Losing weight by doing sports is the main objective of many athletes who flock to gyms and sports clubs in search of improving their physical condition.

Finding at all costs the  sport that burns the most calories  is the priority of those who want  to lose weight and see in numbers what will later supposedly translate into a loss of body fat. But to obtain results, perseverance and knowing how to choose the right routine are essential.

The method that will revolutionize your body

Rachel Dillon is a famous Australian personal trainer who has transformed her life through fitness. She is now recognized for helping other women do the same.

However, in her early years, Rachel’s life was a far cry from what it seems now. She was unhappy with her figure despite doing cardio religiously. It wasn’t until she discovered that weight training was the way to go, that Rachel began to see the progress she wanted.

Now she has decided to share her secret to show off a perfect figure without stopping eating. To do this, she has posted on her Instagram profile a letter to her younger self as a reminder of the fitness mistakes she has corrected over time to sculpt the body of her dreams.

Rachel Dillon, who lives in Queensland, used to restrict her food intake, do “excessive” amounts of cardio every day and feel guilty about not exercising as a teenager. She now balances her cardio with weight training and makes sure she gets enough nutrients to build lean muscle and protect her joints.

Do not crush yourself with so much cardio

“Dear teenage me, I wish I could go back and tell you that you don’t need to cut yourself off from the foods you love, put down the magazines that tell you ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ and you don’t need to label foods ‘good’ and ‘bad’ either, start your writing.

“Stop comparing yourself to others, this is your journey, there is no need to do excessive amounts of cardio every day, you don’t need to do 50 crunches before bed every night to ‘get abs’ and stop fearing the weight room . ‘You don’t need to feel guilty about missing a workout or overindulging, stop letting the scales define you, they’re just a number and you don’t need to TRY (try is the key word because this was never sustainable) and eat 1,200 calories a day because a tracking application said so ”, he adds to dismantle certain myths about exercise.

Rachel went on to tell her 1.4 million followers that education is power and that she’s glad she has the knowledge to learn from her past wellness mistakes.

‘I say it a lot, but I mean it when I say that education is power. The reason I say this repeatedly is because I’ve been there, I’ve made just about every mistake you can think of when it comes to health and fitness,” he said. ‘I promise you that you can create a lifestyle that you really enjoy and achieve your methods,’ he concludes.

The benefit of weights

Rachel, who has her own exercise program called Move With Us, credits lifting weights with giving her a tight butt and a “tight waist.”

‘Weightlifting changed my life and believe it or not, I was once SO against doing it. I still remember the first day I lifted weights at my local gym, I was only allowed to do one or two leg exercises because I was SO afraid of getting ‘too ripped’,” Rachel wrote.

Today, Rachel shares both home and gym exercise ideas for others to follow, and to build muscle she eats up to 2,300 calories a day.

He often begins a gym workout with barbell squats followed by deadlifts, then elevated reverse lunges and hip thrusts.

To ensure she gradually builds muscle, Rachel eats more calories than her body burns every day, but she admitted that a calorie surplus can be hard to maintain. Even to help her followers, she shares her recipes on Instagram.

‘Honestly, with my busy schedule, I personally find that a calorie surplus can be quite difficult to stick to, so preparation is KEY!’ she wrote.

To reach her daily goals, she eats three meals, a healthy mid-morning snack, and an afternoon dessert that she eats before dinner.

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