We know that the popularity of video games is a roller coaster, nothing lasts forever at the top. The trending games of an era are nothing more than moments in time in a specific era of the video game industry.

This is precisely what is interesting about the trending games of the moment, since they are a reflection of the behavior of the massive video game market.

In this installment, we will take a look at the most popular video game platforms to see what are the trending games of 2022. And to paraphrase the famous model Heidi Klum: In the video game industry, one day you are in style and the next you are not. .

Since the only way to find out is by entering this world, let’s not waste any more time and see the list of the popular games of the moment.

Top 3 trending games on Twitch

Games trending on Twitch are different than games on the stores. Because Twitch is for watching rather than playing, the trending titles on this platform depend on big tournaments, well-known personalities, and what the most anticipated games are.

The same goes for gaming trending on YouTube, especially eSports titles like Dota 2 and CS:GO.

1: Grand Theft Auto V

Nothing unexpected, it is the most lucrative game of all time and its reign continues. Humour, anarchy and fun with friends ensure GTA 5 its place as one of the most popular games ever.

2: Valorant

The merger between CS:GO and Overwatch was a risky move, and for Valorant, it continues to pay off.

It is an excellent example of FPS games, both for players and spectators, and it more than deserves second place on this list, as it was one of the trending games of 2021 and continues to give people something to talk about in 2022.

3: League of Legends

The third of the trending games for Twitch is LoL and with the excitement of last September’s World Championship still in the air, fans are ecstatic. 

Google Play Store

1: Pokemon GO

Few downloadable games can measure up to the perennial popularity of Pokemon Go. This one-of-a-kind game wears the crown very well and has shown that dethroning it is no easy feat.

2: Slither.io

Sliding into second place comes one of the coolest games inspired by the legacy of the classic snake mobile game. As you can see, trending games can be based on an idea that has been popular for decades!

3: Clash Royale

It is one of the titles in the Clash series and ranks third on this platform. Building bases and invading others in this game continue to prove to be the perfect combination for mobile gamers.

Apple App Store

1: Survivor.io

The first of the trending iOS games is Survivor.io. This is a horde mode survival and strategy game where players must build defenses, fight bosses and level up.

2: Stumble Guys

It is nothing less than the first Battle Royale on this list. In Stumble Guys, players must face a course full of changing obstacles in which their opponents will try to stop them. You will see that this party-themed game is a hilarious challenge. 

3: X-Hero: Idle Avengers

This game, which, believe it or not, is not owned by Marvel, is an example of gacha games that takes place in a fantasy world. The duel and collection of cards plus the formation of teams are the pillars of this title.



Being a platform driven entirely by the creativity of gamers, it’s only natural for ROBLOX to have a place on the list of trending games. So much to see and do, without a doubt, it is a classic.

2: Fall Guys

Nothing less than the game that popularized the party-themed battle royale genre, Fall Guys continues to be a contender among the trending games of 2020. Get to the end, subdue your opponents, and laugh your ass off in the process.


We agree that this game needs no introduction; it is probably the most famous game in the world. Minecraft, more than a game, is an institution and its popularity remains as valid as ever among players of all ages.

 What game is currently trending?

As with Twitch, PC games that are trending depend on tournaments, although the best games that are trending are usually new releases.

As we write this article, the popularity of Stray, a game based on the adventures of a cat, has just faded. Whenever this happens, Minecraft usually takes over until the next hit is released.

Sony playstation 5

1: The Last of US Part 1

This is the second remastering of the Sony bestseller that has just hit stores. This zombie action-adventure game is at the top of the trending game list and its gameplay and looks are better than ever.

2: Fortnite

This title from the American developer Epic continues to gain strength and evolve and for that reason alone it deserves this second place. It is especially popular with the little ones and we hope it will stay with us for years to come. 

3: Fall Guys

Yes, we know that it is the second time that we mentioned it in this article. It is that Fall Guys is in trend both on the PlayStation and on the computer and offers the same experience, so how can you not want it?

Microsoft’s Xbox Series


Just like on the PlayStation, Fortnite has its place reserved on Microsoft’s list of trending games. Also, with the cross-play system you can play it on both systems at the same time!

2: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Xbox has always had a very different die-hard audience than Sony, and COD is the best example of this. Modern Warfare is the continuation of the famous series and features cutting-edge graphics and fast-paced overview.

3: Apex Legends

To finish this list of trending games on the Xbox, we have brought to this Battle Royale F2P, nothing less than Apex Legends. It’s set in the Titanfall universe and came out of virtually nothing to take the market by storm, and it sure has struggled to get to where it is.


1:Splatoon 3

The recent release of Splatoon 3 tops the list of Nintendo’s trending games. This is an example of multiplayer shooting games where you shoot ink. It’s true that mixing kids, squids, and mayhem seems like a strange idea, but it’s Nintendo, they sure know what they’re doing.

2: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Second in the race we have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It was designed based on the original Wii U title and is one of the recent releases with downloadable content (DLC for its acronym in English), which has undoubtedly positioned it among the most popular.

3: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Our latest representative of the trending games of the day is the latest release in the Smash Bros. series. A great cast of characters, online gameplay, plus a large player base prove that the success of this game is here to stay.

Here they are, the trending games of 2022. We have presented you with a wide variety of options, from online games to PC and console games in all genres. Don’t stay out of the fun and start playing them now!

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