rings, while women can do push-ups on rings with support.

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