When we are about to buy a car, we are assailed by the question of which brand will offer us a better car in aspects as relevant as reliability, performance or safety. Attention to this ranking.

What car do I buy? This is a question that almost all of us have asked ourselves at some point and the answer is not easy. Not only because the range of brands and models is getting wider, but because the general quality of all of them has risen a lot in recent years.

But, as always, being the best is very complicated and in the automotive sector even more so. Many users tend to think that the best brands are the so-called premium ones , that is, the luxury ones.

But this is not necessarily true, because in reality the smartest thing to do when determining which are the best brands is to pay attention to the quality/price ratio .

The best car brands

Every year, Consumer Reports , the American consumer association, analyzes car brands and establishes a ranking based on data and impressions collected from its own vehicle tests, mechanical reliability indices, safety tests and, of course, customer satisfaction rates.

And this year the Japanese brands once again occupy the first places in the ranking, although with Subaru taking over from Mazda as the best valued of all. Among those considered premium, BMW is the one that obtains the best score, although it is the generalist brands that offer the best value for money to their customers.

On the negative side, the 22nd place of Tesla or the 24th of Mercedes stands out , as well as an even more backward position of firms as prestigious as Jaguar or Land Rover, which accompany Mitsubishi, GMC and Jeep in the last positions of the ranking.


Forester, Outback or Impreza are just some of the models that have helped position the Japanese brand as the best today, according to the Consumer Reports ranking .

And, regardless of the specific position, what is undeniable is that Subaru offers its customers high-quality vehicles, possibly being one of the most undervalued firms by the non-specialist consumer.

2. Mazda

The Japanese firm Mazda is getting closer and closer to the benefits and qualities of a premium brand, so it is not surprising that it has positioned itself so high in this ranking. In fact, in 2021 it was leading and, although this time it has been surpassed by Subaru, its products remain one of the best options for any driver.

Currently, classics such as the MX-5 stand out in its range, combined with a remarkable range of SUVs of all types, including the best-selling CX-5 or the recently launched MX-30 , the first of the electric ones.

3. BMW

When BMW’s precursor company, Rapp Motorenwerke , was founded in 1913 and began to rise to popularity through the creation of aviation engines, the goal of becoming the world’s most prestigious car brand was a long way off.

105 years later, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Bavarian Motor Factory SA) is a world-renowned manufacturer that has created some of the most iconic models in automotive history. In addition, it adds to its group subsidiary companies of the cut of MINI and Rolls-Royce.

4. Honda

The third Japanese brand in the ranking is one of the longest-lived and most prestigious. Honda has a varied range, with outstanding models such as the compact Civic , the CR-V and HR-V SUVs or the electric utility Honda e.

In addition, Honda is not limited to making cars, but is also a highly appreciated brand in the world of motorcycles, robots, boats, airplanes and industrial components.

5. Audi

If Japanese brands are usually synonymous with quality, the German ones are not far behind and Audi, the firm with the four rings founded in 1909 and which currently belongs to the Volkswagen Group, is a good example of this.

Audi shines among the premium brands and its range boasts a technological vanguard that has always characterized those from Ingolstadt. Examples of this are its range of sedans, SUVs and sports cars, which have sophisticated systems such as the quattro or make up the electric e-tron offer.

6. Porsche

To say Porsche is to say quality, sportiness and tradition . And it is that the German firm is probably the only one that dares to compare itself with Ferrari with serious options to be victorious.

Porsche has carved out unquestionable prestige over the years and the vitola of a sports brand with models suitable for daily use. What to say about the mythical 911, which is accompanied in the current offer of the brand with best sellers such as the Panamera, the Macan or the electric Taycan .


Another German brand, as it belongs to BMW, closes the Top 7 most appreciated brands in this ranking. MINI has gone through many phases if we consider the origin of what is currently a premium brand .

And it is that the original Mini produced by the British Motor Corporation from 1959 to the beginning of this century has little to do with the current models of the brand. Yes, the aesthetics are similar, but the concept is completely different, since we are talking about high-end cars and with an increasingly marked family character in most of its range.

The best and worst car brands

We have reviewed the seven most prominent car brands, but we also bring you the complete ranking prepared by Consumer Reports, which reflects all the brands that sell their vehicles in the United States.

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