Whether this is the last year of the pandemic or not, all of us deep down, hope this is the right year to go back to our pre-pandemic lives. So whether you have included the item “practicing a new sport” in the list of your good resolutions for 2022 or whether you are looking for a new sport to practice in the gym, at home, or at the park: here are 5 sports that you absolutely must try and discover in 2022.

Skateboard: the urban sport par excellence

man practicing sport skateboard 2022

We are often used to seeing this sport especially in movies and even if at times it seems a bit distant from our culture, it is always the perfect time to change your training routine and try new things, don’t you think? Skateboarding, in addition to being a perfect sport to be discovered in the open air in 2022, is a dynamic, adrenaline-pumping and certainly exciting sport. Skating means improving your posture, developing good coordination, greater flexibility and control. Between a skinned knee and a fall, surely this sport teaches us to be patient and persevering, but above all it reminds us that to get results we must be constant and we must never give up (let’s say that this concept is valid a bit with all sports) .

Not convinced yet? Here are some benefits of skateboarding .

  • Improve coordination.
  • Increase stamina.
  • Improve flexibility.  
  • Burn calories.

Yoga Body Flying: the floating sport to practice in 2022

Practice Yoga Body Flying 2022 group lesson

Are you a yoga lover? Then you can’t not try yoga bodyflying, or aerial yoga, as a sport in 2022. This is a discipline that has been depopulating in recent years and a mix of yoga positions, pilates and gymnastics, all while rocking on a hammock. It is like taking a simple yoga class, but you will feel like you are floating in the air. As mentioned above, this sport that you cannot fail to practice in 2022 focuses on body flying: this is a tool that is used for suspension training and consists of a hammock, made with the same fabric as the parachute, and two handles positioned at different heights. Yoga body flying is nothing more than the fruit of the fusion of the fundamental principles of pilates, yoga and artistic gymnastics, but with the addition of gravitational resistance and body weight. These not only allow for targeted workouts, but make training much more engaging and fun.

Calisthenics is the modern artistic gymnastics to practice in 2022

Practice Calisthenics training at the bar 2022

Calisthenics training, also known as Calisthenics, is a very modern and trendy sport perfect to try and practice in 2022. This is inspired by artistic gymnastics.

But how does a workout take place?

This sport focuses on a series of exercises that are based on the body weight of a person, therefore by exploiting the force of gravity, muscle effort increases. These exercises can be performed with different intensities, which is why it is considered a sport suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. In short, you have no excuses, it is suitable for every level and age group. In most cases, this sport takes place without the use of special tools but sometimes it is advantageous to introduce tools such as rings or sticks in your training.

Here are some benefits that will convince you to practice Calisthenics as a sport in 2022:

  • Enables the development of strength,
  • Improve endurance and flexibility,
  • Development of coordination in movements

Pilates: the timeless workout

Practice pilates group lesson 2022

This may not be the novelty of the sport to be practiced in 2022, but it is certainly a sporting activity that is really worth trying at least once in one’s life. As we all know this is a sport with multiple benefits, which allows you to slim and tone the whole body with very effective exercises.As the basic philosophy of this discipline, we find the will to rebuild your body balance, trying to correct the asymmetries of the body to obtain a full and more harmonious psychophysical well-being.

This is why pilates is based on some fundamental principles :

  • movement control
  • concentration on the whole body posture
  • Control of proper breathing

Padel: the trend sport of 2022

practice padel sports lesson 2022

This is perhaps the absolute sport to be practiced in 2022 . Also because, let’s face it, maybe if you haven’t tried to play Padel yet, most likely it’s just you. So, how about we run for cover?

As the fans say: it’s like tennis but with fewer rules and consequently, simpler! This involves only one thing: it is within everyone’s reach. In fact, Padel is a sport that can be practiced by anyone. Let’s not forget that fun is guaranteed with this sport. For this, do not worry if you are a teenager or an older person, you will be able to practice this sport regardless of age and level of play.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those people who needs to know specifically the benefits that a sport has, before convincing yourself to practice it. Here’s what’s right for you:

  • It makes you burn a lot of calories (you read that right! At the end of a game, about 500 calories will be disposed of.)
  • It is a sport that is good for your heart
  • Your abs will get stronger
  • Helps to lose weight

In short, for this 2022 you are spoiled for choice on which sport to start practicing. Now the choice is yours alone.

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