The tablet has already become an essential device for anyone, whether for home, school or professional use. And the best proof of this is the enormous variety of brands that design and manufacture these gadgets.

 Faced with this disparity of options, I have prepared this content in which I compile the most important ones and tell you the characteristics in which they stand out, as well as the most notable model in their catalogue.

And for this I have based myself on aspects such as:

  • Performance
  • Cameras
  • Sound
  • Quality/Price Ratio

On the other hand, if you want, you can see here the best models of tablets in relation to quality/price.

Best brands of Tablets

7 – Huawei

Own developments that work, despite the doubts

Approximate price range : €159-€599

Most prominent model : Huawei’s tablets are MatePad, MatePad T and MatePad Pro, with huge differences in price and performance between them: MatePad T is really affordable and basic, while MatePad Pro is a high-end proposition and surprisingly priced bass.

Quality/price: 94%
Image 94%
Sound 96%
Yield 94%

Huawei has positioned itself as a brand with proposals for different types of users and for all budgets, that is, with tablets available at a lower price than would be expected for their benefits.

Its Kirin processors and its HarmonyOS operating system are its own developments that, despite its good performance, still raise questions, especially the latter in terms of software compatibility, the result of the tense relations between this brand with Google and the United States.

6 – Microsoft

Tablets that work practically like laptops

Approximate price range : €400-€1,500

Most outstanding model : The Surface Pro 8 can be considered the most advanced tablet of the brand, since in practice it can be used as a laptop: it has the Windows 11 Home operating system, you can add a keyboard, stylus, etc.

Quality/price: 90%
Image 96%
Sound 93%
Yield 96%

The queen of desktop computers and laptops did not want to be left out of a sector with as much future as that of tablets. In this case different from the rest as they are tablets with the Windows operating system .

And what it brings here is precisely devices that are reminiscent of laptops due to certain features aimed at the professional and academic world . In fact, they are considered 2-in-1 PCs. Their internal storage and RAM are among the most ambitious at the moment.

5 – Samsung

Reliability from entry-level to top-of-the-range

Approximate price range : €159-€1,100

Most outstanding model : There are two large families of Samsung tablets: the Galaxy Tab A and the Galaxy Tab S. The latter are the most powerful and versatile, and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra can be highlighted as the top model, with a Super AMOLED screen with 120 Hz refresh rate and ample internal storage space.

Quality/price: 92%
Image 92%
Sound 95%

The Korean brand of tablets is one of the pioneers in this niche and it does not remain at the top by chance.

It stands out for a varied catalog of Galaxy Tab models, adapted to all profiles, with a very high average quality. Its models are resistant thanks to a mostly metallic chassis, in addition to incorporating bright and fluid screens. Its stylus, the S Pen, is a really useful addition to all models.

4 – Lenovo

Professional quality coming from the notebook industry

Approximate price range : €100-€800

Most outstanding model : The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is for many the most advanced model in terms of Quality/Price ratio, although if you don’t want to skimp on features, the P12 Pro are, to this day, unmatched in their catalogue.

Quality/price: 85%
Image 95%
Sound 94%
In the tablet sector, Lenovo stands out for its truly varied catalogue: not only does it cover all profiles, but it also dares with very attractive technologies, such as tablets that become smart screens with Alexa, 2-in-1 tablets that add a keyboard etc

It is noticeable that Lenovo reaches this niche from laptops, where it has established itself as a leader for the performance and reliability of its models.

3 – Realme

The strongest bet in terms of Quality / Price

Approximate price range : €159-€219

Most prominent model : Realme only currently has two tablets in its catalog: Realme Pad and Realme Pad Mini, the latter with smaller dimensions and features. For this reason, I prefer Realme Pad, which can be included in the entry-level range in terms of price, but approaching the mid-range in terms of technical characteristics.

Quality/price: 97%
Image 94%
Sound 90%
Realme tablets are a very pleasant surprise for any user. Especially for those who do not have a very high budget but do not want to give up a quality screen with surround sound, ideal for viewing multimedia content.

In fact, the Quality/Price ratio is the strongest point of this Chinese brand, although it offers more discreet values ​​in terms of performance and cameras.

2 – Xiaomi

The return of a leader, with an (almost) unbeatable Quality/Price ratio

Approximate price range : €300-€350

Most outstanding model : The Xiaomi Pad 5 was a turning point in the brand, and its heirs promise to follow in the wake of this extraordinary tablet. Meanwhile, the Chinese brand tries to fill the gap left in the entry range with Redmi tablets.

Quality/price: 96%
Image 95%
Sound 92%

Until recently, Xiaomi seemed to have left its tablets in the background, but it solved it with the launch of the Xiaomi Pad 5, a complete success due to its extraordinary Quality/Price ratio and elements of more than proven reliability : Snapdragon processor, operating system Android-MIUI, generous resolution cameras… For this reason, it is one of the favorite choices for gamers and students , as it is complemented by a quite versatile Stylus (pencil).

1 – iPad

Simply, the benchmark in the world of tablets

Approximate price range : €549-€1,370

Top model : Apple has diversified its iPads a lot in recent years, releasing small models (iPad Mini), light mid-range models (iPad Air), and truly pro-performing ones (Pro). For this reason, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro of the 5th generation can be considered the most outstanding model so far in the entire catalog.

Quality/price: 90%
Image 96%
Sound 95%

For many, the tablet is synonymous with the iPad, since it was Apple that really created this trend back in 2010.

It is unrivaled in terms of design, always elegant and modern , and in terms of performance, not only because of its powerful chips but also because of its efficient software .

Its screen is also top quality in all cases and its cameras have the ‘Apple seal’: although they do not reach the exquisite invoice of the iPhone, they are a benchmark in the niche of tablets.

Other cheap and reliable tablet brands

Although these were the most prominent tablet brands, you will actually find many, many more. Especially if you investigate the Chinese market, a specialist in offering models at very low prices. Its features are often basic and its reliability certainly doubtful. But here we mention two that do not usually disappoint their users:


A tablet to view multimedia content at home

Approximate price range : €170-€579

Most featured model : UBook XPro

Quality/price: 82%
Image 82%
Sound 84%

Although their performance is sometimes quite limited with Mediatek processors, they are Android tablets that guarantee software compatibility. They are interesting for domestic and multimedia use


Amazing performance, upgradeable cameras

Approximate price range : €79-€489

Most featured model : X6 Plus

Quality/price: 85%
Image 84%
Sound 82%

They are even cheaper tablets than the previous ones, with interesting performance Unisoc processors and Android operating system. The items ‘sacrificed’ to get these low prices are often your cameras, as well as modest batteries
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