Discover our selection of the best equipment and machines to have at home to exercise at home!

It’s often not easy to fit the gym into a busy day’s schedule. Fortunately, to exercise and achieve your goals, it is possible to equip yourself with quality equipment , all from the comfort of your home .

Since the first confinement following the COVID health crisis, sport at home has experienced a resurgence of interest. More and more solutions exist to motivate budding and more seasoned athletes by offering them various equipment, machines and accessories to enable them to train at home . Indeed, the home can be a very good place to do sports, provided you have the right equipment, the method, and above all a good regularity. Whether it’s to lose weight , carve out an athletic body, work on your body-summer or simply stay in shape, There is something for every taste. Discover our selection of the best equipment to have at home to make your home a sports den.

The treadmill

This is the ultimate cardio equipment to have at home to burn calories . It perfectly replaces an outdoor jogging session. The treadmill or treadmill is particularly suitable for people who have a busy schedule. You will be able to combine business with pleasure by doing your running session while watching TV, watching dinner or even keeping an eye on the children. It’s the best way to stay motivated and exercise without the “I don’t have time” excuse.

The exercise bike

To work on your legs and your cardio, the exercise bike is the essential sports machine. It allows you to build muscle, but also to burn fat by adjusting the intensity of the resistance during pedaling. The exercise bike finds its place perfectly in a house or an apartment, whatever the room. It’s also perfect if you can’t balance on a regular bike and still want to take advantage of its benefits to sculpt your body.

training bike

The floor mat

It is one of the must-have sports accessories for floor exercises . It allows you to indulge in various exercises and end your sports session in style. Ideal for the gym, fitness, burpees, yoga, abs, crunches or meditation at the end of the session, the floor mat must be non-slip for more efficiency.

home sports floor mats

The elliptical trainer

To do cardio training as if you were in a gym, the elliptical trainer has everything you need. Although it does not have pedals, its platforms on which you position your feet and the movements of the handlebars make it possible to work all the muscles . It is also easier to acquire and can be found at a good price at a private sport sale which offers professional equipment to individuals. The elliptical trainer is extremely efficient for burning a maximum of calories and obtaining excellent results at home.

The dumbbells

To do bodybuilding at home , it is essential that you have dumbbells. You have the choice between different weights and sizes to work your entire body. Dumbbells are an important piece of equipment if you want to do gym or fitness . Indeed, they make it possible to strengthen, tone and firm the muscles of the upper body by alternating various exercises. There is also the kettlebell which is a kind of weight with a handle that allows you to do balance exercises. It is an ideal accessory to work the muscles of the back and the glutes for example by doing squats .

home gym dumbbells

Elastic resistance bands

To work all the muscles of the body without the hassle of machines, elastic resistance bands or  TRX straps  are ideal. They allow you to work and tone the body with your own strength. For muscle building, elastic bands are suitable for different forms of exercise. They are very practical because they are suitable for everyone depending on age, physical abilities, joint possibilities or muscle strength. You just have to follow the exercises carefully according to the area of ​​the body you want to work in order to benefit from all their effectiveness. Discover below a series of exercises to lose belly and build muscle with rubber bands.

The weight bench

Bodybuilding enthusiasts and bodybuilding enthusiasts also have the ideal equipment to install at home. The weight bench is easily found in sports stores, with all the accessories that allow you to train alone at home. Dumbbells are essential for doing strength exercises. You are therefore spoiled for choice on the weights, their size and the difficulty according to your level. The weight bench, also called a multi-function bench, allows you to do bench press movements . It allows you to work the pectoral muscles , the shoulders, but also the biceps and the triceps.

home weight bench

The stepper

Steppers have undergone a major revolution in recent years. Indeed, from the massive device of the gym, we have moved to a more compact and practical tool. It is therefore particularly suitable for equipping an apartment and is not bulky. The stepper is a device that simulates climbing the steps of a staircase. It’s the perfect exercise to build your legs and work on your cardio at home. It will boost your resistance and your endurance and allow you to work the quadriceps and the calves. The ideal way to lose your saddlebags! With the stepper, it is possible to adapt the difficulty to your level and to alternate the exercises so that the different muscles are solicited.

stepper home sports device

Jumping rope

Playful and inexpensive, the skipping rope is a piece of homemade sports equipment that does not look like much, but is very effective. It allows you to work on cardio, help with weight loss, gain flexibility and relaxation while having fun. All you need to do is find suitable sports shoes and organize an exercise program. Thereafter, you can increase the duration of the sessions as you go along at your own pace. The goal is to stay motivated to be consistent during your sports sessions and achieve your goals.

jumping rope

The step

If you enjoy indoor step sessions , you will love stepping at home. No complex, no fear if you do not perform the movements of the coach identically. All you have to do is bring this little step and put yourself on a step session tutorial to exercise at your own pace . As far as the models are concerned, there is a whole range of them with adjustable heights according to your level, your performance and above all your objectives.

The step is ideal for working the whole body, alternating various movements and toning your silhouette . The advantage is that you will play sports while having fun with the rhythmic tutorials that you will not fail to find on the web.

The home rower

If you want to work your whole body effectively, the rowing machine is your best ally. It allows you to work the biceps, lumbar, shoulders, but also the abdominals at the same time. At the same time, exercises on the rowing machine will target your lower body muscles . This concerns the quadriceps, the glutes or the calves. It is a piece of fitness equipment that allows you to enjoy a complete sports session at home . All while staying in the comfort of your apartment. This is ideal if you are embarking on weight loss, provided you are regular.

home rower

The punching bag

To work your arms and sport concrete biceps, the punching bag is an alternative. Just hang it up and bring your boxing gloves to practice in peace at home. The punching bag is an excellent stress reliever. It allows you to burn calories while releasing the pressure built up throughout the day. The results are amazing after a few weeks of diligent practice.

Why equip your house with sports equipment?

Finding sports equipment and gear is perfect for having a home gym . Indeed, it is not always easy to find time to go to the gym or to better organize your schedule. But several other reasons should succeed in convincing you to invest in machines and sports equipment at home.

Doing sports at home, more convenient and more economical

Instead of finding yourself running around between work, shopping, the unexpected and having to go to the gym, having all the equipment at home is more practical. You will be able to be more diligent and play sports at home at any time without pressure . This advantage is important to stay motivated. Indeed, as soon as you start to miss sports sessions, you are engulfed in a spiral that forces you to postpone everything until later. Then you lose sight of your goals. In addition, by investing in sports equipment at home, you certainly make an expense, but it more than compensates for the many monthly payments from the gym.

Reach your goals at your own pace

If you’re not a big athlete, gym workouts can ruin your motivation. Indeed, seeing people in top form and who alternate movements without any difficulty can make you throw in the towel. If you are not motivated enough, it will impact your ego. Fortunately, by being well equipped at home, you will be able to progress at your own pace . Without being pressured by others. Also, if motivation is an issue for you, you can very well sign up for online coaching . You will thus benefit from advice and regular follow-up.

Perform in the comfort of your home

Finally, if we had to add a reason to set up a gym at home, it would be comfort . You can exercise more easily while doing other tasks and save time. It’s also a good way to exercise at home, as a couple or as a family and find your balance.

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